Violet in the house: tender perfection or a fatal flower?

An indoor flower with delicate buds and velvety leaves became popular in our country more than half a century ago. It is believed that this plant is not safe to keep at home. Let's see how a charming violet baby can harm its owner.

Violet in the house: is it good or bad?

The homeland of this wonderful flower is Southeast Africa. Violet is a symbol of tenderness and defenselessness, purity and awakening of nature. In ancient times, sculptures were decorated with wreaths with violets. She was sung by poets, and for painters she was a source of inspiration.

Since ancient times, in many cultures, violets are very valuable, delicate flowers

In 1892, Walter Saint Paul, while traveling around the area, found a small, modest plant with blue-violet flowers. The baron realized that the find could be of interest to botanists, and therefore carefully collected the seeds, enclosed in small elongated boxes. They were sent to the famous botanist Hermann Wendland. So for the first time in Europe this plant was grown, and the violet received a second name - Saintpaulia.

Enchanting magic of color

Those who are engaged in breeding violets know how unique their colors and shapes are: terry, comb, multi-colored ... Only yellow, unfortunately, do not exist.

Feng shui fans believe that a plant with purple flowers ennobles the atmosphere in the house, directs thoughts in the right direction, and helps to eliminate conflicts. Historical facts claim that purple is the color of mysticism and religion, sadness and loneliness. Therefore, you should not keep flowers with such shades in the nursery and near the workplace.

By the way, purple is called so precisely because it is the color of violets.

Such delicate and fragile white violets promise peace in the family and good luck in love. Esotericists claim that they rid the space of bad thoughts, create coziness and relieve tension.

White is the color of purity, truth, goodness, which is probably why white violets are advised to grow in kindergartens and educational institutions

In medieval France, it was believed that with the help of pink violets, any ailment could be avoided.

Blue and lilac varieties give creative inspiration and improve mood, help develop children's abilities and create.

Pink in purple - an explosion of color and emotion

White violet symbolizes purity and peace, blue - love, blue - creativity, red - optimism, purple - spirituality.

Violet (Saintpaulia) will decorate any interior and will be a wonderful memento due to its unpretentiousness, before superstitions are confirmed.

Caring for a violet is not at all difficult: the plant loves partial shade, regular feeding and does not tolerate hypothermia

Legends of antiquity associated with home violets

Ancient legends and historical references tell differently about the wonderful plant.

  1. In Germany in the Middle Ages, the violet was a symbol of the celebration of the first day of spring.
  2. And in Rome, not a single religious festival was complete without these delightful flowers.
  3. Among the Gauls in poetry contests, the main award was a statuette in the form of a golden violet.
  4. Among the Greeks, the violet personified chastity; it was covered with petals on the bride's bed.

According to some legends, violet flowers are the tears of Adam, expelled from paradise. Tiny buds adorned the coins of ancient Sicily, several centuries ago they were solemnly depicted on the coats of arms of France, Germany, and Spain.

Violet harmoniously blended into the coat of arms of the commune of Saint-Alban, located in French Toulouse

According to one of the legends, an ornamental plant helped to ensure that Josephine, Napoleon's wife, was released from custody. Later, she will give the boy inmate a bouquet of adorable purple flowers, but the teenager will not survive in the gloomy walls of the prison. After the funeral, the same flowers will be planted on his grave, which is probably why violets are called burial flowers.

Despite such sad symbolism, the Cossacks of the Zaporozhye Sich wore dried rhizomes of violets as a talisman, and medicinal tinctures were prepared from young shoots of the plant.

The Russian writer Ivan S. Turgenev was not distinguished by his sentimentality, but more than once he came on dates with a bunch of violets and called them “favorite flowers”.

What is deceit

Some believe that the violet can negatively affect health, cause weakness and headache, absorbing oxygen at night and emitting carbon dioxide. But if we consider that the process of photosynthesis is a phenomenon that affects most plants, then the accusations of violets are unfounded.

Several instances of a pot culture in a room of standard sizes are not able to cause oxygen starvation of a person.

If you regularly ventilate the room, you can avoid a lack of oxygen. In addition, periodic artificial lighting at night speeds up and prolongs the metabolic processes (photosynthesis) of flower crops.

They say that there will never be ants in the house where these flowers are grown.

Some consider the violet a depressive plant, supposedly its nondescript shades catch up with melancholy. It is difficult to believe in such arguments, knowing what watercolor luxury is on the windowsill of lovers of Saintpaulias.

When a pink-lilac violet cloud adorns the window opening, how can there be a bad mood?

The planet is spinning and people are talking

There are different signs and superstitions that relate to violets.

  • In a family where violets grow, men do not stay, that is why these flowers are called "muzhegon". It is hard to believe that a fragile plant can influence the relationship between a man and a woman, but if the flower is presented by a friend who is happily married, discord in love relationships can be avoided.
  • The flower has a powerful energy, it has an exciting effect on people with an unstable psyche. However, I would like to believe that the plant carries a more positive charge and adjusts to noble deeds.
  • The herbaceous culture often adorns the grave mound. According to legends, a miniature violet helps deceased souls find peace. But if the plants from the cemetery are not brought into the house, they do not promise anything bad.
  • If a white violet became a gift for a girl, this promises a new relationship and a strong union. And in the event that flowers of a new color have joined the ranks of violets, the owner of the gift will soon know the happiness of motherhood.

