What to do on fishing while there is no real winter

November and December - this is perhaps the most difficult season for anglers in our region... There is snow all around, it is cold enough, but there is still no ice.

What should we, avid fishermen, who are difficult to keep at home, do? But for this time of year, I also have my own routes and gear. You can't sit in a boat for a long time - it's cold, so we will fish mainly from the shore. For such hikes, we need a wide river, preferably with a decent current. On small narrow rivers, by winter, fish rolls into large bodies of water or goes into pits.

On this fishing trip with We will take 6-7 donok-zakidushek and an ordinary spinning rod... Well, of course, spinners, wobblers, tackles... Arriving at the place, we immediately prepare firewood for the fire (you can pull up an awning). Without hesitation, we are engaged in setting donoks with an interval of 8-10 meters from one another.

The autumn-winter day is short and darkness falls quickly. In addition to the bell at the end of the line at the shaft of the donkey (rod), it is advisable to tie something white (a button, for example). The fact is that on dark autumn nights, when biting and twitching the line, only white is visible. The end of the rail with a donk-zakidushka must be sharpened and, after casting, stuck into the coastline. It is very troublesome to carry donok-zakidushek on spinning rods with you (without a car). Therefore, we get by with the simplest example of a donkey on a painted rail (paint it white - it will not get wet and it will be clearly visible at night). And now you can go to the fire. Friendly nightly conversations, embellished stories about fishing, as well as the night, the sky (if it is starry), fire and crackling of a campfire, the sound of the river - all this brings variety to our everyday stressful life and brightens it up a little. However, those who have not sat by the night fire, probably, will not understand the delights of such fishing.

Every hour my friend and I check the donkey. It shines, I shoot the fish, transplant or replace the bait. Then I light up for him, and he goes about his tackle.

It happens that together with the burbot at night, the biting of roach and scavengers begins. If this does not suit you, change the attachment, switch to some other blanks (meat, fish). It can be pieces of meat and fish, liver (preferably chicken and duck). Even pieces of common herring attract burbot.

In the morning, taking a spinning rod, I go to the rifts, dams and whirlpools. If the casting of lures does not work, I switch to wobblers and tackles. For reference: tackle - this is a hook at the end of the line with a small sinker that can fly 25-30 meters when cast. During the day, you can fish with a float rod in the wiring and, it happens, get a wonderful surprise. In some of the clean rivers of our Leningrad region, there are trout and medium-sized European grayling. You just need to take with you flies (dry and wet). And put an ordinary roach, caught on a float rod, on a tackle and make spinning casts. Catfish loves such tackle. If the river is not very wide, then there is another fishing option (extravagant, Siberian). It is necessary to move to the other side of the river, tie the pulley block from the belt drive to the bushes (tree) and stretch the twine with leashes across the river (through the block) in a loop. It turns out a mobile crossing. By reeling it in without going into the water, you will pull the leashes with the prey to the shore, and then, also reeling in, return the hooks back. In practice, this is all quite simple; I know that this method is actively used on not very wide rivers. Such a fisherman will bypass his lines, remove the fish, replacing the nozzle, and - home, to the hut, to bask on the stove.

Many anglers call late autumn and even January the dead season. (deep land), but even at this time you can get pleasure from fishing. There is no need to immediately set yourself up for the role of such a fisherman and earner (grab more and bigger). With such a mood, there will be no joy from the fishing process and we will return home not always satisfied. Remember that your privacy to interact with fish, nature and yourself is not worth any money. It is priceless.

Sergey Karmanov

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How often? I just had a thought for granny on the grave, either a lawn, or something else to plant.

"Robbed" yesterday, it was slightly removed, and the bulk is yellow. And, yes, I rake it a little more. She fell under the snow, and I - wow! - and combed her hair!

usually it is enough to clean it with a rake. will grow up. I had in the heat of 2010, instead of a lawn, there was earth-asphalt, but in 2011 it got pounded

Shoes are expensive and uncomfortable to sell.
And we nailed nails into the plywood, closed the top with another plywood and attached the old ski belt bindings.
We walk in turns - it's hard and annoying.

