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Vacation Watering Indoor Plants Videos or the absence of the owners. It happens that you can't ask neighbors or acquaintances, but they want to drink flowers, regardless of your presence. How to set up an automatic irrigation system from improvised means - look at the video.

Video: watering plants while on vacation

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Drip irrigation Centrolite

Drip irrigation Centrolite

We often came across the fact that when we water a garden or vegetable garden in the summer, then pouring out the water, it immediately spreads around the planted plants in a large diameter and we have to return to it in half a minute and water it again. This is inconvenient and the plants do not get the maximum amount of moisture they need. The liquid saturates the top layer of the soil and moisturizes it by fifty millimeters, the liquid does not get further and already until the morning, at most until the next afternoon, all the moisture evaporates. That is, watering is not effective.

These plastic cones, which are used for automatic drip irrigation, fit (screw on) the bottle.

Aqua-cone is also convenient for drip irrigation of flowers, drip irrigation for indoor flowers and plants on the loggia, a nozzle for a bottle for watering flowers. Especially for those who forget to water flowers on time, leave on business trips or on vacation. Automatic watering for indoor plants. Aqua Drip Irrigation Cones, ideal for flower care. Application: take a plastic bottle, fill it with water, screw the Aqua Cone onto it, stick it in the pot and forget about watering for two weeks. This is a simple and ingenious device that will be appreciated by all lovers of flowers and house plants. Now you can greatly simplify and simplify the process of irrigation of domestic plants, and with peace of mind go on vacation, to the country or on a business trip. The procedure for watering flowers is simple. The principle of the Aqua Cone is that when the soil in the pot with plants is dehydrated, air is released from it, which enters the container with the Aqua Cone, thereby releasing water. As soon as the soil gets wet, air stops flowing into the cone and the irrigation process stops until the next soil dries up.

Drip irrigation systems for indoor plants

Automatic watering systems for indoor plants can be a salvation during your absence or significantly save your time in the summer, when plants have to be watered more often than usual.

Pot irrigation devices are the little brothers of automatic irrigation systems for suburban areas. All of them supply water directly to the root zone of the plants by the drip method. The amount of water supplied and the regularity of the supply can be dosed in all offered systems. Similar devices are manufactured by firms from different countries, for example Gardena (Germany), Brigadier Werkzeuge (Switzerland), Hozelock (Great Britain), Elgo (Israel), Uniflex (Italy), Weninger (Austria), "Costa Blanca" (Russia). To select the system that is best for you, you must first decide whether it will be used on a permanent basis or as a "go-to" for your vacation. The second important question is whether you are ready to connect the system to the mains and / or water supply in your absence.

Consider, for example, an automatic drip irrigation system for potted plants. Hozelock AquaPod 5(Great Britain). It is designed for both holiday watering and continuous use. The kit includes a hose with a diameter of 4 mm (10 m) an adapter for connecting a hose to a tap; additional adapters for 1/2 and 3/4 inch peg-holders (5 pcs.). This configuration allows you to water up to five trays with plants. One or more droppers are placed in each tray with flower pots compiled into it, adjusting the water supply to the needs of the flowers. If more flowers need to be watered, you can buy another kit and grow the system. The number of drippers supplied to the pallets depends on the needs of the flowers. To moisture-loving - more, to less demanding - less. The main difficulty when connecting to the water supply is the predetermined length of the hose, which limits the distance from the tap to the plants. A timer can be added to the system, which will turn it on at specified intervals.

But many people prefer to shut off the water supply during their absence. In this case, the output can be a system that does not require a connection to the water supply. Such systems are in many ways similar to the one described above. AquaPod, only a container with water acts as a source of water. The volume of the water tank is different. In systems designed for "long weekend" irrigation, they are the smallest at just 5 liters. With this amount of water, a very small number of plants can be watered for only two to three days, so most manufacturers offer larger tanks. The second point in which systems with an autonomous water tank differ from each other is the way water is supplied: by gravity or using a pump submerged in the tank. The advantage of gravity, first of all, is that they do not require a network connection, it is enough to place the water tank above the level of the flower pots.

An example of a pump system is an automatic drip irrigation system for potted plants. Gardena 1266 (Germany). The package includes a transformer with a timer pump with a filter 3 distributors with 12 outputs each supply hose (9 m) capillary tubes (total length - 30 m) pegs (36 pcs.) End caps (20 pcs.) 9-liter water tank with lid. With its help, you can water up to 36 plants at the same time for 1 minute every day. The pump is switched off using a timer built into the transformer. Water consumption depends on the distributor through which watering is carried out. The kit includes three types: light gray (15 ml / min), gray (30 ml / min), dark gray (60 ml / min). When all the drippers are at full capacity, the system consumes 1.3 liters of water per day. By varying the number and diameter of the distributors, the plant can be provided with 15 to 160 ml of water per day. If you need autonomous irrigation for more than seven days at the maximum load of the system, when all 36 points are involved, you can use not the 9-liter tank included in the delivery kit, but larger-capacity dishes (not supplied with the system, any required volume will do). If the number of plants requiring watering is less than the number of droppers, the excess can be closed with special plugs without disassembling the entire system. A temporary power outage is not scary either. As soon as it appears again, the system will return to work from the beginning of the program (watering the plants daily for one minute). The problem can arise only with repeated power outages during the day: the plants will receive an irrigated portion for several days at once. In addition, the pump does not have dry-running protection. If the container with water is empty, it will continue to run "idle".

