The process of making a simple wooden gazebo

A simple gazebo with your own hands in one day

A gazebo for a summer residence is an ideal option for outdoor recreation with friends or the whole family. It will protect you from rain, wind and sun, and will also significantly transform your summer cottage. In this article we will talk about the types and features of the gazebos, as well as how to build such a structure with your own hands.

The design of such structures is quite simple, so even a person with minimal construction skills can handle it. Tips from this article will help you to equip an original, comfortable and beautiful place to relax in the country.

Arbor for giving with your own hands

The process of making a simple wooden gazebo

Country homemade products

Homemade products for a summer residence, a garden and a vegetable garden

Homemade products for summer cottages are perhaps one of the most popular homemade products, especially in the spring and summer. It is very pleasant to periodically update this section with information. the owners of dachas, country houses, cottages, houses, vegetable gardens, orchards are the most hardworking people with golden hands, who love to create homemade products with their own hands, run a household, take care of the land, plants and trees. We hope you will appreciate the section "Homemade products for summer cottages and gardens". Each article is the most faithful guide-guide for you, supplied with high-quality photos, ideas, step-by-step instructions, tips, examples. Do not forget to also look into the subsection "Garden and vegetable garden, dacha" of the main section "Books and magazines".

DIY wooden table

Making a wooden table is not so difficult, and using a minimum of tools for this. It is good if the master has a manual milling machine and a grinder, but as a rule the average person does not have such tools. Therefore, this article discusses two simple options for making tables with an emphasis on the fact that the master, at best, will have a universal grinder (grinder).

A cheap and simple pallet table for a summer kitchen or gazebo

This wooden table is quite simple and is made almost from waste, namely from wooden pallets. Instead of pallets, you can use any boards of the same section. Such a table will look good in a summer kitchen or gazebo.

To make a table, you need 3-5 pallets. They need to be disassembled and the best boards selected.

We cut the boards to the dimensions indicated in the drawing below. When making short pieces, for example 600 mm long, it is best to cut the boards on both sides. This will cut off most of the holes left over from the nails.

For the countertop, you need to select the best boards in appearance. You should also pay attention to the absence of warping of the board and to its thickness, since boards from different pallets may differ slightly in thickness.

It is best to mark the board with a square. This way you can get an even cut perpendicular to the length of the board.

The holes left over from the nails are covered with wood putty or a mixture of fine sawdust with transparent varnish. Let the putty dry.

Using a universal grinder (grinder) or a drill with a special attachment, we grind all the boards. In the absence of a grinder or drill, this operation can be performed manually using a regular wooden block and sanding paper wrapped around it. Grinding by hand is a rather laborious task, so it is better to ask a grinder from your friends or rent it from specialized firms.

We fasten the boards together with wood screws. Just do not use black self-tapping screws for this. They are quite fragile and break easily under lateral loading.

First of all, we collect two sides of the table.

We connect the sides of the table with longitudinal crossbars. At the bottom, the sidewalls are connected by one board using furniture corners (position No. 6 in the drawing). But it is best to connect the board of position No. 6 to the sidewalls with the help of special furniture screws - confirms. Thus, the furniture corners will not be visible and the view will be different.

You can read about the confirmants in this article.

It is best to screw the worktop boards to the table frame from below through the furniture corners. Thus, the caps of the screws will not be visible on the tabletop. Also, in order to align the boards in one plane and prevent them from shifting relative to each other, they should be connected with each other using furniture dowels (a wooden barrel with a diameter of 8mm and most often 30-35mm long). To do this, a hole with a diameter of 8 mm is drilled at the ends of the boards and a dowel is installed into it with PVA glue. In the absence of furniture dowels, the tabletop boards can be connected together under the table using a wooden lath. It should be screwed onto the self-tapping screws across the boards of the countertop.

After assembling the countertop shield, it is advisable to cut it from both sides to align the ends of the boards in one plane. It is best to do the trimming along a guideline, such as a flat piece of wood or a metal corner. This will make the cut even. In the drawing of the table, the length of the tabletop is indicated as 1190mm, and the length of the board from the pallet is 1200mm, it turns out that 5mm per side is allocated for trimming the ends of the boards.

If desired, the trimmed ends of the tabletop can be closed with a wooden strip of a suitable thickness. The rail is not indicated on the drawing.