Every spring I put on "spiked boots" (nails are attached to the bar) and tread on the lawn so that air gets into the ground and that's it. It grows back after winter by itself, I fertilize and cut only

A fireman is not terrible? I have a lawn around the house, plus an apple tree and an irga grow. They will flare up, because it's dry.

In general, the British say that a good lawn needs to be grown for 100 years. Success and that would have time to grow a good lawn!

In general, the British say that a good lawn needs to be grown for 100 years. Success and that would have time to grow a good lawn!

Anegdot: I have my own lawn, I love and lily, but you Englishmen have it better anyway. What's the secret? - It must be aerated, rolled, fertilized, mowed regularly, combed, watered, fertilized, and in about 300 years you will have the same lawn.


Once I bought Meyer's asparagus seeds. The picture shows a very spectacular plant. After a long time, one of the two large seeds has sprung up. But in 5 years a microscopic bush has grown out of it. Now I bought more such seeds, I want to try again.


My asparagus is years old. In principle, there are no special problems with him. But recently something has happened - its shoots are turning red and the dried needles are falling down like rain, and there are almost no new shoots. What happened? And is there any way to save asparagus? Changed nothing, stands in its corner.


I like asparagus very much, but they don't take root with me, maybe dry air? I tried to sow in the spring - it rose very quickly, but grew up to a certain period (probably heat) and dried up.


Here is my asparagus ... almost naked, I noticed that small twigs are drying out, only they will crawl out of the ground, only I will be delighted and .... After a couple of days, they already dry up, and the needles fall off from the adult branches. I rarely water it, because I was told that he stores moisture in the tubers and likes a little drying ... stands in the kitchen, there is enough light. Try watering more often? Or is there another problem?


... I also want to have asparagus, but I like to propagate either by cuttings or by seeds, and not buy ready-made sauces in pots. I tried it with seeds - it didn't work. Now the question is - can you propagate the same nodules that were mentioned earlier, which need to be removed when transplanting a plant. And then I got three nodules ... In general, I have already planted them in the ground, I will wait for the shoots.


A few months ago I looked at an interesting plant in the store - fluffy, soft, bright green, with needle-like leaves, similar to needles. It turned out to be Asparagus. I decided to buy. I immediately had an association with him, so soft and fluffy in appearance - comfort and warmth in the house. Right now she is standing on the windowsill and pleasing to the eye. The beauty. I began to water it and its foliage became much brighter, greener than it was in the store. The only inconvenience from it is the falling leaves-needles, which create a garbage look to the windowsill on which the flower stands. In all other respects I like him. Growing up new shoots, Asparagus grows quickly if watered regularly.


Due to its unpretentiousness, asparagus is very popular with flower growers. It can be grown as a climbing plant if supported. Or place a flower in a hanging planter - then it will grow like an ampel, forming a beautiful cascade. Florists often use asparagus in flower arrangements; its fluffy twigs set off roses and gerberas favorably. In addition, it is believed that this plant cleans space, neutralizes negative energy, and creates a sense of peace and comfort in the house.


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Fishing law: ban on the sale of nets

With the entry into force of the new law, there was a problem with the acquisition of networks, so they are massively bought up on Chinese sites. It was forbidden to fish with nets due to crumbling of reservoirs. Let's try to figure out who is really causing damage to our water bodies, which is why the fish is getting smaller.

The netters say that those who bought the boats and spinning rods caught all the pike perch, while these exponentially growing people on boats and spinning rods claim that all the fish were caught with nets. The government believes that a catch rate is needed in every region - and as a result, everyone quietly hates each other, blames anyone, but not themselves.


