How to combine a bar and summer kitchen with a pool: for those who love chic

Probably there is no homeowner who would completely abandon the idea of ​​placing at least a small reservoir in his dacha. And if the total area of ​​the site allows, then the construction of a pool in the immediate vicinity of your own cottage becomes quite real. What could be better than swimming on a hot day? It will return vigor and energy spent fighting the heat. I don't even want to get out of the water! And to turn the water procedures into a sheer pleasure, you can add a few more spectacular but functional design elements to the water-filled tank. For example, a bar or a summer kitchen.

It is better, of course, to provide for the presence of a bar at the design and construction stage of the pool itself, but if the latter has already been erected, it does not matter. The new structure can be added to the existing one. In this case, neither the shape of the tank, nor the size of the bowl are of particular importance.

Most likely, this structure, which successfully combines a kitchen, a bar and a pool, was conceived at the design stage. She looks very impressive

Usually, bar stools are rigidly fixed either to the base of the basin of the reservoir, or to a metal frame, which is then fixed on the side. The second option is preferable if the size of the water structure itself is small: the bottom remains completely free. As a rule, the seats of the chairs are made round or square.

Various integration options

There can be many ways to arrange a bar counter in an artificial reservoir. Each homeowner will be able to choose the one that best suits his idea of ​​comfort and coziness.

Method # 1 - building at the edge of the tank

Perhaps this option can be considered the most common. With it, the installation of the rack itself is carried out on the side of the reservoir. This method does not require significant costs. The table top is formed by a concrete ledge oriented towards the bowl of an artificial reservoir. Usually, such a ledge is lined either in the same style as the entire structure, or, conversely, made in contrast.

In fact, the tabletop in this case is part of the pool side, its continuation. This means that the whole composition as a whole looks very harmonious.

The same variations are possible in the design of the chairs. Most often, in the process of decorating a bar, mosaics or tiles are used. The stone-lined side is successfully combined with any other adjoining elements, if they are decorated in the same spirit.

Mosaic is used as a decoration material as often as tiles. As you can see, it is organically complemented by a pattern on the side of the pool itself.

Composite materials are often used as finishing materials. They are well proven in use due to their resistance to water and low winter temperatures. Recently, the same remarkable properties have been attracting the attention of designers to polished concrete. They began to use it more and more actively.

Method # 2 - a structure placed in a bowl

A really large container with water, in which there is a place not only for diving, but also for swimming, makes it possible for the bar to be erected not at its side, but directly inside the bowl itself. By the way, such a spectacular element immediately raises the status of the entire structure.

This bar, which is located inside the bowl, does not interfere with swimmers in most of the pool, but at the same time fences off a smaller part of it. Here you can equip shallow water - a paddling pool for small family members

The stand should be installed in such a place that they do not become an obstacle for those who would like to swim to their hearts' content. On the other hand, those who sit at the bar should not be in the way either. This means that it is imperative to leave free legroom under the countertop.

The main advantage of this option is that the bar counter is not an actual continuation of the side, which means that it can have any shape that meets the wishes of the owner. Behind it, you can take the most comfortable position so that the sunlight does not hit your face.

The advantage of such a stand-alone stand is that you can take the most advantageous position relative to the sun so that it does not blind your eyes.

There are already tested options for radial, straight and even round tabletops. You can make a bar in the form of a closed circle, fixed on the supports. In this case, the chairs should be placed in its inner part. It will be possible to get inside through the reclining sector of the table top. Such a place to relax is very convenient at any time of the day.

Combining bar, summer kitchen and pool

If the construction of an artificial water body and a summer kitchen is planned on the site, then why not combine both of these structures with each other using a bar counter? In fact, the recreation area and the food preparation and storage area will be located next to each other, which promises significant advantages:

  • chilled drinks will always be at hand, because they are stored in the refrigerator on the summer building;
  • for food and drinks, you will not need to go to the house;
  • it will be possible to have a snack practically without leaving the water, sitting comfortably on special chairs and placing a treat on the tabletop;
  • if the bar counter is made two-sided, it is possible not to let out of the field of vision and the sphere of communication both those who bathe and those who sunbathe at the edge.