After assembling and installing the tabletop, the table must be burned with a gasoline blowtorch or gas torch. As a result of firing, a wood pattern appears. You can enhance the effect if you first walk with a round metal brush, worn on a grinder or drill. As a result of such processing, soft wood fibers are removed and the colorfully expressed structure of tree growth rings appears. This operation is called “brushing”.

After firing, the table must be cleaned of soot. After that we cover it with two layers of clear varnish on wood.

Table top after blowtorch firing and varnishing.

Video: pallet table

An easy-to-manufacture table made of wooden furniture board

This is another table making idea.

This table is assembled from ready-made purchased items. The most expensive part of such a table is a table top made of furniture board. Its price depends on the type of wood from which it is made and on the size of the shield itself.

I recommend buying a 40mm thick board. Thinner shields are cheaper, but over time they are more likely to warp.

The most expensive shields made of valuable species of wood are oak and beech, the cheapest are made of coniferous wood (pine, larch). It is best to avoid pine boards as pine boards can release resin.

You can buy such a furniture board in companies that cut sawn timber or in construction hypermarkets, for example, Leroy Merlin. An oak furniture board 40mm thick and 1400x600mm in size will cost about 6000-7000 rubles as of the date of publication of the article.

The edges of the furniture board must be rounded off. In the absence of a manual milling power tool, this operation can be performed manually using a conventional planer or simply by manually grinding the edges. The quality of the chamfers on the edges of the shim will certainly not be the same as after processing with a profile cutter.

After purchasing a furniture board, it is advisable to polish it. The best way to do this is to use an electrical tool. It can be a sander or a grinder with a flap wheel made of sanding paper. In the absence of a power tool, you will have to sand by hand using sanding paper wrapped around a block of wood.

After sanding, the furniture board must be coated with a protective compound. It can be stain and clear varnish or special oil impregnation. Oil impregnations have a fairly diverse range of colors, so any master will find a suitable shade for himself.

The oil should be just for work surfaces. These oils do not irritate the skin with prolonged contact with the surface. It is better to apply oils with a brush or roller. If you strive for a long service life, then you can apply the first layer with colored oil, and the second with colorless.

Oils from manufacturers Biofa, Osmo, Borma, Festool have proven themselves well. As a last resort, you can use regular linseed oil (linseed oil), which is sold in hardware stores.

Applying white oil impregnation to the furniture panel.

If you have an idea to burn wood, as was done when making a table from pallets, then it is better not to do this, as there may be surprises in the places where wooden blocks are glued.

Table legs can also be purchased ready-made. For example, in the Ikea store there is a LERBERG table support for sale, article number: 803.852.11. In the same store, you can buy wooden and metal supports with height adjustment.

Table support Lerberg.

The Lerberg legs are not screwed to the table top. To prevent the table top from slipping, there are special silicone gaskets on them. If desired, you can drill the supports and screw the tabletop onto the self-tapping screws.

Table support

Height-adjustable wooden legs with shelf.

If you are the owner of a welding machine and have experience in welding, then welding the table legs from the pipe will not make a special pipe for you.

Furniture board table on Lerberg supports. The table top is coated with white oil impregnation.

This is the view of the tabletop close up.

Video: oak table made of furniture board

A simple hearth made of stone with your own hands

For those who are interested in how to make a hearth in the country with their own hands, one of the simplest options for arranging a campfire site is offered. Below is a detailed manufacturing instruction with a photo.

For work, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • shovel
  • roulette
  • pegs
  • twine or line
  • concrete mix
  • stones of various shapes and sizes.

Preparatory stage

It is necessary to start the construction of a summer cottage with drawing up drawings or diagrams, with which you can determine the required amount of building materials. Before starting work, you need to decide on the location of the future hearth. In this case, it is recommended to pay special attention to fire safety.

After you have chosen a suitable place, you can start marking. In this case, it is necessary to be guided by a previously drawn up diagram or drawing. To perform this type of work, you will need a tape measure, pegs, a plumb line, fishing line or twine.

Tip: many builders recommend using fishing line for marking, because, unlike twine, it does not sag or get wet.

Excavation and concrete works

After the marking is completed, you can start excavation work. At this stage, it is necessary to dig a hole, the approximate depth of which will be 0.5–0.6 m. The size and shape of the hole can be arbitrary.

