Succulent Planting Party: How To Host A Succulent Party

By: Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Hosting a succulent planting party is a perfect way to get together with friends and have a remembrance of your time together. Birthdays and other life events are a great reason to host such a get together. If you’re needing succulent decorations for a wedding, get your bridesmaids together.

With all the materials available, it won’t take long to finish decorations for several tables. When possible, try to include someone who’s familiar with the little nuances of putting together a succulent display, but if nobody is available, look for instructions online.

What is a Succulent Party?

There are many reasons for a succulent party, as mentioned above and others. You can throw a succulent party just for entertainment. The growing popularity of low care succulent plants has piqued everyone’s interest in this favorite plant.

When possible, host a succulent party outside during daylight hours. Evening hours when temperatures are starting to cool is a good time for an outdoor party. Use low tables and cushions for seating if that best fits your plan. Set up a succulent station where guests can choose a small container, soil, and succulents to plant.

Provide a selection of colored sand, shells, and pebbles for top dressing. Start with a single plant per container, or if using small unrooted cuttings, use three or even five. Planting cuttings is an inexpensive way to get lots of variety. Cuttings are readily available online at an inexpensive cost, compared to purchasing rooted plants.

Things to Remember When Planting Succulents

Use well-draining soil specifically for succulent plants. Anchor the plant well, gently spreading the roots and covering with soil. Cover the root system with a rooting hormone to encourage growth. If you forget rooting hormone, break out the cinnamon. Wait for a week to water the container.

Add top dressing to make the plants appearance more distinctive. Decorate as appropriate for the party. Use succulent designs on desserts, tabletops, and wherever else you choose.

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DIY :: Succulent Fiesta Favors

Jenn here, with a little behind-the-scenes fun from the recent fiesta shoot we produced for Cooking Channel. Using re-purposed Mexican food cans and assorted succulents, we created these super affordable favors for guests to take home at the end of the night. If you’ve ever re-potted a cactus or succulent, you know it can be prickly business! But with the right tools, you can create these pint-sized favors for your next summer bash without getting a scratch. Keep reading for full instructions after the jump!

To get started you’ll need succulent plants, empty cans, a hand trowel, tongs and a small bag of cactus potting soil. We found small, colorful cans on the Mexican food aisle of our local grocery store.

Begin by filling an empty can with a 1-inch thick layer of cactus potting dirt.

Using the tongs, grasp the stalk of the plant at it’s thickest point. Gently rock the plant back and forth until the soil has loosened from the pot. Still using the tongs, pull the plant out of it’s container and place it into the can.

Hold the plant upright with the tongs and carefully fill in the can with more potting dirt by hand. Once the plant is secure, you can add decorative rocks on top of the dirt. We used white gravel rocks from Camille’s garden. The greater variety of plants and cans you are able to combine will make for a more dynamic table display. Inform your guests that these plants need lots of sun, very little water, and send them home with the cactus of their choice!

Plant & Create a Succulent Garden

Fairy Garden Kits

Fairy Garden Kits

Fairy Garden Kits

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Fairy Garden Kits

Choose from a variety of Succulent Terrariums themed kits that all come in a Glass Bubble Vase.

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Our Succulents are low maintenance plants and actually only need watered 1 time a month! it's actually good to forget to water them!

Choose from a variety of Succulent Terrariums themed kits that all come in a Glass Bubble Vase.

Popular themed kits are: Driftwood & Sea Glass, Himalayan Salt Rock, Rainbow and our Basic Terrarium.

Our Succulents are low maintenance plants and actually only need watered 1 time a month! it's actually good to forget to water them!

These are great kits for individuals who like to craft but never made a terrarium before.

What Is A Succulent Party – How To Throw A Succulent Party - garden

This is basically a workshop at your house or business, where I bring all of the succulents, tools and supplies, and you all get to make your own arrangement, terrarium, wreath, or whatever you request. The price per person varies depending on the type of arrangements that we make, and basically, the sky is the limit! Our minimum for a private workshop is 5 people. Check out the details below for the description and prices.

In this hands-on arrangement crafting party, guests will learn how to create their own beautiful succulent arrangement/terrarium. They will leave the party with their own living creation and the knowledge to care for it.

The class includes instruction on techniques for selecting succulents, planting and arranging them, as well as best practices for keeping the arrangement vibrant and healthy.

Each class takes between 1 hour to 2 hours, and the price ranges between $30 and $69 depending on the chosen project. A workshop can also be a DIY Potting Bar style where there is a $15 ticket for the class, and the plants and planters are priced individually and purchased at the workshop. The popular DIY Potting Bar style is perfect for each guest to choose their own planter, and the amount of plants to add to it, as well as to decide their own price range.

