Sowing calendar for 13.02 - gardeners and gardeners

February 2021

February 13, Saturday, 2-3rd lunar day. The waxing moon is in Pisces


You can sow and plant any plants in Pisces, but it is better to give preference to leafy vegetables, greens and crops that give ground fruits.

Sow flowers, plant seedlings in the greenhouse.

Water moderately and loosen the soil around the plants.

Thin and huddle seedlings, remove weeds from the beds.

Apply a slightly concentrated mineral dressing under the root.

Get vaccinated.


Plant kohlrabi, broccoli, and cauliflower. Sow cucumbers, squash and pumpkins on seedlings. Solanaceous crops - tomatoes, lagenaria, eggplants, sweet and hot peppers - will also grow well after planting.

Sow spicy green plants:

  • artichokes;
  • basil;
  • spinach;
  • asparagus;
  • arugula.

In addition to aquarium plants, you can plant and transplant at home:

  • fishtail palm:
  • plectrantus;
  • curly geranium;
  • the cyperus is sprawling.

Not recommended

Do not spray plants with pesticides.

Do not engage in the preparation of earthen mixtures.

Don't prune your plants.

Don't budge.


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Monthly recommendations for gardeners and gardeners of Siberia

The lunar planting calendar for 2021, which contains advice for gardeners and gardeners in Siberia, presented in the table above, is very important. Thanks to him, you can achieve excellent results on the land and enjoy good harvests.

In addition to such a calendar, in accordance with the climatic conditions of Siberia, a monthly list of recommendations for land owners has been compiled: what and when can be done in 2021.

In January, it is recommended to plant greens and vegetable seeds in a greenhouse. The site itself can be cleared of snow, the arriving birds can be pleased with food, because in the future they will help to fight harmful insects.

In February, you can start sowing dill, parsley and other greens on the windowsill. Sowing is also recommended for obtaining seedlings of petunias.

In March, the process of growing seedlings of peppers and tomatoes starts, sowing of greens and radishes begins. A florist can sow annual flowers. In the last days of March, it is recommended to sow cabbage, radish, lettuce and other greens in a greenhouse with heating.

April is a preparatory period for the upcoming working season. It is necessary to sow carrots, peas, beets, beans, ornamental crops in greenhouses. It is also a good time to take care of fruit trees. At the end of April, bulbous crops are planted. To obtain seedlings, you can sow any plants.

In May, when the warm season begins, you should start sowing seeds of root crops and legumes in the beds covered with film. After the first shoots appear, you can remove the cover for the day, and re-cover the ground at night.

In June, although it is summer, frosts can be observed in Siberia. In this regard, it is necessary to cover the plants that germinate in the ground with a film. At the end of June, strawberries may already ripen in warm regions of Siberia. At this time, you need to plant seedlings, as well as fight weeds and harmful insects.

In July it is already warm enough, the plants can be without shelter. A good time to plant seeds for the second harvest. This should be done on free plots of land. Usually they do not do this, because everything is already planted and something additional is not required. Also during this period you need to get rid of weeds and pests. Ripe berries, ripe cucumbers and tomatoes are harvested in July.

August is considered the period when harvesting of all crops begins. At the end of the month, frosts are not excluded, and therefore, if it is necessary to carry out new plantings, it must be done in greenhouses or under a film shelter. This month they are engaged in harvesting for the winter and continue to fight weeds and harmful insects.

In September, the harvest is still in progress, in particular, root crops and tuberous crops are harvested. Digging potatoes, removing cabbage from the gardens. After that, they put things in order on the land plots, and if you need to plant something, then this is done only in greenhouse conditions. They are digging the beds and continue to preserve.

In October, winter apples are harvested, bulbous flowers are dug up. During this period, the first snow often appears, so you need to prepare a piece of land in advance for the coming winter.

In November, all gardening and gardening work can only be carried out in heated greenhouses.

In December, it is also necessary to work only in a heated greenhouse, if necessary. Severe frosts set in, there is snow. Land works are excluded.

Thanks to the lunar planting calendar for 2021, which provides tips for gardeners and gardeners for Siberia, presented in the table, land owners can plan their agricultural work, take into account favorable and unfavorable days for carrying out certain manipulations with plants, trees and handicraft crops.

Every gardener and gardener who has a piece of land can and should use the useful tips of the lunar planting calendar for 2021. For Siberia, a special schedule of work in the garden or in the garden has been developed, presented in the form of a table. With the help of such information, you can work effectively on the land and get a decent collection in the end.

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