Greenhouses, films, polycarbonates

In the heading "Greenhouses, films, polycarbonates" readers will find tips: where to find, how to choose and install a greenhouse, film or polycarbonate covering for greenhouses and greenhouses.

The company "Lucky Season" offers a wide range of products for the home and garden: shelters for plants for the winter, hotbeds and greenhouses, beds and composters, fertilizers and protective equipment, garden tools and much more. +7 (800) 302-28-32

The company "Teplitsy Severa" produces and sells greenhouses, carports, canopies, garden gazebos, country showers and accessories: automatic irrigation systems, automatic openers, transparent and colored polycarbonate. +7 (800) 550-65-10

The Tepolitsa-Tsaritsa company offers a large selection of greenhouses and greenhouses of its own production from galvanized profiles under polycarbonate. Car awnings, gazebos, shower cabins. Polycarbonate - transparent and colored. Delivery, assembly. +7 (921) 252-50-62

The company "Life at the Dacha", on the market since 1999. Production and sale of high-quality greenhouses, greenhouses, sheds, beds, showers, etc. +7 (812) 565-73-68

The plant JSC "Karboglass" offers a large selection of high-quality cellular and monolithic polycarbonate, ready-made greenhouses. Up to 20 years warranty. Branded stores in 11 cities of Russia. +7 (991) 687-21-91

The company "World of Greenhouses" in St. Petersburg offers a large selection of greenhouses and greenhouses made of polycarbonate, accessories, foundations from a bar, slate beds. Delivery, installation. +7 (812) 950-1-950

The plant "Teplitsy St. Petersburg" offers a large selection of greenhouses and greenhouses made of cellular polycarbonate, metal fences and gates of its own production, a large selection of polycarbonate. +7 (812) 988-39-38

The World of Greenhouses company in St. Petersburg. Greenhouses, hotbeds, sheds, fences of our own production. Delivery, assembly, storage. Large selection of sizes and shapes. Prices from the manufacturer. +7 (911) 100-16-64

Greenhouse "Kremlin" from the manufacturer - LLC "New Forms". High strength, double arches, high quality polycarbonate, vents. The ability to divide the greenhouse into two sections. Delivery and assembly. +7 (499) 653-93-31

The LESSERVICE company (Belarus) offers an automatic ventilation system for greenhouses DusyaSan of its own production. The system works without power consumption. +7 (495) 133-95-40

The LESSERVICE company offers AquaDusya drip irrigation systems powered by conventional batteries. The line includes a system for automatic irrigation of 50 plants, an expander for 12 plants and a drip irrigation system without automatic

Sebeleff Company, Moscow, Strogino. Large selection of transparent and colored polycarbonate, honeycomb, profile and monolithic. Greenhouses and accessories. Fast shipping. +7 (495) 185-06-61

"Greenhouse Vybor" offers greenhouses and greenhouses of its own production, covering material and related products. We have exactly the greenhouse model that suits you best. +7 (812) 245-15-45

"Plant Frame Greenhouses" offers a large selection of polycarbonate greenhouses, greenhouses and sheds in St. Petersburg and Vologda. A quality greenhouse from the manufacturer is a great option for those who want to grow a good harvest. +7 (812) 954-59-89

Perennial polyethylene film for mulching "Stabilen®" - mulch .. Width 1.8 m, film thickness 100 microns. Silver color, service life 7 years, frost resistance - minus 65 Сº. From the manufacturer.

It is possible to find greenhouses free from diseases and pests only in remote villages - in the rest of the territory they are developing at an alarming rate. Therefore, mandatory disinfection of greenhouse areas is required.

Many are limited to growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants in greenhouses. But you can make greenhouses work much more actively and increase the return on expensive indoor ground. How? We will talk about this.