Succulent Planting Party

This succulent planting party post is intended for an audience of adults age 21 and older. This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Bacardi. All opinions are mine alone. This post contains affiliate links.

Who doesn’t love a girl’s night? Sometimes you just have to set aside some time with friends, catch up on each other’s lives, and have a little fun! A succulent planting party is the perfect way to do that and I have some easy ideas to make it a girl’s night to remember!

You can host a succulent planting party with three easy steps: set up a succulent planting station, serve delicious food, and let guests create their own cocktail combinations!

To create a succulent planting station, cover a large table with kraft paper <it makes it super easy to roll the mess up and toss it away when the party’s over> and set out an assortment of tiny succulents, mason jars in various sizes, and potting soil. You can find small inexpensive succulents online or often at your local greenhouse or hardware store.

Set out some burlap ribbon or twine as well … it makes a cute embellishment for the mason jars.

Guests can choose a jar and a plant …

… and get their hands dirty. The potted succulent makes a perfect party favor to take home!

No girl’s night is complete without good food and drinks! Want to make this party super easy? Buy all the food ready to eat! Wendy’s has a great selection of items that are perfect for a girl’s night and you can pop in quickly which means there’s no excuse not to throw a last minute get together with friends!

While at Wendy’s, I noticed the Strawberry Lemonade <one of the signature beverages available only at Wendy’s> on the menu and knew it would be the perfect mixer for Bacardi spirits. Made with real lemons and strawberries, the perfectly tart flavor is a fabulous complement for Bacardi.

I love good food and drinks, but to me, it’s the little handmade details that make a party memorable.

Add some punny humor to the night with some vinyl on glasses. If you have a vinyl cutting machine, you can recreate this idea in just minutes with vinyl and transfer paper. If not, print the sayings on pretty scrapbook paper and attach them to the stem of the glasses. It would look equally cute!

A creative backdrop is always a great way to add a festive touch and create a focal point for a food bar. Place a large piece of kraft paper on the wall behind the buffet …

… and carry the succulent theme into the backdrop as well. A trail of paper succulents looks so elegant!

This backdrop is a bit time consuming to make, even with a cutting machine, but it definitely adds something fabulous to the party. To make it, you just need to make a variety of paper succulents in various coordinating colors and hot glue them to the kraft paper. If you need something a little less time consuming, buy small faux succulents and glue those on instead.

The same paper succulents, in a petite version, also make super cute straw toppers! Simply attach them with a dab of hot glue.

Once the handmade details are complete, set it all up in one space. Get creative: use a bar cart, a table, or your kitchen island.

I like to set up a cocktail area where guests can serve themselves.

To create a cocktail bar, buy Wendy’s Strawberry Lemonade …

… and pour it into a pitcher with sliced strawberries on top.

Add a couple of bottles of flavored Bacardi rum so guests can create their own cocktails. Did you know rum cocktails are among the ten most popular drinks? Bacardi rum is the world’s favorite and most awarded rum which makes it a natural choice for a cocktail bar! And Bacardi Limon and Bacardi Banana pair perfectly with the tart Strawberry Lemonade! The light and balanced vanilla and apricot tastes of Bacardi rum make it extremely mixable and the Cuban/Latin roots and culture are perfect for a high energy occasion like girl’s night!

… and a few fruity garnishes.

Lemons, limes, and strawberries complement well but melons would also be a fun garnish. You could even soak the fruit in rum or freeze fruit pieces in ice for a fun twist.

Place the food in pretty serving dishes <Chicken Nuggets are always a delicious choice20> …

… and you’re ready for a party!

Invite your besties, mix up some cocktails …

… get creative with the flavors …

… and enjoy a night to remember with the girls!

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Get Creative with Foods

We understand that you might not have enough time for preparing intricate themed snacks. Luckily, there are lots of easier ways to match your snacks and drinks to the party theme. For example, if you are going to treat your guests with a cake, there’s no need to fork out on something cactus-inspired – you can simply go for a “naked” cake, which can be then finished off with our artificial cacti and succulents. Have got lots of plain cupcakes? Use our serenity blue glittery foam sheets to cut out lovely cactus toppers for your cupcakes. You can go even further by getting multiple cupcakes with green frosting and arranging them into a cactus shape. On top of that, if you are planning to have green smoothie, you can serve it in our milk bottles, which can be further transformed into cacti – just complement them with cacti arms made from our glittery foam!

As you can see, a cactus & succulent party is a great excuse to get creative. It should also be noted that décor is not the only means to create that tropic ambiance – you can entertain your guests by allowing them to create mini artificial succulent terrariums or throw any other theme-related activity. Whichever way you choose, we are always at your service with all the necessary decorations and party supplies. However, before leaving this blog for our online store to stock up on everything you need, please let us know what you think about the cacti theme and what decorations you would choose to bring it to life.

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