Violets bring prosperity and prosperity to the family, give strength, give warmth and joy to their owners.

Seeing violets in a dream is a good sign, luck and success are guaranteed in any business.

My husband's grandmother lived 91 years in a happy marriage and gave birth to four sons. A piece of her delightful collection of violets still solemnly adorn our windows to this day. Therefore, it is difficult for me to justify all the inventions associated with these colors.

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Each person is guided by a personal worldview and decides his own destiny on his own. It is difficult to determine how reliable superstitions are, but the beauty of home violets still stops raving glances and captivates with their charm.

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Abundant flowering of violets

Greetings, dear friends!

Due to their abundant and colorful flowering, violets have taken a leading position among indoor plant lovers. Violets bloom almost continuously. If the Saintpaulias are "offended" for something, and do not bloom as we would like, you need to pay attention to the conditions of detention. Let's talk about how to ensure profuse flowering of violets and about those factors that directly affect it.

Types of violets and their habitat

The violet is grown both as a home and garden plant. At the beginning of her study, only twenty species of this flower were registered. And to date, many new varieties have been bred, divided by colors, leaf shape, size and difference in inflorescences. There are fringed inflorescences and terry. They can be colored in different ways: one-color, multi-colored, with a border or patterns, combine several different shades. There are ampelous species with branched stems and few inflorescences collected on them. A favorable soil for violets will be loose and nutritious soil; they do not need a lot of water and lighting.

Positive signs about a flower

In addition to negative superstitions, positive beliefs are also associated with the violet:

    blooming white violet predicts a date with a loved one to its owner

Thanks to white violets, an atmosphere of cleanliness will reign in the house, they will relieve bad thoughts and negative energy.

Red violet increases the feeling of satisfaction, gives a sense of fullness of life

Thanks to the purple violet, harmony, understanding and unity will gradually reign in your home.

Violets placed on windows overlooking industrial enterprises or other unfavorable objects are able to absorb the negative coming from them, not letting it into the house.

Feeding for stimulation

Saintpaulia tolerates a lack of fertilizer better than an excess amount. If the flower has only recently been transplanted, it does not need additional feeding. The root system will receive all the necessary substances from the substrate.

The plant should not be fed with a few "buts":

  • within a month after transplant
  • with direct exposure to sunlight
  • in the presence of pests
  • at a temperature that does not correspond to the norm.

Fertilization is carried out when the plant is clearly depleted. It is best to choose products in the form of granules and solutions in a specialized store. Options for feeding violets so that they bloom:

Top dressing to stimulate flowering is recommended to be applied no more than 1 time per month, first making sure that the unhealthy look of the bush is not caused by diseases, pests or mistakes in care, but by a lack of nutrients.

Growing kits

You can easily grow your home garden with healthy and tasty vegetables and herbs. And as we know, cut greens lose 70% of their vitamins within a few hours. But thanks to the Home Garden hydroponic installation, you will always have fresh and healthy greens, tomatoes, peppers on your table. And also popular flowers such as roses and violets can be grown in it.

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The main reasons why the violet does not bloom

Lack or overabundance of lighting

This reason is one of the main ones, since violets need bright lighting in sufficient quantities to start flowering. On a wide windowsill, it is recommended to place flower pots with plants closer to the glass (no more than 30 cm). The place should be chosen on a light window with a lot of light. The eastern direction of the house with trees planted under the windows with a thin crown is well suited. Such "neighbors" will scatter direct sunlight and prevent the sun's rays from burning the leaf mass of plants.

External signs of violets will signal a lack of light. Usually, in such conditions, they begin to stretch upward. In good light, violet leaves are located around the pot. If the house does not have an ideal place for these indoor plants, and they still do not have enough light, then you can make up for it with a fluorescent lamp. The total duration of lighting for violets (natural and artificial) is at least 12 hours a day.

Lack of fertilizer

Top dressing and fertilization are also important details for flowering. Indoor flowers need proper nutrition, with all the useful ingredients. If some element is missing, then flowering does not occur. Fertilizers are recommended to be applied every week along with irrigation water, specially designed for violets.

Incorrectly selected soil mix

The full development of the violet root system depends on the composition and level of acidity of the soil. Compacted and heavy soil does not provide an opportunity for such root development, and therefore for the entire indoor flower as a whole. The underground part of the violet must be provided with sufficient moisture and air. The formation of flowers and the beginning of flowering directly depend on the health of the root part.

For the full development of violets, a soil mixture is recommended, consisting of such components that, after watering, will not be compressed and compacted. You can prepare a mixture yourself from equal parts of perlite, moss (in crushed form), vermiculite and a small amount of wood ash. This lightweight primer will provide good water and breathability.

Temperature regime

The favorable temperature for growing violets is 20 degrees Celsius. If the temperature in the room is significantly higher (or lower) than optimal, then this can be the main reason for the lack of flowering in violets.

Improper watering

Do not use freshly collected tap water for irrigation. Before moistening the soil in a container with plants, such water must settle for at least a day.

If you follow the basic rules for caring for a violet, you will never have problems with its flowering.

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