What Is Polish Red Garlic – Polish Red Garlic Plant Growing Guide

By: Amy Grant

Garlicis utilized in so many types of cuisine it is a must have for the garden. Thequestion is which type of garlic to grow? That depends upon your palate, thelength of time you want to be able to store it, and what you want to use itfor. What is Polish Red garlic?Keep reading to learn about Polish Red artichoke garlic and how to grow it.

What is Polish Red Garlic?

There are two major types of garlic: softneck and hardneck.Softneck garlic matures earlier and produces more cloves than hardneck types ofgarlic. Artichoke garlic is a subtype of softneck garlic that is named for theoverlapping layers of cloves. Polish Red garlic bulbs are an artichoke type ofgarlic.

Polish Red garlic plants are very hardy and prolificproducers. They sport good sized bulbs containing 6-10 fat cloves that are tanin color with a purple/red tint. The outer skin has a tint of purple/red and iseasy to peel from the cloves.

Polish Red garlic is an early harvestinggarlic with a rich, mild garlic flavor and a long storage life. Theparchment wrapped bulbs also make great braiding garlic.

How to Grow Polish Red Garlic

Softneck garlic is harvested early in the summer and growsbest in climates with mild winters and hot summers, although it can be grown aslow as zone 5.

Polish Red gold garlic should be planted in the fall, at thesame time spring flowering bulbs would be planted. It may also be planted earlyin the spring, but harvest will be later than fall planted garlic.

Before planting the garlic, the bulb needs to be separatedinto cloves. Do this about 24 hours or less prior to planting; you don’t wantthe root nodules to dry out. Peel the outer layers of skin off and gently pullthe cloves apart.

Garlic is easy to grow but prefers full sun and loose, loamysoil. Just like tulips and other spring bloomers, Polish Red garlic should beplanted pointyend up. Place the cloves 3-4 inches (7.6 to 10 cm.) deep and about 6 inches(15 cm.) apart.

That’s it. Now the anxious wait begins for this pungentstinking rose.

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Our Garlic bulbs are Naturally Grown and can be used for seed Garlic or Culinary/Eating use. Check out the Growing Garlic page for planting tips and the About Garlic page for descriptions of the different varieties.

Chesnok Red- Purple Striped variety

Originating from Shvelisi, Republic of Georgia. Chesnok is capable of producing large bulbs containing 7 to 9 crescent shaped cloves. A taste test winner and a must have for anyone's Garlic collection. Stores very well

German Porcelain -Porcelain Variety

A cold hardy Garlic with 4 to 7 cloves. This is a very productive Garlic with fat cloves and is the first Garlic that I grew. A very dependable variety I have grown for many years with success. Stores well.

Majestic -Porcelain Variety

An original cultivar from Beaver Pond Estates in Ontario. A slightly milder tasting porcelain that has proven itself to be a good producer in Northern climates. A rare variety in this area. Stores well.

Discovered in Inchelium, Washington near the Canadian border, this is a top rated Softneck Garlic. Inchelium Red can grow quite large generally with several nice sized clove layers and then smaller central cloves. It is a good braiding Garlic that is rich in flavor but not overpowering. If you grow Garlic you want at least one Softneck. Excellent storing

You can experience a unique variety of gourmet Garlic by ordering a sampler, consisting of an assortment of our garlic. An order of 1 pound will be a mix of three different Garlic. A 2 pound order will have a mix of six.

Polish Red Softneck - Artichoke

Long a favorite of mine, this Softneck harvests early. Watch for one brown leaf then dig one up to check progress. Expect to harvest up to two weeks before your Hardneck's. Generally, produces large bulbs with fewer of the small inner clove than you expect from a Softneck. Excellent storing

Softneck Garlic If you grow Garlic you want to include at least one Softneck

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Our garlic has been tested for Garlic Bloat Nematode.

A collection of our Garlic that does not quite meet the Planting Stock size standard but excels in the taste department. As an added benefit the smaller bulbs tend to store longer.

Quantity will be calculated after harvest in July

German Extra Hardy -Porcelain Variety

Consistently the largest Porcelain Garlic that I grow. I have read that this along with German White, German Stiffneck and Northern White are the actually same Variety. All I know is that it grows slightly different than my German Porcelain in that it will send up Scapes and harvest about a week later. Stores well.

Romanian Red - Porcelain variety

Introduced to British Columbia from Romania, it is reported to be a fairly disease resistant garlic. This Garlic is a robust grower, producing 4 to 5 large, easy to peel cloves. It is pungent and hot “with a bite” when eaten raw. When cooked it has a wonderful “Garlic” complexity. This is a “Garlic lover’s” Garlic. Stores well.

