Preparing the soil for planting strawberries

The size of the suburban area is limited. Over the summer, I want to grow all the vegetables needed for the family. You don't need a lot of space to indulge yourself with strawberries all summer. To get a good harvest of berries, you need to understand what kind of soil strawberries like.... In the fall, make several beds, in the spring, plant them with different varieties of berries.

What soil is suitable for planting berry bushes?

Strawberries grow in one place for more than one year, the period depends on the variety. Some are 2 years old, other varieties bear fruit in one place for up to 10 years. For planting berry bushes, the composition of the earth is important..

You can definitely tell which soil the strawberry doesn't like. The first criterion by which to evaluate is the mechanical composition. The types of soils for this feature are shown in the table.

A typeCharacteristic signsFeatures of the
clayeywet soil easily acquires and holds its shape, stains handspoorly conducting air and water, retaining moisture, quickly freezing, thawing for a long time
loamyWet soil slightly stains hands, cracks when sculpting, sand is felt in the compositionfertile, breathable, loose, warming up easily, permeable and retaining moisture
sandy loamthe soil is characterized by low plasticity, the flagellum cannot be rolled upthere is a lot of sand in the composition, so it easily passes water and air, dries quickly, does not form a crust on the surface
sandycrumbly, non-plastic with a lot of sandCools down quickly, warms up, dries up, loses nutrients
peatwet, sponge-like when compressedcontains few nutrients, loose, well-conductive moisture, air

Strawberries do not like sandy and clay soils. Roots dry out, overheat on sandy soils. In clayey, growth slows down due to lack of oxygen and moisture. According to the mechanical composition, soils are suitable for growth, development of roots: loamy, sandy loam.

An important soil characteristic for plants is acidity. Soils are not suitable for the plant: acidic, alkaline. Ideal for neutral, in which the acidity is normal or slightly acidic - PH not lower than 5.5.

How to prepare the ground for planting strawberries?

First of all, we examine our site, determine what kind of land is on it. We take a small lump of earth and check it for plasticity, correlating the result with the above table.

We begin to prepare the soil for garden strawberries in the fall. Good predecessors of garden strawberries are considered:

  1. Beets.
  2. Onion.
  3. Garlic.
  4. Parsley.
  5. Salad.
  6. Carrot.
  7. Cereals.

After the autumn harvesting of vegetables, it is necessary to prepare the ridge for the spring planting of strawberries.... The first step is to remove the weeds. If the soil is acidic, lime it. We add about 20 kg of sand, lime and organic fertilizers to the peat area per square meter.

In sandy and sandy loam, it is necessary to add organic fertilizers (humus, manure, compost) and peat. The difference in volume is that more nutrients need to be added to the sandy soil.

In the fall, mineral fertilizers are applied to the soil of any composition. Well restore the nutritional value of the earth:

  1. Ammophos (nitrogen 11%, phosphorus 50%).
  2. Diammophos (nitrogen 20%, phosphorus 50%).
  3. Nitrophoses (nitrogen 23%, phosphorus 17%).
  4. Nitroammofosk (nitrogen 17%, phosphorus and potassium).

Organic matter and mineral fertilizers are scattered over the entire area of ​​the ridge. The soil is dug onto a shovel bayonet.

Ways to increase soil fertility

To increase soil fertility, organic matter is regularly needed. Over the summer, you can prepare the required amount of compost. The advice of an experienced gardener will come in handy.

Fast composting in bags

Start composting with the arrival of spring... Purchase 120 L black garbage bags. For quick compost, weeds, nettles, chamomile, clover are suitable. The exception is wheatgrass.

Compost can be used for digging to improve the composition of the soil or mulch the soil around the bushes.

The grass must be crushed, covered in layers in a bag. Sprinkle the layers with wood ash. Put the bags in the sun. By August, all the grass will soper and the package will contain ready-to-eat compost... It can be used for the autumn digging of land for strawberries.

Do-it-yourself flower beds and beds for strawberries

When planting strawberries in the garden, a single-line or multi-line planting scheme is used. Strong bushes are planted from each other at a distance of 35-40 cm, undersized varieties - 20 cm... The aisles are wide - 70 cm.

You can plant strawberries on beautifully decorated ridges. Because of the economy of space, tiered beds are practiced. Let's consider the device of some of them.

Tier beds made of stone

Tier beds made of stone can be made of any shape:

  • round;
  • square;
  • triangular;
  • rectangular.

On tiered beds, it is good to grow ampelous strawberry varieties. First of all, during the construction of the ridge, the site is leveled. Harvest natural stone:

  • limestone;
  • sandstone;
  • diabase.