The federal law, which came into force on January 1, 2020, says that "fishing on the net is prohibited." By the way, not only fishing with nets is prohibited, but also the circulation of nets. We will see how the chain trading will take place, but there is an interesting nuance about the catch limitation. In fact, it is allowed to use networks in the Far North, Siberia and the Far East. This territory is quite extensive, so it cannot be said that fishing with nets is completely prohibited. In other areas, fishing can only be carried out on marked nets that are registered.

There is a benefit in this law. I am for the regulation of turnover. Because thanks to the free sale, dangerous networkers go to the pond. I call dangerous networkers not people who fish, but those who put a net in the evening and forget to take it off in the morning. Fish begins to cram into it, it goes out, decomposes. These are probably the most dangerous poachers, as they inflict terrible damage. The problem is that cheap Chinese chains can be bought at every corner. I hope that the new law will help preserve biological resources.

And for ordinary fishermen, I want to clarify that now almost everyone can come, express their desire, that, they say, you want to fish on one or two nets, fish for yourself or for sale, put it on record, mark it and calmly catch it on nets ... I don’t think that this will radically change anything, just the so-called “black brigades”, which were paid to someone earlier so that they would not be detected, are just being legalized. Maybe that's okay. Now, when you go on a motor boat, the markings will be visible, and having hooked a net with rotten fish, you can write a complaint to ecologists. So at least the owner will be clear. The main thing is that the networks are no longer distributed to everyone, this must be properly regulated.


To be honest, I think setting a catch rate is a good thing. Fishing today has reached the level when it should be fun. There is no point in stuffing bags anymore.

On the other hand, I don't quite agree with the catch rate. For example, having caught one pike weighing 12 kg, I can pick it up. After studying the laws of other countries, I liked the laws of Canada, which has the same types of fish as ours. They have minimum and maximum limits. In many lakes, pike perch more than 50 cm (in some and more than 70 cm) is unquestioningly released. I see the logic in this. We have a "filkin literacy". If you fill 20 pieces of 500 g each, then you will not cause much damage. Fish up to 1 kg is a consumable that dies, older predators feed on it. And with our regulation there is no regulation at the top. That is, you can safely beat the breeding stock without exceeding the total catch rate. If you take a pike, then in weight from 3 to 8 kg it is the most productive, gives good offspring. And we can catch such a pike without breaking the law, because the catch rate has not been exceeded. It turns out that the law is not fully thought out, and it is up to the angler to decide whether to release such a pike or take it. The law does not yet regulate this.


If we take, for example, pike perch, the catch rate for its size in different regions is different. Somewhere it is 33 cm, and somewhere 40 cm. But for everyone to understand, these norms are established only for the reservoir. There is no size limit for the river.

An interesting limitation for catching zander in the Altai Territory. The daily catch is 10 kg, but only three specimens can be caught. Catching a 5-6 kg pike perch is already the event of the year. And when you find yourself in a flock in the fall, where pike perch is 2-3 kg, it is difficult to catch such fish.

With the onset of winter, many go to the ice, and the fish protection officers begin to heroically fight the fishermen. The fines were tightened, instead of 250 rubles per head there were 3300. It's a shame that the category of "poachers" is different, but the price is the same. Both for people on "Kruzaks" and for grandfathers on skis. Here, as they say, it is a matter of conscience, but for some reason, grandfathers are more likely to fall under these fines.


For example, you were fishing with a company and for four you caught the permissible weight - 39.9 kg. But you went home in different cars. Then the UAZ catches up with you, and the fish inspector, presenting the badge, asks to open the trunk for inspection. How to behave in this case? First of all, you need to make sure that you really have an inspector in front of you by looking at his certificate. Then you should ask on what basis you were stopped. It is important to understand here that if this is a raid that is carried out together with the police or riot police, then you should obey. In this case, you have the right to inspect. Without police officers, if you are not in the water protection zone, the fish inspector has no right to stop you.

