Small but smart: 6 benefits of cherry tomatoes that are not widely known

Not so long ago, cherry tomatoes were found only as a decoration for dishes. Now cherry tomatoes are used everywhere, because they have a number of undeniable advantages over other tomatoes, which many do not even know about.

Beneficial features

The key feature from large-fruited tomatoes is their higher dry matter content. The index sometimes reaches 15%. The sweet-fruity taste and hue of cherry is due to the impressive content of sugars, carotenoids and acids that are beneficial to the human body.

Surprisingly, 150-200 g of cherry tomatoes can fully cover the daily need for lycopene.

The latter is one of the most powerful antioxidants that are actively involved in maintaining the cardiovascular system. In addition, this carotenoid cleanses and tones the skin, strengthens the hair and slows down the aging process.

Variety of varieties and shades

Cherry tomatoes are striking in their variety and are presented in the most unusual varieties, differing in the type of fruit and their color. Traditional cherry tomatoes are round and red in color. However, there are orange, yellow, raspberry and even black tomatoes.

In addition, there are unusual views, such as "Dance with the Smurfs". The fruits of such tomatoes have a purple hue and vaguely resemble a plum.

Some of the cherry varieties were bred for a specific purpose. Thus, the Kira F1 variety is intended for commercial use. The hybrid has a record early maturity. "Orange grapes", in turn, is designed for long-term storage. Its bright orange, and sometimes even carrot color, is explained by the large amount of carotene.

To decorative can be safely attributed to "Strawberry". As you might guess, the shape and color of such a tomato resembles the famous berry.

The carp variety with the interesting name "Barberry" deserves special mention. With proper care, up to 50 mini-tomatoes can ripen on one branch.

Developed root system

Despite the compact dimensions of shoots and fruits, cherry tomatoes have a strong and branched root system in the form of a rod. It is noteworthy that if the plant is in comfortable conditions, roots can form in almost any vegetative part. The latter allows you to plant a culture not only by cuttings or seeds, but even by side shoots.

The depth depends on the variety. On average, the rod goes one meter into the soil, and the diameter of its spread can reach 200 cm.

At the same time, growing, for example, in the open field, practically does not differ from caring for ordinary tomatoes. Of course, the combination of these factors helps the plant to be not only hardy, but also productive.

Early ripeness of fruits

Of course, each variety of cherry tomatoes has its own ripening period. However, the vast majority are considered early ripening, regardless of the height of the stem part.Miniature tomatoes are capable of bearing fruit as early as three months after planting in the ground.

Harvest time

Another undeniable advantage of these tomatoes. Moreover, the vast majority of cherry varieties begin to sing at the same time.

Therefore, most often they are plucked with brushes, waiting for each fruit to fully ripen on them.

With proper care, a good harvest is guaranteed until the end of September, and some varieties delight with "offspring" until the ambient temperature drops to 7 degrees. Greenhouses deserve a separate mention. Heated options or models with a durable glass or polycarbonate cover allow harvesting until the New Year.

Storage and transportation

The high commercial popularity of cherry tomatoes is also due to its good transportation. Small tomatoes have an enviable ability not to lose their original taste for a long period of time. Experts recommend not removing the twig and storing at temperatures from 13 to 18 degrees in a relative humidity of at least 80%. In such conditions, cherry tomatoes can be stored two to three times longer than ordinary tomatoes.

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We plant cherry tomatoes on seedlings. Master class from an agronomist

Cherry is a popular tomato variety today. Outwardly, he is very attractive. A bunch of small, bright, juicy tomatoes looks like a Christmas tree garland. Yellow, orange, red, green, purple, black and striped - cherry colors can be different.

We plant cherry tomatoes on seedlings. Master class from an agronomist

A rich variety of colors, toy shapes and great taste - this is how you can briefly describe the famous cherry tomatoes. What is the secret of their success? Why is this variety so fond of both professional agronomists and amateur summer residents?
Read our article and watch the video, where we will try to answer these questions. We will also find out how to properly sow cherry tomatoes for seedlings.

Description and characteristics of the variety

Tomato Formula of love cherry "Sib Garden" is a low-growing determinant variety that stops growing when it enters the phase of fruit development, and reaches a maximum of 80 cm. Fruits are collected in large clusters, but the tomatoes themselves are small - 10-15 grams each. They have a deep moire red color and a round shape. It tastes sweet and juicy. Easily detached from the stalk. They are used for winter preparations, fresh consumption, processing into juices and sauces, adding to vegetable dishes.

The best

There are many varieties of this culture. We will draw your attention to the very best representatives.

Black Cherry

The plant is quite powerful. It is best grown outdoors or in a greenhouse. Its big plus is abundant fruiting. But at the same time, the bushes must be tied up. This is a mid-season crop with simultaneous ripening.

Black zebra

This plant gets its name from the unusual color of the tomatoes. The vegetables have a striped color, due to which they look quite original. The plant belongs to mid-season crops. Differs in the density of tomatoes.

F1 chocolate apples

"Chocolate apples" are distinguished by a pronounced sweet taste. This representative belongs to early maturing crops. Tomatoes are colored in a pleasant dark burgundy hue. They have very thick walls, due to which they practically do not crack.

Chocolate pearls

This is one of the best collectible varieties of tomatoes. Differs in increased resistance to the most common diseases and not particularly fastidious in care. The plant bears fruit for a long period. The shape of the tomatoes is drop-shaped.

Dance with the Smurfs

The purple color of the tomato of this representative is distinguished by its rich color. A small red speck is barely visible at the tip of the dark fruit. The plant is quite resistant to weather changes and diseases. Tomatoes are very aromatic.