In the masonry, hewn stones, shaped like a brick, look better.

On the ground, markings are made for the future ridge. Around the perimeter they dig a trench 30-40 cm deep... Fill it 2/3 of the height with crushed stone, 1/3 - with sand, ram. Lay out a wall of natural stone. Use cement mortar for bonding or use dry masonry technology.

The contours of 2 and 3 tiers are marked. Each subsequent one should be already the previous one. Lay out the walls for tiers 2 and 3. The height of each subsequent tier must be higher than the previous one.

Fill the ridge with fertile soil after the cement has dried. You can plant strawberries. The advantage of this ridge:

  • decorative view ridges, can serve as a garden decoration;
  • good drainage;
  • the ridge is filled with clean, fertile soil, which reduces the likelihood of disease;
  • for strawberries easy to care for.

It will take time to build the ridge. Its manufacture is rather laborious.

Multi-tiered beds made of wooden boards

A simple solution is a square, multi-tiered bed of wooden planks. For its manufacture, planed, edged pine boards with a section of 30 × 140 mm are needed... For connecting corners - bars 50 × 50 mm or 40 × 40 mm.

Mark the dimensions of the first tier. Collect the bottom box. The boards in the corners are fixed to the bars with self-tapping screws. The entire area of ​​the first tier is filled with fertile soil and rammed. The following boxes are made in the same way, but smaller. The width for landing must be at least 35 cm.

For the durability of the ridge and to improve the decorative appearance of the structure of the board, soak it with a protective primer, paint it.

Advantages of flower bed design:

  • saving places;
  • receiving from a unit of area more harvest;
  • strawberries suffer less from infections and pests;
  • multi-tiered ridge of boards - decorative element of the garden.

Disadvantages of the tiered planting method:

  • in cold climates requires shelter for the winter;
  • in the heat, frequent watering is needed, the earth dries up quickly.

Tire beds

Is it possible on an area of ​​1.2 sq. m of your garden plot to plant 120 strawberry bushes? It turns out you can. For the construction of such a vertical ridge you will need old tires 8 pcs and a plastic pipe with holes made in it for irrigation (diameter 5.5 mm).

The pipe diameter must match the diameter of the garden hose or adapter. Prepare fertile land. Choose a sunny location.

In each tire, cut from 12 to 16 holes measuring 6 × 10 cm around the circumference. Tires are stacked alternately on top of each other.

Plant strawberry bushes in the holes of the tires. Sprinkle the roots tightly with earth. Pour through the slots. Place the pipe in the center. Its height should be slightly more than the height of the ridge. Put the irrigation hose on the pipe.

The advantages of such a ridge:

  • saving places;
  • lack of weeds;
  • convenient to water and look after;
  • berries are cleando not get sick.

There are also disadvantages. To prevent strawberries from freezing in winter, you will have to pack the ridge in several layers (with straw, reeds, insulation).

Slate beds

The slate remaining after construction can be used for the construction of a strawberry ridge. If you have a polycarbonate greenhouse, you can solve two problems at once:

  • insulate greenhouse around the perimeter;
  • erect comfortable ridge.

Dig a trench in the ground. Its depth is 25-35 cm. Cut slate 70 cm high... At the bottom of the trench, throw cut branches, pour plant residues. You can add wood ash there. Cover the ridge with fertile soil, consisting of garden soil, humus, peat, sand.

The advantages of such a ridge:

  • convenient to water and care for strawberries;
  • moisture retains well in the soil;
  • spring earth warms up quickly.

Slate fencing is classified as a low-ecological structure. Its appearance is not aesthetically pleasing.


Strawberry yield is almost 50% dependent on the quality of the soil. Watering and feeding, carried out according to the scheme, serve as additional food... Time and money spent on soil preparation will return in the form of a useful berry.

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Preparing the soil for strawberries. Preparing the soil for planting strawberries.

A high yield of berries depends on the correct preparation of the soil. I begin to carry out preparatory work in 2-3 weeks, so that the soil has time to settle.

If strawberries are planted immediately after plowing, the roots of the seedlings will be exposed, as a result the plant will die.

For a good yield of strawberries, it is necessary to observe the crop rotation. The best strawberry harvest I have came out after I planted the plants in the place where potatoes, legumes and vegetables grew before.

It is very important to plant strawberries in a clean area so that there are no rhizomes of weeds, such as wheatgrass, in the soil. In a well-prepared area, strawberries will take root better and will actively bear fruit.