Of course, you should make sure that the design of all elements participating in the overall composition is the same. The used decor can perform the unifying function. He will preserve the unity of style. In this case, the structures will look so harmonious, as if they constitute an indivisible object.

The combination of a summer kitchen, a bar and a pool is most natural in this case. It would be strange, having located the kitchen in the immediate vicinity of the pool, fencing it off from the swimmers with a high side

There is no particular difficulty in building a pool bar. You can do this work yourself. But even if you decide to attract professional craftsmen and designers, your costs will be more than paid off, since you can relax in such a complex much more efficiently.

Benefits of integrating a summer kitchen

There are many ideas for arranging a summer kitchen, and each of them is attractive in its own way. But placing it in close proximity to the pool is perhaps the most successful idea.

If you do not deepen the kitchen, then the faces of those sitting at the bar will be at the level of the feet of the bartender or the cook. It is both unnatural and unaesthetic.

We list only the most obvious benefits from such an arrangement:

  • Usually in the room where hot food is prepared, heat reigns in summer, and due to the cooling effect of the water that washes the wall of the building, it will be much cooler here;
  • The one who is currently busy with cooking is not fenced off from all other household members and guests, but is on the same level with them, can communicate and be aware of everything that is happening;
  • All the equipment necessary for storing food and preparing them is located in the depths, which means that it does not interfere with the view: the yard looks much more spacious;
  • The skirting that separates the pond and the kitchen, as mentioned above, can be used as a countertop, which provides additional benefits.

To make the appearance of the site as effective as possible and, at the same time, to increase the functionality of the kitchen, it is best to deepen this room by 80 centimeters relative to the general level of the yard.

Necessary equipment and communications

Despite the exotic location of the summer kitchen and the fact that it is below the general level of other courtyard buildings, this does not harm its functionality. It is imperative to bring all the necessary communications here. Do not forget to include it in your general cleaning system at home. And there is no need to even talk about the presence of a refrigerator, stove, stove and grill. These are integral parts of modern life. To make the dining area universal, you can build bar stools in the pool and install them on the other side.

The kitchen should be fully equipped because outdoor cooking in summer is a real pleasure, not a heat test.

Another necessary element for any room is the roof. It can be a lightweight removable awning or a capital structure such as a canopy that can reliably shelter not only from the scorching sun's rays, but also from bad weather. Sometimes the cooking area needs to be covered from neighbors, if the wind often blows in their direction, and smells of food or smoke interfere with their rest. Then it is appropriate to install light obstruction shields between the supports.

By the way, the fact that the structure will have a permanent roof expands the possibilities for its useful use. You can place a wide-screen TV or even a home theater under the canopy. Movies will be able to watch not only swimmers, but also those who have a rest in the adjacent territory. If the dining room itself is made large enough, then it will be possible to equip a dining area for guests outside the pool.

Despite the exotic roof that makes the whole structure look like a bungalow, there is a TV panel in the kitchen. This means that the premises are reliably protected from bad weather in the summer.

If there is gas supplied to the summer kitchen, you can build a gas hearth. It is still better to use traditional gas or electric stoves for cooking different dishes. Exotic can be achieved with a bio fireplace and a wood-burning hearth. However, there are always a lot of equipment options for such a wonderful structure.

Another interesting integration option

It is possible, using a recessed kitchen room in the house, to do without a special summer building, if, of course, the window opening of the room is large enough. It was proposed to close it, for example, with roller shutters. This original project was developed by Architectural Justice. The room, by the way, is supposed to be operated not only in the warm season, but also in winter. The window will simply be closed and sealed.

If you have dreamed of living in Venice, then during the summer you can enjoy the view of the water from your kitchen window. In the case of reliable waterproofing, this option will find its fans.