Astroplastics offers: cellular polycarbonate (a huge selection), plastic and metal nets for plant support, protection from rodents and birds, polymer materials for reinforcing and fixing the soil, pond film and much more

A simple greenhouse design that will allow you to grow a good harvest of tomatoes, despite the fact that most of the summer you can only serve it on weekends

Last year I tested a greenhouse of my own design. He grew heat-loving vegetables in it. It is easy to build, and the tomatoes and peppers planted in it spent the whole season under the cover of spunbond. And they were comfortable.

In the classic version, the heating of the soil provides manure. Manure is applied to the ridges with mandatory mixing with chopped straw, hay, leaves or chopped reeds. What if there is no manure? Here are a couple of "recipes"

Sotka company, production and sale of greenhouses since 2007. A wide range of polycarbonate greenhouse models with different sizes and characteristics. You can buy a greenhouse "Sotka" in specialized stores in St. Petersburg and the region. Our phone is (812) 642-22-57

Solid glazed frames of Soviet times, when replaced with double-glazed windows, are thrown into the trash heaps. Looking at this abundance, I asked myself the question: "Can't these products be used in business?" And I decided ... to build a greenhouse out of lying window frames

How I built a pretty decent greenhouse from old Soviet frames. Continuation

From a heavy snow load, metal greenhouses most often break down in the places where the metal profile is drilled. Greenhouses, in which the distance between the arcs is more than 1 meter, does not tolerate the snow load at all

Build a high-quality greenhouse for 60% of the market value - Baltresurs will help you!

Stabilen® films have won the trust of gardeners due to their long service life (7-10 years) at a relatively low price and unique optical properties. Producer LLC "Stabilen", St. Petersburg,

You want to buy a greenhouse, canopy, canopy, other structure, but it is not cheap and you naturally want to save money. The Baltresurs company offers economical solutions.

Last summer was unusually rainy and cold. Like a year ago, I sowed cucumbers in arc greenhouses and covered them with "Svetlitsa" - "Greenhouse" film. She has saved my crops more than once. So it happened this summer.

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Who needs a greenhouse

Five years ago, when we received a plot containing the remains of a wooden greenhouse, I surprised my husband with a statement that there was no need to repair it, I don’t need it, because I am not going to grow tomatoes and cucumbers! Can you imagine? Even I can hardly believe it. But initially I didn't want to work in the garden, I wanted to relax in the garden.

In the first season, my child was still small, and I did not manage to do much on the site, there was no time for vegetables. And in the second year in the spring I looked into the market and saw tomato seedlings on sale. A crazy thought flashed: "Shouldn't I try to grow them?" And this despite the fact that even then I knew that I would go to my mother in Siberia for almost two summer months, and the vegetable garden would remain completely alone. And I bought seedlings!

The first time the seedlings were purchased

We fixed the old greenhouse and I dropped everything off. Surprisingly, when I returned home, these tomatoes had a good harvest. The stories about those tomatoes, in fact, began my serious passion for the YouTube channel. The positive result inspired me so much that the next year I myself grew five varieties of seedlings on the windowsills in the apartment, although I once renounced this as well. In the last season, she sowed forty varieties of tomatoes alone for seedlings, as well as peppers, eggplants and much more!

From this example of personal experience, I can draw two conclusions.
1. Don't go to the market in the spring.
2. Sooner or later, but a greenhouse will appear on your site!

To grow vegetables, my husband and I built a greenhouse from boards, polyethylene pipes 5.5 m long and plastic wrap. I came up with the greenhouse project myself. In fact, it turned out to be an enlarged ordinary greenhouse made of boards with arcs for the film. Its size is 4.8 m long and 3.3 m wide.

We built our greenhouse from boards, polyethylene pipes and film. Photo from the book "#Alyonin Garden"

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The greenhouse is an ideal size 3 * 4 m for a film or cellular polycarbonate.

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Greenhouse on farms under the film and polycarbonate Cherkasy

Greenhouses with a film of TWO doors. PLANT of greenhouses.