Next, they begin mixing the concrete mixture. Fine crushed stone can be used as a filler. The approximate composition of the concrete mixture is as follows: for 45 kg of sand, you need to take 15 kg of cement and 30 kg of crushed stone. Also, for the base device, you can purchase ready-made concrete mix, for example, of the M100 brand.

The resulting mixture is poured into the bottom of the pit. As a result, a concrete base should be obtained, the minimum thickness of which is 10 cm. While the concrete has not yet hardened, it is recommended to make through holes in it through which rainwater will go into the ground. Also, these holes can be used to install various structures on which meat and vegetables are fried.

The choice of stones for the fire pit and their laying

Stones are necessary for the device of the barbecue bowl. Usually they are laid parallel to each other. A concrete solution is used to fix the stones.

To arrange the hearth as in the photo, you can use flat stones of various sizes, the thickness of which is 5-10 cm. The texture of the stones can be different. There are no clear selection criteria. So you can safely rely on your taste.

Tip: almost all stones are suitable for the construction of a fire pit, except for limestone and porous shell rocks.


After the stones are installed, and the concrete gains its strength, you can start filling the sinuses that have formed between the pit and the outer walls of the hearth. For these purposes, excavated soil is usually used.

Backfilling must be done in such a way that there is space for a concrete blind area 0.1–0.15 m thick to the ground level. To do this, it is necessary to lay concrete around the hearth and drown large flat stones in it.

The simplest street hearth, made with soul and imagination, will become a wonderful decoration of a personal plot, as well as a favorite vacation spot for the whole family.

Photos and prices of gazebos for turnkey summer cottages

Building a gazebo with your own hands is an interesting and exciting process. However, many, due to lack of time, experience and the necessary tools, cannot afford it. And so you want to have a beautiful garden gazebo. Do not be upset, there are many sites and online stores on the Internet where you can order and buy a ready-made design.

Modern gazebo in the courtyard of a private house

Many manufacturers are engaged in the development of projects, the manufacture and installation of garden arbors. They offer both standard projects and unique options developed according to your wishes. We offer for sale designs of arbors made of wood (prices are indicated in catalogs), metal, polycarbonate and other materials.

The cost of services includes the project of the gazebo, its manufacture, delivery and installation itself. Calling a specialist for measurements is paid separately. To make it easier to calculate the cost, you can use the online gazebo calculator.

An overview of some prices for wooden arbors (photos of structures are indicated in the catalog):

product name Short description price, rub.
Arbor garden "New Riga" Has a diagonal of 3 m, painted in matt white, can accommodate up to 10 people 68400
Wooden summer cottage "Grid" Tiled roof 55400
Garden gazebo "Dark grid" Fencing - decorative mesh from slats, covered with tiles 53100
Garden gazebo "White forging" Fencing - imitation of forged metal, color - white. When ordering a ready-made gazebo - a table as a gift 82900
Country gazebo made of wood "Caravel" Capacity up to 10 people. Covered with alkyd paint, two-tier bitumen shingle roof 91700
Gazebo octagonal "Sunshine" Capacity up to 16 people, color - natural pine, roof - pagoda covered with tiles 188900

The prices shown in the table take into account the assembly of the structure in your territory. When ordering, you can choose the pattern and color of the flexible roof. The company can offer for sale foundation blocks for construction, but this is not included in the package and is paid separately.

The price of metal gazebos for a summer residence (and the photo of the models clearly confirms this) largely depends on the metal used, the complexity of installation and the size of the structure. If you opt for a small, simple structure with dimensions of 3x3 m, consisting of metal racks and a canopy, you will keep within the amount of 16,990 rubles. But a more complex construction of an octagonal metal gazebo called "South Coast" will cost 88,900 rubles.

Pergola made of wood with glass railing

The presence of forged elements in the design, as well as equipping with a brazier, barbecue or built-in furniture, significantly affects the cost of metal gazebos. The price for forged products of the simplest designs is from 3990 rubles. per sq. m and above.

The range of models will allow everyone to choose an option to their liking and affordable. And the size is not so important here. Thanks to the decorative design, any, even the smallest and simplest gazebo will delight the eye and remain a favorite place to relax.

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