Rush - Juncus effusus

General information

The rush is a perennial bush that lives exclusively in aquatic environments, the rush is widespread in the humid areas of almost all continents. Bulrush is a plant that lives mainly in the vicinity of rivers and lakes. It prefers running and clean water but absolutely does not disdain the marshes. The rush usually develops in tufts. In a short time it can cover large surfaces. This shrub very often tends to take on a pink color., The rush is formed by rhizomes that penetrate the seabed. This bush produces stems that can reach up to one hundred and fifty centimeters green often devoid of leaves. The barrel is smooth and extremely flexible with a cylindrical shape, they are smooth to the touch, but they can often be lined horizontally. The rushes are not particularly beautiful from a floral point of view, the flowers they produce are small and green, but they manage to give a characteristic look to your garden but also to the interiors.

Rush: The species

The main species are:

juncus effusus spiralis with its characteristic spiral shape;

juncus effussus cukcoo is a rush that has a green stem with yellow stripes;

juncus effussus zebrinus a rush with a green stem with white stripes.

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