Mosquito repellent products

What are

Mosquito repellent products are specifically designed to keep these insects away even from open spaces. They are quite useful during the summer months in the garden, where one is inevitably forced to suffer their presence otherwise. Of course, there is a difference between the products used inside the home and those used in the garden, because the latter spread into the surrounding space.


Mosquito repellent products have the task of counteracting the presence of mosquitoes. There are different types on the market to try to offer everyone the product that best matches their needs. Beyond mosquito and ultrasound lamps, there are products also marketed in supermarkets, sometimes containing natural substances that are used to combat the presence of these insects.


Certainly the best known and most natural anti-mosquito product is lemongrass, sold in the form of large yellow candles in aluminum or terracotta containers. When using this specific product, it is advisable to create a sort of perimeter with candles around the area to be protected from the presence of mosquitoes. The ignition must be anticipated with respect to the use of this space by about half an hour, and if during the evening one realizes that one of the candles has already finished it must be replaced immediately. The smell of lemongrass is quite annoying for mosquitoes that are immediately removed, while it does not create particular problems for people. Of course, the perimeter of protection that is created thanks to the use of lemongrass is rather limited but it is still a very suitable system for the dining area. Alternatively, you can use anti-mosquito spirals that contain substances that repel the insect. They can be held at any height thanks to small supports contained inside the package. The spiral wears out rather slowly, emitting smoke. Not everyone can stand the smell of it because it is quite intense. In some cases we also recommend the use of insecticidal substances in the affected area, obviously in the moments before dinner, so that the effect can spread and does not create problems. The repellent products to be applied on the body are in the spray or stick version. They are used directly on the body and keep the insect away. There are also natural elements such as the use of plants whose smell turns out to be rather annoying for mosquitoes. It is basil or geranium, but the plant considered par excellence capable of repelling mosquitoes is the catambra.

How to choose them

Mosquito repellent products must first of all be chosen based on the area to be covered. Where it is a rather large space, it is advisable to purchase, in addition to the products listed above, also anti-mosquito lamps. Obviously, in a garden where there is a fountain, a pond, or even a swimming pool, there are particularly favorable conditions for attracting the presence of the insect. For this reason it is always advisable to create the dining area rather far from where there is stagnant water. To illuminate an avenue it is preferable to use anti-mosquito candles which, in addition to having a pleasant aesthetic effect, are able to keep insects away. There are also areas of Italy where the presence of mosquitoes is more massive than others. In this case, however, it is advisable to use light curtains for the area around the gazebo so that the space is completely protected.

Where to buy

Mosquito repellent products can be found in gardening shops, shopping centers, supermarkets, and are present in large quantities to offer the customer a wide choice. The choice will then be determined by the size of the garden and the cost that the customer wants to face. Also on the internet there are a series of products to ward off mosquitoes, each of which has its own description with photos. The purchase takes place directly from home, and the delivery after a set time always reported on the site. The effectiveness of these products depends above all on the space you want to cover with their use, because realistically it seems rather difficult to keep away the mosquitoes present in a rather large garden using only natural products. For this reason it is important to know all the systems to repel mosquitoes and use more than one, especially if the space is very large. By combining the use of natural substances, anti-mosquito plants and ultrasound systems, even large surfaces can be sheltered from these insects. Obviously, as already said, the area in which you are located also affects you so each one may be forced to try more than one before finding the correct method to ward off mosquitoes.

Outdoor accessories: Mosquito repellent products

Their buzz wakes you up in the night, the itch they cause makes you sleepless and scare off all the guests of your garden dinners.

Mosquitoes are truly the most annoying insects of the summer.

Among other things, for some years now the cities have become a natural habitat for even the most fearful tiger which, in addition to the annoyances already known and described, causes some more important contraindications.

Getting rid of it is not easy, given that the population is very dense: each female mosquito lays from 200 to a thousand eggs.

The remedies?

You can really choose from thousands of possible solutions, but we invite you to carefully read the characteristics of the different products to subsequently verify their effectiveness.

