Voyage Africa - Story of my trip to Africa

My trip to Africa

continues with iPAESAGGI that I have seen and with the PEOPLE I have met

Africa has turned out to be a special country!

Even today, two years later, when I see the photos of this trip again, emotions color my palette with special, almost magical colors!

I visited Kenya, naturally introducing a Safari, allowing me for a few days to become an integral part of a life that does not belong to me, except when I revisit it in my dreams.

It gave me unforgettable views, sunrises and sunsets that the best film company would not be able to reproduce, unmistakable smells that I will never feel at home.

I would never have imagined, with so many animals that populate this land, that the most interesting was the zebra, which with its almost painted and perfect coat, could contrast in an exceptional way between the very blue sky and the orange earth.


The sea was certainly not the best I have visited due to the huge amount of algae, but it undoubtedly turned out to be the most particular; the game of high and low tide presented spectacular changes in the landscape, depending on the time and the animals, also played an important role in this scenario, from the stars to the seahorses, from the puffer fish to a huge whale stranded on the beach!

I hope to be able to deepen my experiences in this fantastic country, with the hope of returning each time with an ever greater dream ... living the life of those colors!

Elisa Caserini

Here are the best ANIMAL photos I took during my trip to AFRICA.

My trip to Africa continues with iPAESAGGI that I have seen and with the PEOPLE I have met

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