White Chestnut Bach flower



The Bach flower remedy White Chestnut is for people who work too much mentally and therefore cannot relax thinking about rethinking and making a thousand reasonings to themselves.


Remedy name Bach flower

: White Chestnut

Common name in Italian

: white horse chestnut

Scientific name

: Aesculus hippocastanum (FamilyHippocastanaceae)


The Bach White Chestnut flower in flower therapy it is for those people who have unwanted constant thoughts that do not allow you to concentrate on work, on everyday life, as they buzz in the brain in an obsessive way. In practice it is a continuous mental work that prevents any relaxation because it comes from thinking about things to do, what has been done during the day, reflections, conjectures, old speeches in short, a real mental hyperactivity that feeds on itself , always turning on the same topics; an obsessive mental congestion.

Often a person with these problems finds himself talking alone, with others he always talks about the same topics, he cannot fall asleep because the thoughts are continuous and he cannot disconnect for a moment and cannot concentrate on everyday things.

Edward Bach describes a White Chestnut person this way: «It is the remedy for those who cannot prevent their thoughts and ideas from wandering in their mind. Usually these thoughts occur when the interest in the present is not strong enough to keep the mind occupied. Thoughts that worry and do not go away or, if thrown out for a moment, return shortly thereafter. It is as if they go round and round without ever stopping and are the cause of a real mental torture. The presence of these unwelcome thoughts does not give peace and prevents you from concentrating on work or on everyday life ". (1)


The Bach Flower Remedy White Chestnut serves people to regain control of their thoughts, to regain mental clarity to clarify their thoughts, to relax, to dominate their thoughts. Restore peace of mind by stopping the rush of thoughts.


If you want to prepare the White Chestnut mother tincture of Bach Flowers, picking the flowers directly in the field, it must be borne in mind that this Bach Flower must be prepared with the boiling method.


It is possible to find the plant in bloom in spring (April - May).

It is a tree up to 30 m high, not particularly long-lived with a rounded crown. The bark is smooth and dark which peels off with age. The leaves are palmate and composed of 5-7 lanceolate leaves with long petioles. The flowers are white and gathered in panicle inflorescences. The fruits are round and greenish capsules, rich in spines that open into three valves that contain three large shiny brown seeds.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

White Chestnut Bach flower

Italian name: WHITE CHESTNUT


Strength of thought

There are thoughts that continually recur, even without wanting to. Problems become suffocating, as the mind always comes back to them.

Striped disc syndrome. Yes, the old vinyl record that always came back on the same track. Well with White Chestnut thoughts and emotions always return to the same topics and facts, preventing us from seeing and implementing new solutions.

White Chestnut is very useful in cases of insomnia, where you think and rethink the same things, or when you can't relax during a sexual act because your head is somewhere else.

The mind is calm and calmly finds any solution.

Moods and symptoms related to White Chestnut in order of importance:

  • Lack of concentration for too many thoughts
  • Persistent thoughts
  • Circular thoughts
  • Repetitive thoughts
  • Mental confusion
  • Constantly mulling over things to do
  • Mental hyperactivity
  • Insomnia from too many thoughts

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Key phrase from White Chestnut: a phrase characteristic of the flower

"I just can't help thinking about it."

Positive statement from White Chestnut: specific phrase that can be used as an aid in the change process

"My thoughts are clear, focused and constructive"

E. Bach's definition of White Chestnut remedy:

"For those who cannot prevent unwanted thoughts, ideas, arguments from creeping into their mind. Generally in times when the interest of the moment does not have enough strength to keep the mind occupied. Thoughts that worry and do not go away, or if hunted for a moment, then they return. They seem to go round and round and cause mental torture. The presence of such unpleasant thoughts wards off tranquility and interferes with the ability to think about daily work or pleasure. "

Some bibliographic reviews to choose a good book on flower therapy

White Chestnut Bach flower

Who needs the Bach White Chestnut Flower is a person who has totally lost control of the mind, lives in mental torment, the thoughts are always the same and are repeated continuously without the will of the person. This state of mind can arise from various factors such as something that torments such as a phobia, a presentiment, an intuition, a revenge, a disappointment, it can also be due to a trauma, a shock or an accident in the latter case. person experiences a traumatic state of mind even with images that are repeated without his will, or with absurd noises because they are now imprinted in the mind.

