Christmas decorations

When Christmas approaches!

When Christmas approaches, or rather when December 8 approaches, the date on which, as we know, another religious occasion is celebrated and the house is decorated on the occasion of Christmas, people begin to think about how to make them festive and welcoming. offices, shops and homes to make not only Christmas night even more magical but also the wait for this event. With the Christmas decorations everything takes on a decidedly different and more cheerful air, the houses are more festive, obviously the shops are and even the offices become less sad.

The bright decorations

The first type of decorations that catches the eye is that of the luminous decorations, the Christmas lights, of which we have talked abundantly in their special section, are also widely used for their variety of use, the lights can in fact be used for adorn a nativity scene and make it more alive, they are naturally used on our Christmas trees and can also be used to create DIY luminous decorations to hang on the doors or to put in some corner of the house to make them much more welcoming. The Christmas lights are also the ones that most decorate the outdoor environments, gardens, balconies and above all squares and streets of the cities are full of bright lights that turn on and off throughout the Christmas period. Of course the best shops, which have a very high budget, can afford to decorate the windows in a truly spectacular way, frankly, even the writer has found that some windows (decorated with Christmas taste without overdoing it) are truly wonderful.

Christmas decorations

However, Christmas decorations are not only bright, there are many and for all tastes and can be placed in any area of ​​the house. Let's start with the furnishings that can be placed on shelves, consoles and tables; to this category belong the classic candles, but also particular types of candles in the shape of angels, or in the shape of a Christmas tree, a Christmas ball and so on, there are particular types of candle holders, again little angels, this time however, ceramic that carry candles in their hands, or holed Christmas trees which require a candle lit inside them to create fantastic plays of light in the darkness of the night. The Christmas furnishings do not end here, for the less traditionalists there are figures of Santa Claus, trains and anything else that can create a warm Christmas atmosphere in your home. Other types of decorations are those that can be hung, for example on the door, garlands belong to this category, which can be hung on the doors or can be used to create more particular decorations. The most classic Christmas decorations, however, are those that can be put on the Christmas tree, let's talk about the classic Christmas balls, silver or golden ribbons, the tip of the tree and everything that, thanks to your imagination, helps to create a wonderful Christmas tree, which in itself is a fantastic Christmas decoration for any environment!

A warm welcome!

What do you say now to try to create some special Christmas decorations? With a little imagination you can create very original and very nice things. For example, you can try to give a warm welcome to your guests during the whole Christmas period by applying a festive Christmas wreath or some different type of door decoration on the door of the house, there are in fact many types and just choose the one you prefer. , however we now try to give you an original idea to give you an even warmer welcome. With a fake spruce strip you can create a composition by adding red ribbons, pine cones, bells and then wrapping it with a chain of bright lights, preferably white, the strip must be long enough to be applied all around the front door and turned on during the hours of darkness, we assure you that the effect is really very beautiful and welcoming, just what it takes to create a perfectly Christmas atmosphere right from the front door of your home.


In short, Christmas decorations are an opportunity to let your imagination work, create something yourself (as well as a Christmas table centerpiece for example) or buy furnishings and decorations already composed is not important, the important thing is to do everything with the utmost imagination to have a truly Christmas house and make the already magical Christmas night even more magical. To get good results you don't need a stratospheric budget, you just need good will and imagination, good will because certainly between putting the decorations and making the tree (and then unfortunately removing them) it takes a few hours for sure, but you want to put the final result?

Special Christmas decorations

Make this Christmas even more magical by decorating your home with original and creative decorations. A few examples? Fill yourself with glass jars and jars, from used ones for jam, to airtight ones for storing pasta and biscuits. You will not even imagine how many creations it is possible to make starting from such a simple object. First of all, some beautiful candle holders. To make a really simple one, take a rather large jar and fill it with walnuts and hazelnuts, finally place a small candle in the center and turn it on. A nice edible centerpiece is ready! With smaller jars you can make candle holders decorated with slices of dried oranges. They can be used natural or embellished with pieces of jute and wrought iron wires (then glued to the orange with hot glue). Roll some raffia around the rim of the jar and place it inside the orange slice. This way it will hang outside. Finish by inserting a small candle inside. Finally, here's an idea that kids will like. Take a glass jar, fill it with white sugar (which will look like soft snow) and insert inside some toothpicks with skewers of candies, built to simulate the classic characters of Christmas. A fun and tasty jar.