We plow the soil in the selected area. After that, be sure to walk with the harrow to level the area. If the space for strawberries is small, it is better to use a cultivator instead of a tractor.

The soil can be leveled by rolling the soil. This is a prerequisite for planting strawberries. This is to ensure that the root system does not end up on the surface of the soil after the soil settles after planting the strawberries.

Fertilizer must be applied to the soil at the same time as plowing the land. I bring to the soil surface 3-6 kg of humus, 1 machine of wood ash, 10 g of potassium chloride and 20 g of superphosphate. I enter these fertilizers at the rate of 1 sq. m.

I scatter fertilizers evenly over the ground, then plow the area. For plowing, I use a cultivator, it breaks all lumps perfectly, the soil is leveled. As a result, I have good, fertilized strawberry beds. After 15-20 days, you can start planting strawberry seedlings.

What kind of soil does strawberry like?

This is not to say that strawberries need any special soil mixtures for vegetation. It can grow in any part of the garden, but it will bear fruit with small, tasteless berries.

When choosing a place for a berry, they rely on the fact that it is better poured with ripeness, sweetness in the sun. But a little shade during the day will not spoil the strawberry flavor.

Before planting, the land is cleared of weeds by removing the rhizomes of perennials. The berry grows better on level ground, where the slope should not be more than five degrees. You should not plant strawberries on elevated open places, slopes, since the plant does not have enough moisture during the growing season, and in winter it will freeze.

Strawberry roots need moisture and nutrition, so they choose a soil that will easily pass water and mineral, organic substances. These are medium loamy or sandy loamy soils. In order to turn the soil on the site into comfortable for strawberries, it is necessary to apply appropriate fertilizers to it.

Sufficiently moist soil is important for the plant, but excessive waterlogging of the site will lead to diseases of the strawberry. Therefore, groundwater should lie at a level of 80-100 centimeters from the earth's surface, and the lowest soil moisture should reach 70-80 percent.

Be sure to alternate sections. It is not worth growing a plant in one place for more than four years - soil depletion will occur, and the yield of berries will decrease. After it, you can plant legumes, root crops. And place the strawberries where the cereals grew. Makes the soil fertile by covering flowering mustards, beans, beans, peas before planting the berry. In the fall, the grasses are plowed, which allows the soil to be made nutritious without introducing organic matter.

Planting seedlings in open ground.

You can also mulch with straw

A handful of ash is placed at the bottom of the hole during planting, mixed with earth and water is poured. The roots of the seedling should be straight, long pruned if necessary. The growth point, "heart", is located strictly at ground level.

Seedlings of strawberries after planting in the spring are mulched around the bushes with humus. This will protect it from the cold and help keep moisture in the ground.

Video: Planting strawberries during mustache propagation without mistakes

Perlite for strawberries

Perlite is a volcanic rock formed by hydration. To obtain a porous material used in agricultural technology, the rock is heated. Then they are crushed and already used to grow various crops.

The material significantly improves the structure of the soil, retains moisture and prevents the formation of crust on the soil surface. The use of the supplement can be directed to different purposes:

  • the coarse fraction is used as drainage
  • covering the topsoil prevents mold growth
  • storage of bulbs and tubers
  • good material for germinating seeds.

As you know, not only open ground is used for growing strawberries. You can do this in a greenhouse and at home, where a pot is used instead of the usual garden bed. Recently, the Dutch method of growing strawberries has been popular. This method allows you to harvest all year round, does not require special investments and has many more advantages.

For cultivation, polyethylene bags or plastic containers are used, which are filled with perlite mixed with peat. Such a composition absorbs moisture and gives it up only if necessary. The bags are placed on the greenhouse racks at intervals of 50 cm.

In addition, it is good to add perlite to the soil for growing at home. It is also important to decide what kind of land is needed for strawberries. It is advisable to make the composition yourself, using forest soil, high moor peat, perlite, humus and fine sand.

Note! To grow strawberry seedlings at home, you should not take land from the garden, since it may initially be infected with a nematode.