It is from the side of the large window that the pool adjoins the wall of the house. At the same time, a wide window sill practically plays the role of a bar counter. The dining room can be entered from the courtyard and, most likely, from other rooms of the cottage. In general, the kitchen itself looks and is equipped in the same way as in any home.

Perhaps all these structures require not only additional time for their creation, but also significant financial costs. But they all provide comfort and coziness in your home, make your vacation as pleasant and complete as possible.

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Landscaping of the courtyard in a private house photo: Design of the courtyard of a private house: photos of modern country courtyards

Beautiful design of a recreation area in a small courtyard

Private houses require a plot of land to create a courtyard. To improve the territory of the house, the owners often turn to specialists. Many people leaf through landscape design magazines and try to do everything with their own hands. To equip a small courtyard of a private house with maximum pleasure, it is worth adhering to a number of simple principles.

Small, tree-lined courtyard with a romantic atmosphere

Comfortable semicircular benches in the yard for a comfortable pastime with friends and family

Interesting design solutions for a small courtyard

Small bright courtyard with bright furniture

What to look for when arranging your yard?

Terrain and size of the territory

Landscaping the yard does not mean that you have to carry out grandiose work using special equipment. However, you should first take into account all the nuances of the landscape. Preparatory work in the form of drainage and strengthening of the slopes will get rid of the difficulties of caring for the site.

Landscaping in a multi-level courtyard

If the owners of the site are ready to attract additional labor, then technically it is possible to implement almost any landscape idea. When there are several buildings on the site in addition to a residential building, then it is worth thinking about how to connect them using paths and organize a hedge for outbuildings. The yard should have both shady and sunny areas so that the rest is varied and comfortable for all family members and guests.

Stylish yard furniture will emphasize the status of the owner

Weather conditions, the length of the summer season affect not only the choice of plants, but also the construction work. When designing a courtyard, it is necessary to take into account all the climatic features of the region.

Comfortable couch for relaxing by the pool

The house is the main element on the site, so the design of the yard must be consistent in style with all buildings. Too much decor can turn a yard into a colorful patchwork quilt. If the cottage and the yard are not large, then experimenting with styles is not worth it.

Luxurious beautiful house with a small local area and a cozy courtyard

If the site is large, then in a remote part of the courtyard, you can embody various thematic corners using zoning. For example, the rustic style eliminates the use of complex structures in the design. Wood flooring, gravel walkways, and handcrafted décor are perfect here.

Residents' needs

The zoning of the future site depends on the type of activity, the number and composition of residents.

Competent zoning of the local area will allow you to tune in the right way

  • will the site be used as a vegetable garden
  • will a bathhouse be built
  • do you need parking, playground, barbecue, summer kitchen, swimming pool and so on.

An unusual playground built around a tree in the center of the courtyard

Based on all the needs and sizes of the site, you need to consider the possibility of combining several functional zones into one: a terrace and a gazebo, a summer kitchen and a dining room, a shower from the end of the house. It is necessary to think about how to delimit zones and take into account the possibility of combining the space for gathering large companies. For this, the furniture is arranged in separate groups, where everyone can find a secluded corner.

Recreation area on an artificial podium in the yard

  • The boundaries between zones can vary in height based on privacy preferences.
  • The children's area should be clearly visible so that parents can control the situation on the playground. It is better if it is located in front of a window or a summer kitchen.
  • A seating area and space for a car is best planned in the backyard, if space and layout allows.
  • All areas must be connected by a network of paved paths.
  • The garden and vegetable garden should be located in the back of the yard.

Interesting bench idea that takes up a minimum of space

It is important that the design of the courtyard of a private house looks attractive from all sides. Therefore, the preliminary project should be assessed from various perspectives: from the window, from the terrace, balcony, along the perimeter of the courtyard and from the street side.

Small cozy corner with barbecue

Private house courtyard design: landscaping

When choosing plants for a site, it is worth considering the time it will take to care for them. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to unpretentious plants. Moreover, they must correspond to the zones of the yard, which means:

  • It is better not to place pine plants on terraces, otherwise you will have to start the day by sweeping.
  • Trees dropping foliage should be planted away from water bodies so as not to clog the pool, pond and cause rotting.
  • Large shrubs and trees are planted at the borders of the site to create a hedge effect.