White Chestnut it can also arise from positive situations such as the expectation of marriage, graduation, the workplace, the birth of a child, the probable win at gambling, etc.

When the person tries to relax or fall asleep, the real torment is experienced because the mind does not stop, it does not relax, in doing so insomnia arises, devastating for human health.

Note: this Flower must always be combined with the problem of torment, example: in case of shock with Star of B., in case of guilt with Pine, in case of fear of going crazy with Cherry Plum, in case of sensation to feel unclean with Crab Apple, in case of obsessive hatred with Holly etc ..

The typical phrases of the person who needs the Bach White Chestnut Flower

I always sing the same song.

that image, I can not help thinking.

I can't stop my mind from obsessive thinking.

I can't concentrate, other thoughts haunt me.

in a month I have my thesis, I only think about this.

I have to pick up my new car, it's a fixed thought.

I can't fall asleep easily, the mind doesn't stop.

this period I suffer from insomnia.

my hatred for him has become a mental torment.

I can't help but think about it.

Typical symptoms of the person who needs the Bach White Chestnut Flower

difficulty falling back asleep

Balanced White Chestnut

The flower remedy restores mind control but it must always be combined with the problem of torment.

By Graziano Petrucciani

Transpersonal Principle of the Bach White Chestnut Flower:

Disharmony: Compulsion to repeat

Proceedings of the 3rd A.M.I.F.
Italian Medical Association of Flower Therapy

Prof. Ermanno Paolelli
- Holder of the Chair of Biological Psychiatry
Medical School
University of Human and Technological Sciences
L.U.de.S. of Lugano (Switzerland)
- Founder and President of the A.M.I.F.

unwanted thoughts or images continually present themselves to consciousness, and one is unable to exclude them

a worry or the thought of an event no longer leave us, they torment us by nagging us

you constantly think about "what should have been said" or "what should have been said"

it is as if a record had been enchanted

one always returns to the same point in thought, without success, and feels like a hamster on the wheel

uninterrupted chatter of the mind, forced thoughts, a "room of echoes" in the head

you keep mulling over the same problems without coming up with a solution

uncontrolled hyperactivity of the mind, whereby in everyday life one is distracted to the point that, for example, one does not hear others when they speak to us

we no longer think consciously, but "we are thought"

at home of the exhausting pressure of thoughts, you are unable to sleep, especially in the early morning hours

mental tension leads to grinding of the teeth, to "grind" with the jaw there is a feeling of tension around the forehead and eyes

Positive potential

you have an efficient mental baggage, which you draw on in a targeted manner

you can focus to work constructively

relying on inner guidance, the mental impulses are clarified and ordered

thanks to the inner calm, the solution of the problems emerges by itself


Source: The Great Bach Flower Book
Author: Mechthild Scheffer

The types White Chestnut they cannot relax. Their heads are full of thoughts that run around without stopping and from which they are unable to defend themselves. Since these thoughts are repetitive, as happens to a jammed needle on a turntable, these people find no peace, often mulling over them without finding a solution. This causes headaches, impaired concentration, forehead tension, eye pain, inner restlessness and nervousness.
White Chestnut it is often used in conjunction with Pine, Gentian or Star of Bethlehem. If in the state White Chestnut attitudes are manifested Pine, thoughts are colored by feelings of guilt and self-reproach, so the person often thinks: «If only I had. ".
If the person broods often and his thoughts are accompanied by worries and fits of pessimism, in addition to Wbite Chestnut it is also used Gentian.
If a state takes over White Chestnut in combination with one Star of Bethlehem, a traumatizing inner experience that is now past returns to the conscience of the person, and unpleasant past events continually emerge, which oppress him again.