Best Mosquito Repellent, such as Eliminating or Warding Mosquitoes

We all hate mosquitoes! If you are reading this article you will surely want to find out how to eliminate them or remove them with the best mosquito repellants.
Despite being a tiny insect, from April to October, the mosquito always manages to ruin our best moments such as dinners by the sea, barbecues in the garden, walks in the mountains and above all our sleep. Their annoying buzzing and itchy bites ruin every moment.

How a MistAway mosquito repellent system works

MistAway misting systems consist of a network of tubes and nozzles linked to a intelligent control unit, controllable via smartphone or tablet. The control unit starts a nebulization cycle lasting one minute twice a day. With 2 minutes of mosquito treatment a day it is therefore possible to kill the mosquitoes present and keep them away for the following hours. The secret of the efficiency of MistAway systems lies in consistency, in fact, the treatment is performed by the anti-mosquito system twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

The battle" mosquito repellent it is conducted with good prevention with larvicides and, secondly, with the protection of the environments in which one lives. In the context of this second "front", the anti-mosquito Zanza Party of Sandokan, a product killing mosquito repellent quick-acting spray, designed for use in outdoor environments.

The large bottle of mosquito repellent from 750 ml it allows in fact to carry out effective treatments on plants, on gazebo is pergolas, in the gardens and terraces, and make any evening outdoors with friends pleasant.

It is ideal for treatment against mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, flies, other flying insects and dust mites.

How to use Zanza Party

Outdoors: spray the product by pointing the nozzle towards plants, hedges, structures and shelters such as pergolas, gazebos, awnings, etc. To reach points up to 4 meters away, the canister equipped with a particular nozzle that allows long-distance dispensing must be used.

Plug-in mosquito killer

Plug in is a electro-insecticide with UV LED technology, ideal for indoor domestic environments, covers a room of about 20 m2 and consumes 1 watt. It has a killing action against mosquitoes and house insects that it eliminates with a protected electrified grid that is not dangerous for humans.

It has UVA led lights that attract insects, without disturbing and without danger to the eyes. € 12.90

In a small compartment you can insert an attractant tablet that multiplies the effectiveness of the product.

The device is inserted into a wall socket and the plug rotates to always orient it vertically.

Being totally harmless and given its very low consumption, it can also be used as a courtesy night light.

Garden extension kit

The Garden extension kit is a simple and effective expansion of zhalt portable to be able to create in a few minutes a small misting system that will allow you to expand the range of action of zhalt portable up to 150 square meters in areas surrounded by fences or other supports.

One box of the Garden extension kit contains:

  • 25 m of hose,
  • 6 spray nozzles,
  • 2 caps,
  • 1 zhalt-pipe fitting,
  • 5 tees and
  • 1 final connection to L.

To install the kit it is necessary to cut the pipe into 6 pieces of about 4 m, mount the nozzles, fix the system to a fence or hedge along the perimeter of the area to be protected. The nebulization line thus obtained must be connected directly to one of the three outlets of the zhalt portable nozzles while the other two outlets must be closed with the appropriate caps.

Free your home and garden from mosquitoes with natural remedies and plants

Have you ever considered the possibility of repelling mosquitoes thanks to the green thumb? Maybe you don't know but, in addition to the essential oils, also flowers and plants can act as natural mosquito repellants. You just have to arm yourself with the classic gardening tools and cultivate the right ones, such as:

lemongrass: Lemongrass, with recognized repellent properties, will flood your exteriors with an intense lemon scent. But if you love it, the insects will run away with spread wings!

geranium: in addition to livening up the garden with its lively pastel shades, Pelargonium gravolens will spread its sparkling anti-mosquito aromas of mint, sandalwood and cedar.

lantana: also in this case, the colors of the flowers, which surprisingly change hue with the passing of the days, will be added an excellent repellent effect, also proven by the studies of the US National Biotechnology Center.

lavender: maybe for you it will be relaxing but, for mosquitoes, the fragrance of lavender leaves is really unbearable. So what are you waiting for to recreate your small, personal corner of Provence?

  • herbs: maybe you thought they were used only in the kitchen but mint, thyme and sage, in addition to making your dishes tasty, will become the best companions in the fight against unwelcome visits.

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