Cozy gazebo in a leafy home garden

  • If the fence is low, then the plants in the boxes can increase the privacy of the yard.
  • In order not to weed the soil regularly, it is worth using geotextiles for flower beds, areas under the terrace and in the sandbox.
  • Multicolored landscapes and plants with leaves of different shapes look spectacular.
  • For small areas, vertical landscaping and alpine slides are used.

Variety of annual and perennial flowers adorning a narrow courtyard

Decorative elements

Sculptures, figurines, arches, birdhouses, decorative ponds should be divided into thematic zones, functional purpose and selected in accordance with the architectural style of the house. For houses in a rustic style, it is worth choosing authentic accessories in the form of clay pots, a wicker fence.

Beautiful figurines will add some zest to your yard

If the family has children, then it is advisable to decorate the yard with a garden of fairies, figurines of gnomes, mushrooms, windmills, sundials and feeders. Such decorative elements will not let children get bored. You can expand the exterior with the help of mirrors and optical illusions, fixing reflective structures on fences and in the garden. Mirror elements are built into the flower beds, between the stones on the lawn to imitate the water surface.

Nice and simple decoration of the yard with antique furniture


It is worth remembering that the organization of light in the yard is not only a decorative element.

A carefully thought-out lighting system on the site will allow you to move around calmly at night

Features of the design of a small yard

Helpful! Wrought iron benches - features and benefits, where you can put forged benches, how to care

Small narrow table in a compact backyard

If the house is surrounded by a narrow strip of land and a small plot in front of the main entrance, then the following design techniques can be applied:

  • Pave the paths diagonally. This will visually expand the site.
  • Use an artificial lawn under the canopies of the house, decorating its pots with live plants, unpretentious to light.

Folding garden furniture is suitable for a small courtyard, so that at any time you can fold it down or take it out

  • Eliminate strict geometry in the landscape, give preference to complex trajectories over straightness.
  • Surround the walls of the house with ivy or loaches, simulating the effect of a gazebo and mini-garden. If you add artificial waterfalls and ponds with fish to the composition, you get a full-fledged recreation area.

A hedge with weaving plants can be a decoration for a small yard.

What must be present in the yard?

The main areas of the courtyard depend on the architecture, the size of the territory and the composition of the owner's family.

Cozy bright corner with a canopy in the yard

The site, if possible, should consist of:

  • living area
  • active and passive recreation areas

  • gardening zone
  • economic zone.
  • Design of the courtyard of a private house with a wicker gazebo

    The smallest yards can be limited to cozy benches, chairs and tables surrounded by plants. Extensive courtyards can include:

    • garage or outdoor parking
    • pool or pond
    • garden
    • kitchen
    • barbecue area
    • playground
    • gazebo
    • decorative elements in the form of fountains and sculptures.

    The embodiment of the design idea in the courtyard of a private house

    Beautiful house with a terrace: 240 photos, design. Types of terraces photo: summer, open, sliding, closed terrace.

    Man's desire to stay in the fresh air for a long time, to prolong communication with nature, prompted him to create a terrace. After all, you can stay under the roof even in the rain, glass walls are able to keep warm even in winter.

    Terrace and its history

    From time immemorial, a terrace was considered a ledge on a hill or hill, gradually a person transferred the idea of ​​nature to his site. Initially, the terraces were built in a small open-air area. Gradually, the terraces began to beautify, as if transferring the living quarters, in part, to nature. The variety of modern terraces is amazing. Our article, we hope, will help to translate the desire to communicate with nature in the life of every owner.

    Terrace to the house

    The modern terrace is a continuation of the house, but without walls and doors. An excellent option for a hot summer. Not only allows you to sit in the shade, but also prevents the sun from heating the rooms.

    Beautiful house with a terrace

    The terrace is able to decorate the house, add zest and make any dream come true.