Source: New Therapies with i Bach flowers by Dietmar Kramer

White Chestnut it eliminates the repetitive patterns of thought that, as claimed Bach, «They seem to recur in a continuous cycle, wearing out the mind. For example, in the event of an accident and the shock that this entails: Star of B. brings comfort and relieves trauma. But let's imagine that the sequence of events is repeated indefinitely in the mind, like a tape in a tape recorder: in this case we
generates a state White Chestnut, in which thoughts worry and persist or, if temporarily pushed out, return.
The question of conscience is complex but significant. In describing White Chestnut, Bach he speaks of "occasions when the interest of the moment is not strong enough to keep the mind occupied," which emphasizes, precisely, a mental problem, not an act of will. The air element predominates: for this reason it is in the leaves that the pattern is most marked. In this respect, an affinity with Clematis, which belongs to the same group as White Chestnut: Little interest in present circumstances. "What sometimes appears as a state Clematis, it could actually be a state White Chestnut the subject in question has the same absent air. The gesture as a whole may be different, but common elements are noted: the white flowers, the rough bark, the smooth leaves and other aspects. He is also part of this group Chestnut Bud: like the aforementioned remedies, it is associated with a lack of observation and interest in life. The boiling method, combined with the used part of the plant, however, allows a different aspect of the remedy to emerge.

He is not very communicative and tends not to tell his doubts. In his continuous solitary brooding it is evident that such uncertainties can go so far as to become the only "true friends" who will never leave alone. Scleranthus. Here then is that by accentuating the IMBALANCE, it will come to express itself as a real REVERBERATION, as happens in White Chestnut
The element of repetition common to the two remedies represents an attempt to arrive at a domain, albeit dysfunctional, of one's own ambiguous and uncertain experience.
The swing in Scleranthus of doubt, it becomes in White Chestnut an incessant coming and going of thoughts that can't stop.
REVERBERATION of White Chestnut it is precisely the constant recurrence of thoughts that cause a real "mental torture", Scleranthus it is a broken pendulum that swings wildly and is no longer able to strike the hours.
The remedies allow, then, to find a balance where the state of indecision is replaced by a thoughtful reflection on what to do with regard to the vicissitudes of life. At that wearying internal soliloquy the couple Scleranthus / White Chestnut. it provides the way out to become an expression of one's own thought and person in accordance with the individual life plan.
They give to whoever hires them the information of BALANCE and RHYTHMICITY.

Source: Bach Flower Therapy Last Frontiers of Tradition, Dr. Maurizio Lupardini

• It swings impulsively and in a confused way between diametrically opposed moods, highlighting a notable emotional lability,
• There is mental overload due to the presence of too many thoughts, inability to control mental activity which takes on a circular pattern,
• Distrust in one's own sensitivity and in one's ability to understand and decide, worn out by doubt,

Source: The Path of the Soul. Nuova Ipsa Editore srl, Via G. Crispi 50, 90145, Palermo, Dr. Stefano Boschi

Therapeutic strategies
It may happen that, after a short period of taking the remedy, the patient complains of having an empty head, unable to think. It is just an adjustment phase: she was so used to the previous condition that it now seems abnormal to live a mental respite. Reassure her, it will soon pass. The large "internal auditory" patrimony you have at your disposal must not be destroyed, but addressed in a more useful and practical way. Thought has its usefulness, but it is the will that must manage it. The impact with her is important: the voice must be welcoming and understanding, one must listen carefully to her reflections, helping her not to get trapped in sterile brooding. It would be very useful for her to recover the mind-body imbalance by giving space to physical activities such as dancing, Perfect Shape, trekking, martial arts. The meditation or relaxation exercises will be very difficult for you but they could help you (already deciding not to think is a thought!).

Benefits of White Chestnut

Taking White Chestnut helps to find inner peace, finally silence. Nothing better to return to everyday life, to be focused on the really important things. Blocking the inner monologue (caused by the attempt to find a solution) paradoxically makes you find the answer to all the "whys". It is with a free and balanced mind that ideas arrive. Be clear-headed, with clear thoughts and confident demeanor.

