Pvc gratings

What are

The pvc gratings are a thermoplastic structure made specifically for the garden. They are used both as a dividing element and for the growth of climbing plants. PVC is also a rather light material and resistant to atmospheric agents, so the grating is suitable for both the garden and the balcony. On the balcony of course it will be used in a limited number because the space is rather small compared to the garden, but it will still be able to give a pleasant appearance. PVC is a material also used for the production of other outdoor furnishing accessories because it is practical and resistant. Sometimes, to create a fence, i pvc gratings they are used in an alternation that involves both the use of climbing plants and the grating in its classic version. Obviously, when creating a divider, it is important to always leave enough space for the passage from one area of ​​the garden to another. This opening can always be completed with a small arch or with a low gate.

Cleaning and maintenance

The pvc grating can be washed with water and detergent without any particular care. Furthermore, compared to the wooden grating, it does not require any maintenance, keeping its state unaltered for the entire period of use. For this reason it is one of the most preferred gratings by those who must use it for climbing plants or as a fence.

How to choose it

Those who choose pvc grating do so because they prefer it to both wood and iron. The appearance is quite recognizable, usually it is made in green. When used for a climbing plant, the green of the pvc structure blends well with the green of the plants, creating a unique visual effect. It does not require any particular maintenance, unlike the wooden grating, and this makes it quite practical. The grating can have different sizes and is sold in various modules. If it is to be used to divide a space, a series of gratings must be purchased to cover the entire space. Although it is rather light and easy to handle, it is not always recommended to move it especially if the climbing plant has adapted quite well. The pvc grating is sold both as a single module and with its planter, if it is not to be placed inside a flower bed. The fixing of the pvc grating must be done in a rather firm way otherwise the gusts of wind could damage it. Some versions of pvc grating can also be closed to take up little space when it needs to be stored. This structure is suitable for the weight of any climbing plant, so you can decide to choose any species, from evergreen to citrus. The pvc grating can be used to close a gazebo laterally and thus have greater privacy. It is an element that has fully entered the garden furniture, the choice must always take into account the style already present. The pvc grating is used above all in classic-style gardens and by those who want to buy this structure at a rather low cost.

Where to buy

The pvc grating is sold in gardening shops and in areas dedicated to gardening in shopping centers. It is a very popular model both because it is quite practical and because it has a very affordable cost. It is a structure that has shown excellent resistance to bad weather and sudden changes in temperature. Also on the internet you can buy pvc gratings. These are sites that, in addition to offering the opportunity to know this product in detail, also allow you to buy it. The purchase of the grating is made on the basis of a series of photos and a description, and also always on the site you can find all the information on how to behave in the event that the grating should prove to be defective. On the net it is possible to compare different models of pvc gratings comparing prices but also the size, delivery times and payment methods that are defined within the site. When you buy pvc grating, you usually combine a plastic pot or any other planter you already have at home.


The cost of the pvc grating is quite affordable compared to the price of the other gratings. For this reason it is one of the most requested models on the market. In addition, comparing it with gratings made from other materials, it is also quite durable. Using the grating as a fence, the total cost of all grating that will need to be purchased must be considered.

Pvc gratings: gratings and garden windbreaks: pvc gratings

Start furnishing your home garden today, always making decisions in absolute awareness. By obtaining more information in this section, in fact, you will finally be able to tackle the topic of gratings in the best possible way, without forgetting the need to discover the peculiarities of each product belonging to this market.

Specifically, the so-called pvc gratings are absolutely recommended for those looking for a product that can greatly facilitate the growth of climbing plants, without ever forgetting the lightness and contemporary solidity that accompany elements of this type. In short, a solution to be seriously considered.

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