    Types of terraces photo:

    Summer terrace

    A wonderful option for outdoor recreation, the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air, enjoy communication over a cup of aromatic tea.

    Open terrace

    Opened in whole or in part, to the taste of the owner, the terrace can become not only a place for family rest, but also for children to play.

    Sliding terrace

    An excellent option for a sliding structure, it is able to close the hosts and guests from the wind and rain in bad weather. The sun peeped out, the terrace is open.

    Closed terrace

    A closed terrace allows you to increase the space, especially in the case of an influx of guests and relatives. It is possible to increase the comfort not only for guests, but also for the hosts.

    Roof terrace

    A great place not only for sunbathing, but also for exploring the territory.

    Terrace with barbecue

    A great opportunity to use a classic kitchen in a house with a barbecue in nature.

    Sauna with terrace

    A great option to cool off in the fresh air after the steam room, and in any weather.

    Terrace with marquise

    Tired of the heat and the sun, we change with one movement of the hand to partial shade.

    Kitchen with terrace

    Everything is always at hand. A great option for eating outdoors, and cleaning the table and washing the dishes will not take much time.

    Glazed terrace

    Polycarbonate terrace

    A light polycarbonate canopy will not only shelter people from the bright sun, but will also protect beautiful luxurious flowers from overheating.

    Log terrace

    A log building is, first of all, environmentally friendly, everything for the benefit of man.

    Brick terrace

    The house is brick-built, and the brick terrace is a continuation of the architectural ensemble.

    Terrace with pool

    Everything here is for the benefit of the owners, everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

    Corner terrace

    Pay attention to how much the area increases, thereby expanding the capabilities of the owners.

    Children's terrace

    This is just a fairy tale for children, everything is loved by them.

    Terrace decoration, terrace design with photo

    Show your talents and admire the results.

    Outdoor terrace design

    Indoor terrace design

    Basic options for a private house (130 photos)

    Having their own private house or garden plot, every happy owner is faced with a number of tasks, and one of them is landscaping the yard. It doesn't matter whether you built the house yourself or bought a ready-made one, the yard is an indispensable attribute in any case.

    But the comfort, convenience and practicality largely depend on how correctly it is planned and equipped, and besides, it is the courtyard that creates the first impression of guests and acquaintances.

    Let's try to understand the intricacies of arranging the courtyard of a private house. We will determine what and how to do, what is required for this, and what "pitfalls" exist along the way.

    However, before we start examining this issue, let's first take a look at the photos of the arrangement of courtyards, you can find them in abundance on the pages of the global network. Taking a closer look, you will certainly notice a huge variety of options, styles, design findings, and therefore we will definitely notice that the appearance and convenience of your site depends on your imagination, taste, financial capabilities, as well as the desire to work and create.

    Brief content of the article:

    Where to begin

    First of all, you need to remember that the main element of your site is the house itself, and therefore it is necessary to make a start in planning the arrangement of the entire adjacent territory from the architectural design in which it is decorated. Note that the question of how the arrangement of a private yard will be made directly depends on the area of ​​the site.

    So, if the size of your yard is small, you should not unnecessarily experiment with different styles, let it be some one direction.

    Having become the happy owner of a plot of a large area, it becomes real to try to carry out some kind of division of the territory and implement several design styles, but they should smoothly transition and combine with each other. This is achieved through various methods, for example, plant hedges, or use special fences, flower beds, garden paths.

    Before you start planning and decorating your yard with your own hands, you need to analyze the landscape of the territory. So, all irregularities, potholes, holes must be trimmed or filled up. If there are slopes, they need to be strengthened.

    Before starting work on the arrangement, it is necessary to come up with and create some kind of drainage system, otherwise during the rain you run the risk of running into trouble in the form of water flows where they should not be. If you have financial opportunities, it is better to do the preliminary work on leveling the site by attracting special equipment, by this you will save yourself from unnecessary difficulties, and the quality will be an order of magnitude higher.