If you are still stopped, you will have to prove that the catch is not all yours, which will be quite difficult to do without the presence of your comrades. Even if you buy fish in excess of the catch rate, you will need to prove it by presenting a receipt. Which, as a rule, the sellers of live fish do not give. So either divide the catch for the whole company within the acceptable limits, or move in a tuple to keep up with each other. Otherwise, such a trip may end up with a decent fine.

Important information

In addition to the catch rate, it is also necessary to understand that the new law introduces the concept of ownership. That is, all the fish that you caught will be your property.

In fact, as always, there are many loopholes and unanswered questions in the laws. I think that the traffic police themselves do not fully know how to deal with this. The main thing is to believe that you did the right thing. If you speak with confidence, you will get the impression that you have not violated anything. So take risks, and law-abiding obey the law.

An ordinary man begins to be active, while he has not yet achieved anything, and to relax, when everything has already been given and you can do nothing to live on. This is because the man moved too quickly into the stage of family relationships, especially if there was no father in his own family and his mother worked hard to make ends meet, freeing him from hard work. Therefore, passivity is not always a sign of disinterest, it is just that a man believes that there is nothing further to do and that he can already completely relax.

How to save an apple tree? The apple tree has turned black, the bark is falling off - how to cure?

After a long and frosty winter, every gardener is sure to conduct a thorough inspection of all their garden crops, be it a small gooseberry or a large apple tree.

During such an inspection, it is often possible to identify such problems that appeared during the wintering period.

With their timely detection, these problems can be corrected, but if they are left unattended, then there is a high probability that this season the harvest will not be very rich, if at all.

But there are also such problems with horticultural crops that can lead to their death. For example, you need to be on your guard if the bark begins to peel off from the trunk of the apple tree.

This is very dangerous for the plant, because because of this, it can not only lose almost the entire crop, but also, in the absence of treatment, die.

Why does the crust peel off

The most common cause of peeling bark on an apple tree is the appearance of frost cracks in the winter.

And also such a problem can appear due to sunburn. However, the bark peels off from the surface of the trunk gradually.

Initially, spots of a pinkish hue are formed on its surface. Then there is a gradual dying off of such a bark.

It also increases the likelihood that pathogenic microorganisms that cause various fungal diseases can settle on the weakened bark. Only at the last stage does the bark peel off.

In order to protect the tree from the appearance of burns and frostbites, you just need to whiten its trunk and the base of the skeletal branches in late autumn.

For this, it is best to use water-based paint or a special tool. If you chose lime, then whiten the trunk thoroughly so that the product is not washed off by the first rain.

How to help an apple tree to flake off the bark

All dead or damaged bark is carefully cut from the trunk of the apple tree. After that, the problem area is thoroughly cleaned until healthy wood appears.

Be sure to keep the cambium around the edges of this stripping. Next, the problem area is treated with hydrogen peroxide or brilliant green.

And when it dries well, it is coated with oil paint made on natural drying oil.

Or the wound can be covered with liquid garden pitch. If everything is done correctly, then the area you cleaned after a while will be overgrown with new bark.

Also, peeling of the bark on an apple tree may be due to the fact that a dangerous pest - a bark beetle - has settled on it.

To determine that it is he who harms the garden culture, you can carefully examine it.

If you touch the damaged bark, then sawdust will begin to pour out from under it and from the holes on it.

If you remove a piece of damaged bark completely, then sometimes you can see the pest itself under it. In order to save the tree, remove all injured bark and repeat all the steps that were described in detail above.

However, it often happens that, due to an oversight of the gardener, the bark beetle quite badly damages the bark.

In this case, in order to save the plants, they resort to grafting with a "bridge". Cut the cuttings from the same plant, and then graft them lower and higher than the damage.

Do not forget to treat the damaged area before this (see above). The same procedure is carried out if the bark on the plant has been severely damaged by hares or mice.

However, flaking of the bark can also occur if the culture is infected with anthracnose or black cancer.

But such dangerous diseases begin to develop only if the cortex is already injured. That is why you need to take good care of the apple tree and be sure to monitor the condition of its bark, trying to protect it from injury.

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