Therefore, it may be better to opt for a completely autonomous drip irrigation system such as G.F. AcquaGenius (Italy). It consists of a container for water with a lid (volume - 18 l) holders (16 pcs.) Plugs (20 pcs.) For the filter of the hose clamp hose set. All that is required for normal operation of the system is to place the tank above the level of the pots. In this case, it is capable of watering up to 16 plants for up to 18 days, providing each serving from 15 to 120 ml per day, depending on how many droppers you have connected to the pot. The water consumption in all of them is the same.

The Austrian system can play the same role Tropf Blumat (Weninger), originally intended by the manufacturer for watering flower beds, greenhouse greenhouses and balcony flower boxes. When connected to a water supply, it allows you to water up to 500 plants at the same time. The kit includes a main hose, tees for connection, a cut-in connector, through-port connectors, a pressure reducing reducer for connecting to a water supply system, ceramic cones Blumat, droppers. Ceramic cones act as sensors of soil moisture, allowing plants to choose the irrigation mode themselves, which favorably distinguishes the system from analogues, in which the amount of water supplied is set during installation for the entire period of operation.

To use the system at home, a pressure reducer is not required. A mortise connector must be put on the hose and lowered into a container with water of such a volume that it will be enough for the period of the alleged absence. In each pot, it is necessary to install, after filling with water, a ceramic cone, which plays the role of a sensor. In its cap there is a diaphragm-actuator for clamping the drip hose. Attach the required number of droppers to each cone using hose pieces, depending on the size of the pot. All pots are connected to a common network using hoses.

As soon as the earth dries up, the water level in the ceramic cone goes down, the membrane goes down and stops squeezing the hose - moisture begins to flow. And not only through the walls of the cone, but also from the droppers located along the perimeter. As soon as the soil becomes sufficiently wet, the membrane rises again, again pinching the hose - watering stops. Sensor cones are produced in two sizes - 11 cm high (for pots less than 8 liters of volume) and 30 cm high (for pots over 8 liters).

Watering indoor plants in the absence of owners for 2 weeks or a month

Plant lovers often face the question: how to preserve indoor flowers when going on vacation for a month? After all, there are plants that can withstand the absence of watering for 2 weeks, but there are also those species that need daily irrigation. In order not to have to persuade relatives or friends to visit, it is necessary to organize automatic watering. Such designs can be purchased in a store or, in order to save money, make them yourself.


Automatic watering with the help of plastic balls Aqua Globes will take care of your flowers when you are on vacation.

Going on vacation and don't know who to leave your favorite indoor plants to?

A very convenient way to water and care for indoor flowers is balls for irrigation Aqua Globes.

Watering ball suitable for any indoor plants as well as garden plants. It is enough to fill the ball with water and stick it into the ground. As the soil dries up, the ball will in turn release the amount of water needed by the plant.

There is enough water in one ball to water the plant for 14 days.

Watering flowers can be not only useful, but also beautiful.

Flasks for watering flowers made of bright plastic, beautiful shape, which serves as an additional decoration for your interior.


- automatic watering for indoor plants

- suitable for indoor plants, garden and climbing plants

- the perfect solution for watering flowers in your absence

- the ability to use as drip irrigation



Watering balls Aqua Globes - 2 pcs.

Watering flowers while on vacation - now it's not a problem if you buy Aqua Globes irrigation balls.

To view the entire assortment, click: Irrigation flasks


You can purchase the simplest and at the same time bright and original sprinkler - a cone on a leg. They come in different shapes: in the form of balls, birds, snails, etc., they can be transparent or decorated with bright prints. Usually made of plastic.

The irrigation system is simple. Before leaving, you fill the flask with water and stick the leg into the ground. When the earth begins to dry out, oxygen enters the leg and pushes out water, which moisturizes the earth. Thus, water flows in only as the soil dries up, without flooding it. My feet flower growers also fell in love with such a watering pad because it serves as an excellent interior decoration.

Using a hydrogel for watering flowers if you go on vacation

The fact that you can use a hydrogel, I learned only now, when I began to write this post.

Hydrogels are small balls that swell in water and release moisture as needed. You can buy it at flower shops.

The balls are pre-soaked in water overnight and then drained.

Before leaving, the plant is watered and covered with a swollen agent on top. And you can safely rest for 10 days, during which time the plants will feel comfortable.

There are probably other ways to water flowers on vacation. Share who knows what, write in the comments. And I was completely tripled by those that I told you about.

Best regards, the author of the blog "Comfort and warmth of my home" Olga Smirnova

Watch the video: 3 Self Watering system for plants, drip irrigation system, bottle watering system

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