Avoid the barren Christmas tree!

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Bad luck with barren spruce? It is no coincidence if the Christmas tree grows. This is how you avoid mistakes and get a nice spruce right up until the twentieth day Knut.

Of Sweden's approximately 4.5 million households, 3 million buy a Christmas tree this year. Whether the needles fall to the ground just in time for Christmas or not is no coincidence.

1. When buying: choose a fresh spruce. Ask when it is felled and if it comes from the immediate area.

2. When returning home: do not give the tree a temperature shock by taking it directly into the house heat. Put it in the hallway and let it thaw overnight.

3. Cut the spruce, just as you do with cut flowers, so it absorbs the water more easily. Use a small ax or a coarse-toothed knife.

4. The first day it sucks a lot of water. Keep track and refill the Christmas tree base regularly.

5. Forget the myths about added sugar or magnecyl. It does not help, possibly you can add a bag of plant nutrients.

6. The spruce likes high humidity, spray the branches with water and do not place it near an element.

Christmas trees grow smaller if you think of them as large cut flowers. Photo: Karina Brozinic

To think of:

Potted plants and spruce are not a good combination. The Christmas tree secretes acidic substances and absorbs the humidity in the room, so place potted plants you are afraid of in another room over Christmas.

The Christmas tree is teeming with small animals that are invisible to the eye, including butterfly caterpillars and gall midges. But no danger, they stay in the Christmas tree!

You may not cut a spruce yourself unless you first have the landowner's permission. The best chance of getting yes is if you offer to cut a spruce along a power line street. In the Swedish Forest Stewardship Council's register, you see who owns a certain forest area. If you chop without permission, you can be convicted of theft or burglary.

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Spruce bag

We offer all our customers this wonderful invention. A smart and simple idea that takes care of all the 500,000 needles that a spruce can have.

The spruce bag is there to facilitate the transport of your coniferous spruce. You avoid all sharp needles in the carpet and in all the nooks and crannies of the home. And no needles in the stairwell. You avoid the vacuum cleaner tour, which usually lasts until Easter.

Take the Spruce Bag for help instead. The bag is made of organic plastic that turns into water vapor and carbon dioxide (same as exhaled air) during combustion. The spruce bag is also large enough to swallow any Christmas tree.

Design By Benson

The spruce bag is Christmas' best friend!

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Susanne jonsson (verified owner) - December 25, 2020

Rodolfo Sánchez Salas (verified owner) - December 12, 2020

Super Satisfied. Thanks so much!!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We'll hear from you next year!

Linn (verified owner) - December 11, 2020

Everyone who has a Christmas tree should have a spruce bag. Avoid needles and hassle!

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Artificial Christmas tree HORTUS 210x138cm With Lighting


More information:
Article number 780-005
Weight 121.800000
Delivery time 5-10 weekdays
Trademark HORTUS
Guarantee 2 years
Color Green
Material info pvc
Height 210 cm
Width 138 cm

Beautiful and lifelike Christmas tree with 320 LED lights. Enjoy your beautiful Christmas tree all Christmas. The tree comes with a metal base, folded and in three parts. Quick and easy to assemble and take down after Christmas.
Should only be used indoors. Allergy friendly.
The Christmas tree does not grow like natural trees. Avoid driving the Christmas tree to the recycling station after Christmas. This tree can be used for many years, which is beneficial for both the wallet and the environment.

Beautiful and lifelike Christmas tree with 320 LED lights. Enjoy your beautiful Christmas tree all Christmas. The tree comes with a metal base, folded and in three parts. Quick and easy to assemble and take down after Christmas.
Should only be used indoors. Allergy friendly.
The Christmas tree does not grow like natural trees. Avoid driving the Christmas tree to the recycling station after Christmas. This tree can be used for many years, which is beneficial for both the wallet and the environment.

