Dog enclosures

Aviaries and kennels for dogs

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Start of construction

If the necessary space that can be given to the animal is available, but there is not enough money or there is a desire, you can build the structure yourself.

It is important to initially determine the exact location and dimensions of the future aviary. Do not forget about the convenience for yourself and your pet.

On private territories, it is better to install an aviary close to the house so that the dog can observe what is happening, the pet should not be lonely, he should not be nervous, otherwise you will listen to howling and unreasonable barking around the clock.

It is also not recommended to set the dog walking area along the fence adjacent to the road. Every person passing by, or a passing car will disturb the dog, regardless of whether she sees them or not, they are especially interested in their freely walking nearby animals, besides, the pet can scare someone or try to run away.

Experienced dog owners and veterinarians recommend arranging the enclosure so that it is located near the gate, from where the house is visible, but there is no direct adjoining to the street.

It is also useful to plant shrubs along the structure to protect against gusts of wind, which in hot weather will additionally create shady areas, and this is very important for large animals.

With a thoughtful approach, the design will turn out to be reliable and there will be no need for alteration. The animal will feel comfortable, which is also important for the owner who is attached to him.

The main stages of the construction of the aviary

Anyone who has even the slightest idea of ​​construction work can build an aviary for a dog with their own hands. They all boil down to the following steps:

  1. Determination of the size of the aviary.
  2. The choice of flooring.
  3. Installation of walls.
  4. Roofing decking.
  5. Door installation.
  6. Construction of a booth house.

Before starting construction, you need to make a plan for the construction and the house. All structural elements and their parameters must be indicated in them.

Determining the size of the aviary

There are certain norms that must be observed when erecting such structures. Not only the good mood of the pet depends on this, but also its well-being. A very cramped and uncomfortable enclosure for a dog can become a breeding ground for diseases and a source of potential danger for all people entering its territory. The size of the enclosure depends on the breed of the pet. The larger the dog, the larger it should be.

The main parameter of the aviary is its length. It is determined based on the size of an adult dog. Small dogs, whose height does not reach 0.5 m, will feel great in an aviary, the length of which is 6 m. For animals with a height at the withers of 50-65 cm, eight-meter enclosures are ideal. Very large dogs should be kept in enclosures that are at least 10 m long.

The above listed sizes are required for those pets that will be in the aviary all the time. If the pet is "at large" most of its time, the structure can be reduced by 1-2 meters. If they plan to keep a couple of dogs or a bitch with puppies in one enclosure, then the enclosure should be 1.5 times longer.

Choice of flooring

The floor in the aviary should not be left earthen, as the dog will always be dirty. Also, many pets like to dig holes, which can lead to their escape from the enclosure through the passage dug under the net. Most dog owners prefer to concrete the floor, although concrete cools a lot in winter, which can lead to rheumatism of the paws. In this case, it is covered with a boardwalk, the area of ​​which should be at least 2x2 m. Ideally, it should cover the entire floor. When pouring concrete, a slight slope is made towards the facade, so that water, if it gets inside the enclosure, quickly flows out of it. It also makes wet cleaning much easier. The floor in the aviary can also be made of asphalt. It is also covered with wood flooring.

Wall installation

An outdoor enclosure can have a variety of walls, but one of them (most often a front one) should be lattice so that the pet can see the entire area it protects. Some owners make such a wall from steel pipes or fittings. In this case, you can not take galvanized metal, since it is harmful to animals. After welding the lattice wall, it is primed and painted. All welds must be secure, as large dogs are very strong and can knock out poorly welded pipes or fittings. Burrs should not be left in the welded areas.

Many dog ​​owners are replacing the welded lattice wall with a netting mesh. This is, of course, a more economical option, but not the best one. Some dogs, trying to gnaw through such a mesh, spoil their teeth. Plastic or wicker nets are of little use for enclosures, since they are not too strong and can burst under the onslaught of a large dog. Only thick wire braided mesh can compete with welded mesh.

Materials for building an aviary can be different. Its walls can be made of boards, metal profiles, slate, wooden boards. The best material is, of course, wood. At the same time, for the construction of an aviary, you should choose boards with a thickness of at least 20 mm. The presence of knots or cracks on them is unacceptable. Boards should be smooth and antiseptic.

Roofing decking

Making an aviary is a very responsible job, since the health of a pet depends on its quality. Some dog breeders make the simplest dog enclosures, where there is no roof. In this case, the only shelter for the animal is the booth house. A good aviary always has a roof that protects the pet not only from rain or snow, but also from the scorching sun's rays.

The roof covering of the aviary is laid on a reliable, well sanded roofing system. The most suitable coating is considered to be soft, such as shingles. Raindrops or hail falling on such a roof will not make harsh noises that annoy the dog.

Door installation

As a rule, the door to the aviary is made in the front lattice wall. It must always open inward so that the dog cannot independently leave the enclosure if the door is accidentally unlocked. There should be two constipations on it: external and internal.

Construction of a booth house

When making a drawing of the booth, you should take into account the size of an adult dog. If the puppy is still small, the necessary information can be found on the Internet at the sites dedicated to the corresponding breed. The area of ​​the dog house should be sufficient for the pet to turn freely and rest in an extended position. Some owners make the booths too large, forgetting that such structures do not keep heat well in winter. In warmer areas, the large internal volume can be overlooked, especially if the dog has a thick and long coat.

How to make a dog kennel and why are the best pet houses made from softwood? They are distinguished by excellent disinfecting properties and create an optimal microclimate in the house. Only well-dried boards are used for construction.

There should be no gaps in the booth. The walls and roof of the house are upholstered from the inside, and the space between the upholstery and the walls is filled with insulating materials. One of the walls should be easily removable so that you can easily clean the pet's room. The entrance to the booth is made from the side of the wall so that the wind does not blow directly onto the dog. The floor should be a few centimeters above the floor.

In regions with a harsh climate, the walls of the booths are made double. A layer of insulation is placed between two layers of wood. Under the roof of the house, a ceiling is made of boards. It will keep warm. Most often, the roof is removable. This design makes cleaning as convenient as possible. The best roof option is flat with a slope.

Making a dog enclosure is not that difficult. The main thing during its construction is to take into account the breed, age and size of the pet, the location of the enclosure on the site and the wind rose. Housing for a dog should be comfortable and convenient.

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