How to store Bach flowers



Original photograph courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / Dr. Thomas Barnes

Bach flowers should absolutely not be stored in the refrigerator for two reasons: the fridge generates electrostatic fields that could interfere with the vibrations of the remedies and then because, being essences obtained thanks to heat, the cold would inactivate their properties.

They should be placed at a distance of at least two meters from mobile phones or laptops, computers, televisions and all household appliances in general, this because electronic and electrical devices generate electromagnetic fields that could temporarily inactivate the vibrational charge of Bach flowers.

It is also advisable not to keep the bottles on (for example in the pockets of clothes) or keep them on the bedside table during the night's rest. In both cases, interactions could be generated between the person's energy field and the remedy that could make its action ineffective. If we have to take the remedy to the office we can put it in the bag keeping the mobile phone in the pocket and trying not to keep the bag in contact with the body for too long.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

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