Fruit garden

Fruit garden

  • I see Chinese cherries in the plots - a lot of berries, they bloom beautifully. I asked the neighbors if it was difficult to grow it - they say it requires almost no maintenance. Please tell us in more detail how it reproduces, what are ...

  • Dear site administration, good afternoon! I really hope that you will help me. We have a big problem in our garden. First, the potatoes fell ill, and then, the next year, the same infection ...

  • Good day. I love standard trees very much. But their cost is expensive, and so far I have not been able to vaccinate. I heard that it is possible to form stems without vaccinations, using the haircut method. But which ones ...

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Lemons in the room

Please advise what should I do with the lemon? He is 3 years old, grew from a seed. This summer, the new leaves have started to grow pale green, only the veins are dark. Maybe it needs to be watered with something? What's missing in my lemon?

Ekaterina, Nizhny Tagil

I have a 3-year-old lemon growing in my room, transplanted for the last time in a container with a capacity of 35 liters. The land, I believe, is the most fertile: humus, peat, a small amount of clay, ash, river sand on top. Fertilized with micronutrient fertilizers, a small amount of diluted chicken droppings. But growth, I think, is very insufficient, and I only dream of flowering and fruiting. I water every other day regularly. But for some reason, many leaves fall, the tops of the leaves turn yellow. Or is this how it should be, or the reason is different: improper watering or lack of some kind of fertilizer? I would very much like to be told everything about growing lemon at home, including the issues of watering, fertilization, formation, attitude to light, transplantation, ensuring good fruiting, etc.

Yekaterinburg city

Russian vegetable garden, nursery and orchard - Schroeder R.I.

Book: Russian vegetable garden, nursery and orchard
Author: Schroeder R.I.
Year: 2015
Genre: Garden
Publisher: M.: RIPOL classic
ISBN: 978-5-386-08330-4
Format: FB2
Pages: 1816
Language: Russian
The size: 9.2 MB

Description: Richard Ivanovich Schroeder is an outstanding scientist and practitioner of pre-revolutionary Russia. He was the chief gardener of the Timiryazevskaya (formerly Petrovskaya) Agricultural Academy.

The book is a practical guide, which tells in detail about gardening, horticulture, fruit growing, tree growing.

All recommendations of the author have been tested by many years of gardening practice and are designed for the climatic conditions of Russia. It will be useful for both experienced and novice gardeners and gardeners.

On our site you can download the book "Russian vegetable garden, nursery and orchard" Schroeder R. I. free of charge and without registration in fb2 format, or buy the book in the online store.

See also [edit | edit code]

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  • A.G. MelnikMetropolitan Garden of the Rostov Kremlin // History and Culture of the Rostov Land. 1997. - Rostov, 1998. - S. 149-163.
  • E. V. NovikovaChinese garden - a model of the relationship between Man and Nature // Man and Nature in the spiritual culture of the East. - M .: IV RAN: Kraft +, 2004. - P. 397-417.
  • Malyavin V.V.The magic of the garden // Malyavin V.V., Twilight of the Tao. Chinese culture on the threshold of the New Age. - M., 2003. - S. 302-351.

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