Tips on creative Christmas trees

Have you dressed your Christmas trees yet? I'm pretty tough on it, I have to admit, and have not put much emphasis on it. Clearing, organizing, crafting - yes, decorating - no, not really my thing. I think we reached the bottom of Christmas decorations when we were going to have my parents over Christmas about ten years ago and realized at the last second that we did not even have a Christmas tree. So we went to Åhléns on Christmas Eve and bought one directly from the shop window - decorated and ready :) It's a bit like we have worked .. But it was before Viktor and after my husband told me a few days ago that Viktor is big enough to appreciate Christmas decorations and probably think that it is important with it, I have actually sharpened myself further this year. So the Christmas tree was decorated yesterday! And then I actually bought a mini spruce for Viktor's room, which he was very happy about.

Anyway, I can not help but be fascinated by all the alternative Christmas trees that abound around the net - just as much fun every year. Here are some:

This one was posted by Linnéa Åkerlund in the Facebook group Recycle more! She bought an old plastic tree at a flea market, which she cut and shaped into a Christmas tree that better suited her home, taste and liking.

Lack of space? Then you can make a Christmas tree out of wooden planks, which you place against the wall. And avoid barren spruce on the purchase :) Just saw the planks and paint in any color. Step-by-step cars and description can be found on the blog wkreceniwdom. The description is in Polish, but what do you not have Google Translate for? :)

This variant requires even less space. Masking or even better - a Christmas washi tape and a light loop are all you need to get a Christmas tree at home.

And then a quick-fix tip - Christmas tree of ladder. Just to decorate it a bit :)

Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally when I move in with minimalist student housing. Then you might have gotten a little Christmas mood anyway…

Are you eager to see more, I wrote about these alternative Christmas trees last year.

Have a wonderful Second Advent!

PS. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the source of the last two images.

Christmas tree with built-in lighting, 250 cm

  • Exclusive Christmas tree with pre-assembled lighting.
  • Tall, nice with many dense branches - fits in rooms with a slightly higher ceiling height.
  • As many as 340 LED lights illuminate the Christmas tree.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Feel free to supplement with Christmas balls and glitter.
Stock status

More information

Make it easy for you, avoid the Christmas stress of finding the perfect real Christmas tree. This is a true-to-nature spruce that creates an atmosphere and brings out the Christmas feeling in your home. There are many benefits to spruce trees, they look just as good year after year and you can stop worrying about watering and conifers spreading across the floor and they are a great option for allergy sufferers. Perfect for you who think that the thing about looking for spruce is complicated.

True to nature Christmas tree
An exclusive Christmas tree, very dense and nice, which has atmospheric lighting with extra many LED lights. Fits just as well inside as outside on the balcony. Stately with a height of 250 cm and generous width at the bottom, Ø 160 cm. Many dense and fine branches that sit permanently on the trunk, so just fold out and start decorating. Stable metal Christmas tree base included.

Pre-assembled lighting
With the 340 LED lights that are already mounted in the Christmas tree, you get a cozy Christmas atmosphere immediately without having to mess with a separate Christmas tree loop.

Easy and flexible assembly, the Christmas tree comes in three parts plus a metal base. Place the bottom part of the foot and then build it up to its full height. Fold out the branches and adjust how you want them.

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We have prepared a sketch for how much wood you need, and in what lengths, to build the 180cm high Christmas tree. To avoid getting a gray, long beard during planning, and to get as little waste as possible.

Start by sanding the glaze off the fence post with a sandpaper. Do you like the post as it is? Then you can skip this step. The fence post will form the trunk of the spruce.

Now it's time to measure the length of the future Christmas tree trunk. 20cm long we think is appropriate. Measure and mark.

Depending on what equipment you have at home, saw off the fence post at the marking with either a miter saw or a joint tail. Sand the edges a little lightly with a sandpaper.

In order for the slatted spruce to be able to grow in height, a threaded rod must be attached to the trunk. Since the Christmas tree will be 180cm long, you should buy a 2m threaded rod, which you then cut with a hacksaw.

With a twig drill, first drill a 2cm deep hole in the end of the trunk. Do the same at the other end. You will later lower two hexagon nuts into these holes.

Then drill through the trunk with a wooden drill. The diameter of the threaded rod indicates the width of the wooden drill you are going to use. If the threaded rod diameter is 16mm, you should also choose a wooden drill 16mm in diameter.

Video: Making a Large Christmas Tree Bonsai

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