Greenhouse Agro SG-63 Svatovo for 8mm Polycarbonate and Film

Greenhouse Agro PS-69 Druzhkovka for Polycarbonate 6mm and Film

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Greenhouse Udachnaya M46 Bila Tserkva for 7mm Polycarbonate and Film

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Greenhouse Titan RQ-50 Artem for 5mm Polycarbonate and Film

Greenhouse Yielding M357-O Ordzhonikidze for Polycarbonate 6mm and Film

Greenhouse With a straight wall Almaz M2 Poltava for Polycarbonate 6mm and Film

Greenhouse Udachnaya F23-С Alexandria for 4mm Polycarbonate and Film

Greenhouse Agronomist TC-38 Dobropolye for Polycarbonate 5mm and Film

Greenhouse Dachnitsa F89-O Sambor under Polycarbonate 8mm and Film

Greenhouse Agro M69 Farmerskaya under 3mm Polycarbonate and Film

Greenhouse Thermos T788-D Lubny under 4mm Polycarbonate and Film

Greenhouse Agronomist SP-25 Stanytsia Luganskaya for Polycarbonate 3mm and Film

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Vinnytsia, Leninsky Today 14:09

Greenhouse Ukrainochka B638-L Kamenskoe for 4mm Polycarbonate and Film

Greenhouse Almaz M8 Sumy for Polycarbonate 4mm and Film

Greenhouse Urozhaynitsa-SK-22 Kharkiv for Polycarbonate 8mm and Film

Kharkiv, Kholodnogorsky Today 14:09

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Great greenhouses! Easy to assemble, very comfortable

I offer you greenhouses for your plants. In our gloomy summer, a greenhouse must be on your site!

Hello dear participants!

We use it ourselves - we recommend it to others!

There is an issue point - BAM pickup, you can pick it up from the WAREHOUSE by yourself!

I would like to bring to your attention an economy version of a greenhouse, which even a woman will assemble. An arch-type greenhouse "Kuznechanka" has a modern appearance and high quality of component materials. The elements of the frame are made of a metal square tube 20 * 20, polymer coating, a pipe-to-pipe system is used for assembly. The step between the arcs is 1 meter. The metal structure is simple, convenient and very reliable, transported by a car.
Reinforced film and greenhouses also appeared!

A reinforced film cover is a very good thing. We tried it this year! It costs, in contrast to polycarbonate, an order of magnitude cheaper.

Advantages and disadvantages of polycarbonate greenhouses

Polycarbonate is used not only in the construction of greenhouses in gardens and vegetable gardens. This material is widely used in various fields of construction. The reasons for the popularity of polycarbonate are its main advantages:

  1. Little weight. Due to its low specific weight, polycarbonate is easy to use in construction. It does not require a complex frame structure. You can even cope with the installation of such a greenhouse alone.
  2. Affordable price. The cost of polycarbonate is low, but it depends on the thickness, size of sheets, manufacturer, and the presence of protective coatings.
  3. Practicality. Polycarbonate is very practical to use. He is not afraid of light, winds, humidity, easy to clean and wipe. On average, the service life of polycarbonate, if used correctly, can reach 20 years.
  4. Insulation. The material has high noise and sound insulation properties. For a greenhouse, these qualities do not always matter.
  5. Safety. Polycarbonate is not fire hazardous and does not form sharp fragments upon impact. It is quite shockproof and difficult to damage. But even with a strong impact, polycarbonate does not form sharp parts that can cause injury.

There are not many disadvantages of this material. This can be attributed to the fact that polycarbonate is still amenable to combustion and begins to melt under the influence of high temperatures. The price is not high, but at the same time it is still higher than that of the film. However, in this case, other characteristics should also be taken into account, for example, practicality. A greenhouse made of foil will not last long.

Polycarbonate does not require any special care or special cleaning agents. It can be easily washed with soap and water, other means, but it is worth avoiding its contact with ammonia, which negatively affects the structure of the material.

More information can be found in the video:

Watch the video: Polycarbonate Greenhouses building project 5 days

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