Preparing the soil for cultivation

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The healthy development of plants, as well as the quantity and quality of the harvest, depends on a properly prepared soil. Therefore, marijuana needs to be grown in well-drained, dry sandy soil or loam, which contains a lot of nitrogen and potassium, and a little phosphorus. In addition, you need to know that the growth and proper nutrition of the bushes depends on the pH of the earth. If the pH is too high or too low, it will impair plant nutrition. Best soil acidity for young marijuana during the growing season: pH ranges from 0 to 14 Neutral medium: This soil is usually pH-neutral at 7. According to many growers, this soil is the best for growing marijuana. It has a high ion-exchange capacity for the accumulation and distribution of nutrients, does not cake and remains active for a long time, has excellent aeration properties. Instructions for soil preparation: If it is not possible to buy prepared soil, then it must be sterilized, kneaded, fertilized and measured at home. Below we will try to describe this process in detail. First of all, before preparing the soil, you should know about the general requirements for the soil for seedlings: What should not be in the soil: Lime calcium carbonate - reduces the acidity of the soil or sulfur increases the acidity of the soil: Soil preparation includes: Sterilization of the soil is carried out in order to disinfect the soil from pathogens diseases, small larvae and pest eggs. There are many potting soil formulas for growing cannabis, as the mix depends on the ingredients used, here are a few of them: It is necessary to thoroughly stir a small amount of the prepared soil in the water. Wait a few minutes until the salts in the soil dissolve in the water. Then you need to dip the litmus paper into the water. If it turns pink or red, the soil is acidic and you need to add about 1 cup of hydrated lime per 10 kg of soil, stir thoroughly and check the acidity with litmus paper. If it is not possible to determine which blue or orange color the litmus has painted, then most likely the soil is moderately acidic and suitable for growing plants. To prevent possible leaching of soil through the drainage holes in the pot, cover the holes with paper. Then sprinkle sterilized perlite or vermiculite on the bottom with a thickness of cm.After that, you can fill the pots with a soil mixture, which should be moistened and left alone for two days so that the bacteria needed to feed the plant multiply and break down the fertilizers into the necessary nutrients. That's all, you can proceed to soaking seeds or transplanting seedlings. Subscribe to be notified of new comments. GrowBox GrowBox - construction concepts and basics. Sativa Sativa - what it is. Growing cannabis, marijuana outdoors out. Fertilizers - The Basics Every Grower Should Know. Remember me Forgot your password? Parties Events Photo Video. Home Kannagid Soil and Substrates Preparing the soil for cultivation. The soil must be fertile and balanced. That is, in addition to organic substances, it must contain macro- and microelements in a form available to plants. The soil should be light, loose, porous in order to provide free access of oxygen to the root system of the seedlings. To check the density of the soil, you need to moisten it and slightly clench it into a fist. A handful should crumble easily enough with just one touch. The soil should absorb moisture well and retain it, providing uniform moisture to the entire volume of soil in the planting tank. The optimal level of acidity pH should be close to neutral - 6, 0. Weed seeds, fungal spores, eggs and larvae of insects, worms and pathogens. You should not take components for the mixture near major highways and airfields, from city lawns, and so on - the danger zones can be enumerated indefinitely. I think it's easier to say where you can get it from: When mixing organic matter, the decomposition process should not be activated. You know that it is accompanied by the release of heat and loss of nitrogen - both are highly undesirable for seedlings! Do not use clay, its properties will significantly deteriorate the quality of the soil mixture and make it unsuitable for growing seedlings. Organic components The options are listed below: Inorganic components The options are listed below: The lighter the sand, the better. Sand is a great baking powder. In addition, it promotes the formation and growth of the skeletal parts of plants perlite - an environmentally friendly material, pH neutral, containing no heavy metals. It is used to increase the looseness and air permeability of the soil, to prevent its compaction and the formation of a crust on the surface. It maintains optimal soil moisture - absorbing moisture, gradually gives it to the plant, thereby preventing root rotting vermiculite - a highly porous, environmentally friendly material. It has the same properties as perlite, but additionally contains small amounts of potassium, calcium and magnesium. Vermiculite is used in soil mixtures for plants in closed and open ground, for germinating seeds, and also as an inert substrate in hydroponics. For growing plants, a mixture of vermiculite and soil is prepared in a ratio of 1: The options for its use in plant growing are different. The container lid must be closed. About a month before use, it is brought into the house, warmed, mixed with the rest of the components and again taken out into the cold. There are many formulas for potting soil mixtures for growing hemp, since the mixing depends on the components used, here are a few of them: I water carefully, without fanaticism, with rain water and, if necessary, gently loosen the soil around the plant. When the time comes, I move the plants to open ground in the same garden. And, in principle, the main thing is done! Then I just leave everything to Mother Nature and wait! Fortunately, the climate and land we have are suitable, the southeast of Ukraine. All Peace, goodness and so that the harvests will please! Is it possible not to soar and freeze the soil mixture bought in the store? Refresh comment list RSS feed for comments on this post. Read also How to determine and understand the sex of cannabis, marijuana. Soil for growing hemp. Substrates for growing plants and cannabis. Expanded clay as a drainage or substrate for hydroponics.

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