    Remember, a well thought-out plan that takes into account all the nuances of your landscape, and also provides for a phased distribution of all work, is a kind of key to the success of your endeavor.

    In order to create a beautiful courtyard design, first of all, you need to completely think over everything: you must clearly understand what and where to place, in what sequence the work will be carried out and what should ultimately turn out.

    When creating a plan, you need to consider the following points:

    • Distribution of sunlight and shade in your area depending on the time of day
    • Consider the climatic conditions for your area. Duration of summer and winter periods, wind direction, abundance of precipitation
    • In winter, it will be necessary to remove the snow. Think about where you will put it, and how you will take it out of the site
    • Consider how the lot itself will be connected to the main street. Consider opportunities for emergency work - extinguishing fires, as well as actions in other emergency situations
    • Remember the size and composition of your family. Consider what you plan to do on your site, what needs may arise in the future.

    In general, site planning must be carried out at the very initial stage, when tasks have not yet been built. In this case, it is much simpler: the whole layout, style will be more harmonious, it is possible to carry out zoning from scratch and provide for all aspects of the arrangement.

    However, the situation often develops in a completely different way: you have purchased a finished house and begin to rebuild it, and as a result - the arrangement of the territory. In this case, it all depends on the degree of change you have conceived. If the design of the main house is changed, it is necessary to plan the arrangement of the entire territory, taking into account the new stylistic solution.

    For the case when only cosmetic repairs will be carried out, it is necessary to equip the site in such a way that creating the necessary comfort and coziness, the main building harmoniously fits. This is already a task of a different degree of complexity and its solution largely depends on your taste and your capabilities.

    Do not overload the site with various elements and zones, everything should be done with taste, carrying appropriate practical value.

    Let's note one more important point. If your plot is not planned to be used for a vegetable garden, and the plans are only a rest from the bustle of cities and everyday life, you may not care about where you store the grown products, how to collect them, etc. etc.

    Otherwise, it is necessary to combine practicality and beauty, and this is a completely different distribution and planning. For example, it becomes necessary to pay special attention to the arrangement of the backyard - although it is hidden from prying eyes, it should remain an integral part of the overall composition, and in addition, it is here that it is optimal to build all outbuildings.

    In addition, it is here that it is convenient to place a car park, or build a sports field.

    General notes on arrangement

    When all the necessary preparatory steps have been taken, there is a clear plan of what we will do, the area has been leveled and cleaned, the drainage system is in order, and we get to work.

    If you have a large enough area divided into separate zones, you need to think about how to make a delineation. Several solutions are possible here. For example, you can make hedges or build fences.

    One option for visual differentiation is to build artistically designed lawns or flower beds. You can make a beautiful courtyard in a private house using arched structures when creating fences and walkways. Special garden screens will look very nice on the site.

    The playground is separated by a special low fence decorated with climbing plants.

    An integral part of the yard arrangement is a system of paths. These should not be paths, but specially designed garden paths. When designing the landscaping of the yard, paths can be used as natural and functional dividers of individual zones.

    When carrying out work on the arrangement, do not forget about the correctness of the geometric shapes. Your site should not look like some kind of jumble, everything should harmoniously fit in and be subordinate to the chosen concept.

    The last tip: when arranging, try to use more natural materials, they will perfectly fit with the surrounding nature and create a unique feeling of peace and comfort.

    All of the above are the most general tips and tricks. Of course, the simplest solution is to order design development and work from specialists, however, only you can create what you want, exactly as you see.

    Having bought a house far from the city, having made your own arrangement of the yard in the village, you will certainly experience an incomparable feeling of satisfaction, create for yourself and your loved ones a corner of well-being, happiness and peace.

    Photos of the arrangement of the yard

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    46 Inspirational Small Veranda Decorating Ideas

    If you're looking for inspiration to decorate your small patio or balcony, we have some awesome design tips to get you started. We tend to spend more time outdoors during the warmer summer months, so it's time to design or redesign your veranda to create a cozy atmosphere that encourages you to spend more time outdoors. Try to make the most of your space without spending a lot of money or time using plants and accessories for your outdoor space. From rearranging furniture to expanding your small space with a mirror, or even adding an outdoor rug, these practical tips can help awaken your creativity.Be sure to let us know which patio you like the most!