Wooden Christmas decorations - special ideas for the home


December is knocking on the door. The time has come to think about Christmas decorations. To decorate the house for this long-awaited party, you are spoiled for choice. In several of our articles you will find many ideas and inspirations to make decorations even DIY.

DIY Christmas centerpieces and decorations with what we have in the garden

At Christmas it is nice to give something made with our hands, but it especially pleases those who receive it, because it is original and made with our time, which is the most precious gift we can give to those around us.

When we were children our resources of materials were limited, but above all our manual skills were, and therefore we created abominations (which however were pleasing to those who gave them), think how much more we can do today, when we grow up.

The material resources are still counted on the tips of the fingers, but they are offered by those who are dearest to us, and that is our garden, so they are certainly of quality.

We make (given our skilled adult hands) in a square of colored paper, an origami like this one, - in the shape of a star given the festive atmosphere, but it can have all the shapes we can make-

that we will add on top of a stick, to dominate the composition, which can be used as a Christmas centerpiece.

I went out and despite the cold like pins in my hands during the harvest I made loot!

The branches and leaves of the evergreens (magnolia, laurel, laurel, cedar, fir, holly. What we want and have) as well as the berries (roses, nandina, alkekengi, skimmia. Same as above) must be inserted into the sponge for florists that it has been shaped to fit into a saucer kept wet from time to time last for two months, even more if kept in the cool of winter outside (but not in bad weather).

We add, ribbons, candles,. pine cones, ornaments and decorations at will.

Another nice DIY Christmas ornament / decoration to give to those who have the option to hang it on the front door or windows is the moss wreath.

We must collect the moss (I find it among the old pavement, in a wet area of ​​the garden or on the old trunks) and wrap it around a willow wreath (they are for sale) with transparent fishing line, finally add the same ones. few ingredients found in the garden. and that's it: DIY Christmas compositions!

Maxi Christmas balls for the garden

In the photo gallery you can admire the most beautiful Christmas decorations for outdoors, to decorate the terrace or garden. One of the trends of this year are the maxi Christmas garden balls, proposed on the market, in many different colors and patterns. Among the Christmas decorations for the entrance of the house, we find the classic garlands, to hang on the door or to be suspended from the ceiling. For the garden, the luminous figures are also beautiful, representing the typical characters of Christmas, such as polar bears or Santa's sleigh.

In the photo gallery you can admire the most beautiful Christmas decorations for outdoors, to decorate the terrace or garden. One of the trends of this year are the maxi Christmas garden balls, offered on the market, in many different colors and patterns. Among the Christmas decorations for the entrance of the house, we find the classic garlands, to hang on the door or to be suspended from the ceiling. For the garden, the luminous figures are also beautiful, representing the typical characters of Christmas, such as polar bears or Santa's sleigh.

Family challenges

In crisis because you do not know how to decorate your home for holiday season?

Do you dream of making your home similar to those you see in Christmas movies or in trade magazines? No problem, here are some useful, simple and practical tips for create decorations of great effect that will make your apartment a perfect refuge of Christmas.

The first thing to think about is the outside of the house. It all starts from the landing and in case you live in a house with a porch or garden. The decorations to choose must be in harmony with those you will put inside and resistant to bad weather. An original and economical idea could be to arrange near the entrance, on the counter or next to the porch ladders, vases disused to fill with pine needles, Christmas balls or pine cones. And then of course it must not be missing Garland , which we talked about in the previous article.

Then we have to think about how decorate the tree in fact, you can decide to embellish your fir in many ways according to your tastes and also the style of your home. If your dwelling has one modern style, you can decorate the tree by playing on two colors, such as blue and gold, gold and white, red and white, black and pink, or just on one nuance, such as gold and white. For a more elegant effect buy balls of the same style, add some threads around the tree and some lights and put a beautiful star on the tip.