Have the urge to grow your own Garlic? How much do you need?

Our Garlic, including the Samplers, is sized as Planting Stock and is 2” or larger . Culinary/Eating Garlic sells at a discount and is the same quality as Planting but less than 2” in size and tends to grow smaller bulbs if planted .

Chesnok - Average 60 cloves per pound

Porcelains - Average 40 cloves per pound

Softnecks - Average 70 cloves per pound

Plant your Garlic a minimum of 6” apart in rows of 20”, 4”deep

Five pounds is a good quantity for a larger garden plot. Your friends will love you.


Spanish Roja garlic is a certified, early season garlic harvest! This variety is a gourmet best-selling garlic for home gardens with an excellent classic rich flavor! Each bulb has about 8-12 cloves. Spanish Roja's outer wrapper varies in color, from a rich cream to deep purple stripes. Its cloves are large with a brownish red color and are easy to peel. This garlic keeps well, 4-6 months. During curing, many bulbs lose their stems. Approximately 8-12 cloves/ bulb. Approximately 65-85 garlic cloves/ pound.

The German White is a certified, great hardneck storage garlic! German White garlic is a large, porcelain type garlic bulb that contains 4-5 large easy-to-peel cloves. The white skin on the German White has delicate purple stripes. This variety is one of the best garlics in taste without all the spiciness. This garlic does well in any climate! Approximately 14 garlic bulbs per pound. Approximately 4-5 cloves per bulb. Hardneck Garlic

Ajo Rojo garlic has a delicious mild and creamy flavor. This variety comes from Spain and is very similar to the Creole Red but is a beautiful and distinctive garlic. The Ajo Rojo is mild and creamy when baked, but watch out if consuming raw - the heat comes on slowly and builds to intense!

Majestic garlic is a hardneck porcelain variety that is discovered by Beaver Pond Estates. This variety is a porcelain garlic so it does best in colder climates and develops large bulbs with a mild flavor. This garlic will mature later in the season and has excellent storage life.

Georgian Crystal garlic has a rich flavor and mild heat for a Porcelain hardneck. When slow roasted this variety, it has an amazing buttery flavor that melts in your mouth! This garlic grows well throughout the USA, but even better in areas with hot summers. Averages 4-5 cloves per bulb.

Yugoslavian garlic is considered a porcelain, which is a great storing garlic! This variety is hot & spicy and holds its shape and flavor well when cooked. Yugoslavian is regarded by some as the best if you like a good kick and is a hardneck variety.

Music garlic is a "Garlic Lovers" garlic! This garlic variety is prized for it's mild flavor and ease of peeling. Its flavor is well developed without any bitterness, and it does not disappear when cooked. Just one clove can add so much flavor to any recipe, so it is time-saving! This variety keeps well until April or May when stored properly. Most bulbs average 4-5 cloves.

The Purple Italian Garlic is a classic hardneck variety that is a favorite among chefs, as its large cloves are easy to peel! This variety is perfect for planting in northern climates for a delicious summer harvest. This garlic has a sweet and delicate mild flavor that tastes great in salsas and Mediterranean dishes. The Purple Italian is a deep purple-skinned variety that produces 8-12 cloves per bulb.

The Siberian garlic is certified and does great in cold weather! Siberian is a mid-season garlic and a great producer in cold climates. This variety does great for all northern gardeners! The cloves of this garlic are protected by an attractive light red skin. This clean, medium-to-strong flavored garlic will warm your soul on the coldest winter evening! Siberian has a very high allicin content, possibly the highest of any garlic. Allicin supports normal cholesterol levels, boosts the immune system, and enhances circulation! Approximately 12 garlic bulbs per pound. Approximately 4-5 cloves per bulb. Hardneck Garlic

Romanian Red garlic produces 4 to 5 large cloves per bulb. This variety's bulbs are a beautiful cream white with shades of purple skins. Once harvested, these whole bulbs will store for months. Romanian Red produces a delicious flavor that is pungent and long-lasting.

The German Extra Hardy garlic is a prolific producer of long rooted garlic that can store in the ground throughout winter. This variety has pale white skin with dark red cloves. The German Extra Hardy has a strong raw flavor and high sugar content, making it one of the very best for roasting. Hardneck, 4-7 cloves per bulb.

Mattchi is considered by garlic experts to be an improved version of the California Early garlic. This popular soft-neck garlic is a gourmet garlic that is an all purpose garlic. Mattchi garlic's bulbs and cloves are a uniform cream white with the occasional pink hint. This garlic is a great variety for roasting and spreading onto your favorite meals. Mattchi is very easy to grow and cloves are easy to peel.

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