    In case you missed it, we posted an article last week with an incredible collection of inspiring outdoor room design ideas. Be sure to see here .

    Fresh, vibrant plants can change the look of your patio, so any investment you make here will pay off. Treat existing plantings a little, remove dead leaves and faded flowers and water well. If you need to fill empty pots, go to a garden center and pick out new plants. Be sure to choose healthy plants that match your patio's light levels, and feel free to seek advice if you need it.

    Add a little adorable note

    Sometimes, especially on a small patio, all you need is one right accent to bring the whole space to life. A potted lavender (or any other outdoor plant with brightly colored flowers) on a small bedside table might be all you need for that extra splash of color.

    Add plump pillows

    Fresh throw pillows can instantly refresh the look. Outdoor fabrics are best because they are resistant to sun bleaching and mildew. If you can't resist using home cushions on your patio, just keep a storage bench in a sheltered place close at hand to toss and they should be kept outdoors for a long time.

    Plants on your patio will make your space feel more cozy and intimate. A planter filled with shrubbery makes a great curb; on a patio that opens onto a large courtyard, they can be an alternative to a fence, but even in a small space, they can soften the fence line.

    Choose a color scheme

    Using two or three colors throughout the space will help your patio look polished and collected.

    Use a rug for indoor and outdoor use

    The outdoor seating area instantly becomes cozier and more welcoming with the addition of a rug; in the dining area, the rug should be large enough to fit under the chairs when they are pulled out slightly. For the sofa seating area, the mat can either fit under all furniture or directly under the coffee table and reach the front legs of the furniture.

    Add a freestanding umbrella

    On an outdoor patio, an umbrella is a must. The freestanding type gives you much more flexibility to place it where you need it and will work with any table or chairs.

    Create focus point

    Think about what you are using your patio for and what you would like to use it for in the future. Is the furniture positioned the way you want it to be? As in the living room, it is usually best to move furniture away from the walls. Experiment with different arrangements until you feel right.

    Thoroughly cleaning your patio from top to bottom can work wonders: Sweep leaves and other debris, clean garden furniture, clean outside windows, and hose down the floor. Throw away any trash that has accumulated in the area.

    Soften corners with plants

    Sharp corners are not only difficult to decorate, but if left empty, they can make the space cramped and uncomfortable. Fill in narrow corners with potted plants to soften the corners - tall plants and topiary are especially good.

    Think about the style and mood you want to create

    Sleek, modern and fun? Moody, curvy and eclectic? Try to put what you want in a few words and use them to make decisions when you shop.

    Hanging a mirror on an outside wall or fence is a great way to create a spacious feeling on a small patio. Choose a mirror frame that can withstand the weather and hang it indoors.

    Photo sources: 1.-12. Interior of Alvhem McLeary, 13. Architect Ana Williamson, 14. Anders Johansson, 15. Landscape by Anthony Brancato, 16. Apartment f15, 17.Bf Konsult, 18. and 19. Busybee Design, 20. Chioco Design, 21. Designscapes Colorado, 22 ESNY, 23. and 24. Fantastic Frank, 25. and 26. Fastighetsmäklarna, 27. Geoffrey Gordon Smith, landscape architecture, 28. Katy Lead and company, 29. Kirkpatrick's design, 30. Magnusson McLeary, 31 and 32. Molly Wood Garden Design, 33. My Romantic Home, 34. Notting Hill Gardens, 35. Toilet Design, 36. Rugo Raff Architects, 37. -39. Stadschem, 40. Stone Acorn Builders, 41. Svensk Fastighetsförmedling, 42. Tomaro Design Group, 43. Victor Myers Custom Homes, 44. Vidabelo Interior Design, 45. Wanda Ely Architect, 46. Wrede, 47. Bethany Nauert

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