If, on the other hand, you want to decorate the tree with a familiar and warm taste, suitable for children, opt for balls on red and white and fabric or wood decorations that reproduce typical Christmas subjects such as Santa Claus, a snowman, a sock, a sweet stick and on the tip insert a nice bow.

A fundamental component of any Christmas decoration are of course the illuminations to be applied on the tree, in the garden, on the roof or even along the stair handrail. If you have a romantic soul and a strong Christmas spirit, there are lights, for example, in the shape of a snowflake. Equally striking are those in the shape of a light bulb which, once turned on, give the impression of containing crystals.

The stairs they are the focal point of Christmas decorations, so if you have one in your home, you will have to think about embellishing it in the right way during the celebrations. Usually to decorate them pine crowns, lights and other decorations are used to choose according to the style you prefer and in general to that given to the rest of the embellishments. If they have one classic style, choose red bows, snowmen and socks decorated with motifs inspired by the world of children. If you prefer one more rustic style, decorate your staircase with details that bring back to nature, then with hollies, red berries, pine branches, dried oranges, pine cones and even small lanterns to be placed along the steps to create a suggestive effect. Another possibility, in case you wanted to give your Christmas a character refined, is to decorate the stairs with golden elements and cold shades, with silver and crystal balls, lights, snow-covered branches and bows of the same nuances.

The last piece of advice I want to give you is to let your imagination run free to create Christmas decorations, letting yourself be captivated by the spirit of this magical period.

Christmas balcony decorations: find out more about Westwing

Christmas: it's time for Lucullian lunches and dinners, but also for lights and decorations. Every part of the house deserves to be renovated, including the exterior. From the terrace to the garden, there is none location that can remain the same: and it is for this reason that Christmas decorations for balconies cannot be done without. Small stylish details that give your home a touch of elegance to be proudly displayed. Register for free on Westwing and discover many ideas and inspirations to dress up your home this Christmas. Love your home!

Decorate your home with Christmas balcony decorations

Christmas decorations for balconies are more important than ever for style and party, whether you live in an apartment in a building in the city, or if you live in a single villa in the green hills. The exterior of a home is generally considered a kind of business card, and therefore deserves to be treated with the utmost attention, especially during the Christmas period.

Here's how to use Christmas balcony decorations

There are many style ideas that will allow you to decorate the outdoor area with style:

  • for those who love tradition, how to give up bright Christmas decorations for balconies such as LED lights: using many colored bulbs that combine the beauty of the chromatic variety with savings. In short, an economical and pleasant solution at the same time, both from a practical and an aesthetic point of view
  • another traditional must have that we find among the Christmas decorations for balconies is undoubtedly the classic mistletoe hanging on the French door that opens onto the outside, a romantic and crafty occasion to snap a kiss to the person you love most
  • finally, among the Christmas decorations for balconies we also include festoons and pendants that will undoubtedly attract the attention of neighbors and passers-by, catching their eyes.

Christmas decorations for balconies: some tips

With Christmas decorations for balconies, even the exteriors of a house are enriched with the magic and enchantment of this period of the year. The inspirations and ideas from which you can draw are really numerous: from pine cones to lights, from balls to beads, from stars to bells, the variety is really wide and varied and it will be difficult to choose which precious decorations will decorate your balcony or the terrace this Christmas.

But that's not all: if you have children, the most classic of the Christmas decorations for balconies is represented by the puppet of Santa Claus climbing on the railing. Space for imagination in this case, always keeping in mind the importance of lighting, which gives a truly fascinating and magical effect to the atmosphere around your home.

Christmas decorations for balconies, the charm of plants

For those who prefer a variant with green hues for the Christmas decorations for balconies, it is certainly worth remembering the evergreen plants that are typical of Christmas: said of the mistletoe, it is also worth mentioning the butcher's broom. The latter is characterized by the presence of very particular red berries, and can be the main element of a more complex composition, which also includes beads or garlands to which stockings full of small packages can be hung. gifts.

Discover the prettiest Christmas decorations for your home at Westwing and let yourself be inspired by the advice of our style experts! Love your home!

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