Amethyst Cream Cherry

This representative is considered to be very rare. You can't grow it in cold regions. The best conditions for him are greenhouses. The variety can also be grown outdoors in hot southern regions. On the shoulders, the color is dark. Most tomatoes are yellow and red in color.

All of the above representatives of tomatoes have a common cultivation scheme. Its main regularities are discussed in detail below.

And other cherry wonders

Everything unusual attracts in general, right? But if potted cherry tomatoes are more fun, entertainment, then some amazing varieties of cherry tomatoes can please even the most practical and demanding gardener.

Cherry curiosities, photo from

So, the tomato 'Crazy Barry cherries' from Lyubov Myazina is deservedly popular among summer residents - early ripe, relatively low (up to 100-120 cm), with a huge amount of honey yellow fruits weighing 20-40 g. Up to 300 tomatoes are formed in one brush! Here, take a look: Crazy Cherry Barry

Giant grape-type clusters are also formed by the mid-early 'Monpassier' tomato from the Partner company - up to 300-500 fruits each! The tomatoes are bright scarlet, pear-shaped, with a fruity taste, weighing 9-12 g. The variety is highly resistant to the main diseases of tomato. And the 'Garten Freude' tomato from the Uralsky Dachnik company will surprise you with the length of the whip-like brushes - they reach 50 cm! The fruits of this variety are red, weighing 20-25 g, very sweet.

Well, and "for a snack" - a tomato 'Stick' from Lyubov Myazina - with a bush of an unusual shape. It cannot boast of a high yield, but it will definitely surprise with its appearance. Read what Zinaida Fedorova writes about the experience of growing it: Curly-headed tomato.

What cherry tomatoes do you grow? Tell us about your favorite varieties in the comments! Perhaps you have already planted some of those listed in this review? Share your impressions!

Diseases and pests

Ildi tomatoes are resistant to many diseases. Late blight, as gardeners note in the reviews, is never affected. But leaf spot is sometimes observed. Therefore, one cannot do without preventive treatments of the bushes.

Today gardeners are trying to use environmentally friendly materials. Tomatoes are sprayed with an extract of wood ash, solutions of potassium permanganate, iodine, boric acid. In addition to protecting against diseases, plants receive foliar feeding.

As for pests, most often these are aphids, and, oddly enough, wasps.

Common varieties for greenhouses

Variety "Persimmon"

This hybrid variety belongs to mid-season, medium-yielding and medium-sized plants. In greenhouse conditions, bushes can grow up to one and a half meters. The tomato has a dense skin, which allows the vegetable to be transported over long distances. In addition, the tomato is suitable for long-term storage.

These tomatoes are grown for delivery to large grocery chains of stores, because they have a long shelf life and five are preserved during transport.

Ripening period 90-105 days
Tomato weight Near 300 g.
The form Round, slightly flattened. The vegetable is externally poured onto a persimmon, for which it received such a name.
Productivity from 1 m² Up to 4 kg.

These tomatoes need to be tied up. The variety is not resistant to diseases, and therefore the bushes must be periodically treated with special means.

Attention! Overripe fruits have a fresh, sour taste.

Variety "Golden domes"

This variety belongs to high-yielding, mid-season varieties of nightshade. Bushes in greenhouses can reach up to one and a half meters in height. The tomato is resistant to greenhouse diseases. Among the shortcomings, one can note a short storage period and poor transportability.

Gardeners very often plant the "Golden Domes" themselves on their site

Ripening period 112-116 days.
Tomato weight 250-400 g.
Configuration Flat-round, slightly ribbed
Productivity from 1 m² 10-13 kg.

When planting, it should be borne in mind that tomatoes per 1 m² should be planted from 7 to 9 bushes. Due to its high growth, the plant is poor in tying.

Attention! Unripe fruits may have dark spots near the stalk. In the process of maturation, they disappear.

Variety "Malachite box"

Tomatoes have an original greenish paint with a golden sheen, the flesh is emerald greenish. Thanks to this feature, the variety received the name "Malachite Box". The variety was bred by breeders of Novosibirsk for the climatic conditions of Siberia. As a result, the variety turned out to be resistant to both cold and hot weather, for which it fell in love with summer residents in all climatic regions.

Siberia is very fond of the "Malachite Box"

"Malachite box" refers to mid-season, high-yielding, indeterminate varieties. The height of the bush can reach one and a half meters.

Ripening period 111-115 days.
Tomato weight 350-400 g.
Configuration Rounded, slightly flattened
Productivity from 1 m² Up to 15 kg.

For seedlings, seeds should be planted 55-60 days before planting. At the same time, it is recommended to place no more than 3 bushes on 1 m². Branching is characteristic of the bushes, therefore they should be pinned into one stem. Also, do not forget about the timely garter.

Much! Tomatoes must be regularly fed with complex mineral fertilizers.

Of the shortages of the variety, it can be noted:

  • poor transportability
  • short storage period
  • low resistance to pests and diseases.

However, according to the reviews of summer residents, the high yield and exotic taste of the vegetable compensate for all the shortages.

Variety "Amber Cup"

"Amber Cup" refers to early greenhouse varieties. The bush can grow up to one meter in height.

In any climatic conditions, the variety will give a large yield.

  • fruits can be stored for up to 2 months
  • to be transported over long distances
  • resistant to cracking
  • forms ovaries in any weather
  • resistant to major diseases of the nightshade.

The variety has no significant drawbacks.

Ripening period Up to 100 days
Tomato weight 90-120 g.
Configuration Oval, with an elongated spout
Productivity from 1 m² Up to 6 kg.

It is recommended to plant seeds for seedlings 65 days before transplanting into a greenhouse. When planting bushes, adhere to the 60x70 scheme. Bushes need tying.

Attention! During the season, tomatoes should be fed at least 4 times with mineral fertilizers.

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