N ° 35 White Chestnut

Flower of silence of thoughts

Drops of the original essence of the Bach White Chestnut flower (horse chestnut)
according to Dr. Bach, of biological quality

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The carousel of thoughts is in constant motion and cannot be stopped.

The person's reflections in this state always revolve around a certain circumstance. The affected person cannot stop thoughts. She is so absorbed in her reflections that she cannot find peace.

The outside world often has the impression that the person is disinterested. In reality, it is rarely found in the present moment, but rather it pines in thoughts relating to a past experience or a future event.

Often this blocked personality lacks strength because it prefers to "pining in thoughts" rather than practicing them.

The help provided by the flower

The horse chestnut helps to stop thoughts. The affected personality achieves a clear and flexible spirit.

Who is it suitable for?

The Bach White Chestnut flower is suitable for those who have a broken record in their head and always hear the same track transmit. He always has feelings of guilt to face, problems to solve. It doesn't matter if they are big or small, in his mind he doesn't think about anything else. Analyzes the details of the same situation a thousand times over. He never relaxes, he even spends the night in white to reflect. It goes without saying that all of this negatively affects one's private life and work.

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White Chestnut Dose is a remedy based on Bach flowers from organic crops. White Chestnut is a flower that helps people who struggle to get rid of thoughts and tend to mull over things, especially before falling asleep in the evening.

The person in question is dominated by thoughts of which he is not the master. White Chestnut Dose is useful for free your mind and find again peace is serenity.

Assumption: 4 drops under the tongue (4 times a day).

Ingredients: Vitalized water, grappa *, horse chestnut * (aesculus hippocastanum L.) flowers 0.1%.

Warnings: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children under 3 years of age.

White Chestnut

Don't struggle to unplug in the evening or let repetitive thoughts cloud your mind during the day. The positive potential of White Chestnut is tranquility and serenity.

Used with confidence for over 80 years and developed by Dr. Bach

The 38 essences of the Original Bach® Flowers each correspond to a different emotional state, and all together form a system that, in his opinion, would cover the entire range of human emotional experience.

In Edward Bach's system, simplicity is essential: he wanted everyone to be able to understand which remedy was useful in the specific situation and why. He classified the remedies into seven emotion-based groups to further help you find the most suitable remedy or personal blend. If you need help choosing the right essence for you, try our Create your own blend page.

Our products are the only remedies that use flower essences sourced directly from Mount Vernon, the home of Edward Bach. To make sure you are purchasing the highest quality products, look for Dr. Bach's signature on the packaging - a guarantee seal indicating that the product is derived from flowers from the original gardens or locations indicated by Dr. Bach himself.

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How should I take Original Bach® Flowers?

Bach® Original Flowers are natural remedies that you can take in different ways ...

Can essences be added to water?

You can take the essences directly from the bottle or add them to the water ...

Do the flowers come from Dr. Bach's garden?

Original Bach® Flowers are the only brand that uses flowers and plants from the gardens of Mount Vernon (now called the Bach Center).

How can I be sure that I am buying real Original Bach® Flowers?

When buying Original Bach® Flowers, always look for Dr. Bach's signature on the package.

Why do Original Bach® Flowers contain alcohol?

Dr. Bach used alcohol, and precisely brandy, to preserve the essence and make it last longer ...

Can I take Original Bach® flowers with other medicines?

Original Bach® Flowers are not expected to cause adverse effects, but always consult your doctor.

How many essences can I mix together?

It is possible to create a personalized blend of essences to help you find harmony.

How long will it take to start feeling a difference?

We are all different from each other. Your closest friend may get immediate results from Original Bach® Flowers and feel revitalized, while others may take longer

Take a single essence according to your needs, or create a combination of up to seven essences with a mixing bottle.

Add 2 drops of essence to the water and sip it periodically. Alternatively, pour 2 drops into a 30ml mixing bottle with still mineral water and take 4 drops at least 4 times a day.

Sold in a handy dropper bottle.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Always read the label.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before taking Bach flowers.

This product contains alcohol. If you are taking medications that are contraindicated with alcohol, consult your doctor before taking this product.

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