Ponds without plants

Plants for ponds

Garden ponds, like any other water body, cannot be imagined without plants. Water bodies are special, closed ecosystems with their unique balance and their own customs. Even regular ponds, surrounded by a strict parapet, are landscaped anyway. Luxurious water lilies always come to mind when mentioning plants for ponds. But they are just one of many hundreds of cultures that can be used to decorate the water surface. And rather a rarity: most plants are located much closer to the coastline than at great depths.

Monday 22 March

The first day of the week is favorable for planting tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peas, eggplants, cabbage.

In addition, the lunar calendar allows you to plant dill and basil on Monday.

As for the owners of garden plots, they can devote this day to planting apple trees, plums and currants.

March 22 is a good day for watering, loosening the soil and using fertilizers. However, it is not worth using "chemistry" to fight plant diseases. You should also refuse to prune trees.

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Today you can start planting fast-growing vershoks, but exclusively for building up green mass. You can also plow and loosen the soil, change the soil in flower pots, do sanitary pruning, remove overgrowth, pinch plants, and treat pests and diseases.

Photo: Pixabay

Today, picking, picking, transplanting, rooting, watering and fertilizing is not recommended.

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