Crassula umbella 'Wine Cup'

Scientific Name

Crassula umbella 'Wine Cup'

Scientific Classification

Family: Crassulaceae
Subfamily: Crassuloideae
Genus: Crassula


Crassula umbella 'Wine Cup' is a fascinating succulent with erect, unbranched stems and leaves fused into a roundish structure around the stem. It grows up to 6 inches (15 cm) tall when in flower. The paired leaves are bright green, usually with raised edges and up to 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter. Flowers are yellowish-green, up to 0.4 inches (1 cm) in diameter, and appear in winter to spring on an erect, up to 4 inches (10 cm) long inflorescence.


USDA hardiness zones 9a to 11b: from 20 °F (−6.7 °C) to 50 °F (+10 °C).

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How to Grow and Care

Crassulas are easy to grow, but they are susceptible to mealy bugs and fungal diseases. As with all succulents, overwatering is sure to be fatal, so err on the side of too dry rather than too wet. Never let your plant sit in water. If you water from beneath by letting the plant sit in a saucer of water, make sure to pour off any excess water after a few minutes.

These succulents are generally started by division, offsets, or leaf cuttings. Crassulas can be easily propagated from a single leaf. Sprout leaves by placing them into a potting mix for succulents, then covering the dish until they sprout.

Repot as needed, preferably during the warm season. To repot your Crassula, make sure the soil is dry before repotting, then gently remove the pot. Knock away the old soil from the roots, making sure to remove any rotted or dead roots in the process. Treat any cuts with a fungicide. Place the plant in its new pot and backfill with potting soil, spreading the roots out as you repot. Leave the plant dry for a week or so, then begin to water lightly to reduce the risk of root rot.

Learn more at How to Grow and Care for Crassula.


Crassula umbella 'Wine Cup' is an attractive cultivar of Crassula umbella.


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Details about Crassula Umbella Wine Cup " Red Bowl Plant, Tire Succulent Plant "

General Care for Crassula Umbella Wine Cup

The whole Crassula genus is easy to care for. But it suffers from mealybugs and fungal diseases. So whenever you cut any section, treat it with fungicide.


Crassula Umbella Wine Cup does not require any special watering schedule. You can use the same succulents watering method just like for other succulents plants. It is best to water when the soil is completely dry. Otherwise, its roots may rot in wet soil.

Where to Plant

If you live in a colder environment, where temperature can go below 20 °F (-6.7 °C), You should plant Crassula Umbella 'Wine Cup' in a container. Because it is not cold hardy and you'll be able to bring it inside in winter. Also, don't forget to use perfect DIY Soil for the container. Alternatively, you can get a pre-mixed succulents soil as well. Click here to know more about it.

This succulent needs more sunlight. So plant where it gets about 5-6 hours of direct sunlight a day.

How to Propagate Crassula Umbella Wine Cup

Crassula Umbella 'Wine Cup' can be propagated by division, offsets, and leaf cuttings. Propagating by offsets and leaf cuttings might be perfect for beginners, as it is easier.

Propagate by Division

To propagate Crassula Umbella 'Wine Cup' by division, simply dig up the plant and divide it gently into separate parts. Repot the parts in well-draining soil.

Remember to give water when the soil is completely dry. Check out the last section for watering babies in the watering succulents guide.

Propagate by Offsets

Crassula Umbella Wine Cup produces small offsets around its base. Simply pull these offsets and plant them in well-draining soil.

Only give water when the soil is completely dry.

Propagate by Leaf cuttings

When cutting a leaf for propagation, try to gently cut as a whole. I.e. no part of the leaf should be left on the stem. This will increase your chances of successful propagation.

After collecting leaves, callous over for a day or two. Then place the leaves on well-draining soil. Better to place the cut section, a little bit in the soil.

Where to Buy?

This plant is very rare. Only some succulent enthusiasts seem to grow it.

Growing Crassula Wine Cups

Succulents are among the easiest plants to grow. Although it is commonly thought they need little water, they actually need regular moisture. This plant is drought tolerant once established, but really performs best when kept lightly moist.

Use a well-draining medium such as a cactus mix or make your own with equal parts loam, sand, and perlite. Make sure you use a container with wide drainage holes. Pots that are not glazed are best for succulents, as they allow any excess water to evaporate easily.

Crassulas are not hardy and should be grown indoors in bright light unless you live in USDA zone 9 or above.

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