Winter gardens

What are

The winter garden is a garden that develops within an enclosed space. It means that it is possible to enjoy the beauty of the vegetation even when the temperatures are rather low outside. These gardens represent a very interesting idea especially for those who have a particular passion for gardening.


The winter garden has specific characteristics that distinguish it from any other garden. First of all, the vegetation grows inside an enclosed space, where obviously the environmental conditions must be such as to allow perfect development of the plant species. When it comes to environmental conditions it means that this space must also be adequately heated, based on the species housed in it. This emphasizes the need for a perfectly equipped space for plant growth. The closing structure of the winter garden is made through the use of transparent material, in most cases glass, because the plants need to continue to receive light even during the winter period. The support structure can instead be made with different materials, such as iron or aluminum. Many times the structure of the winter garden can be completely opened during the summer period, as if it were a portion of the garden, in other cases it is a space that remains closed. Inside the winter garden it is also possible to create a small relaxation corner where you can receive friends. In short, it is an additional space to the home that certainly improves the appearance of the house and makes it more pleasant, being contained within a transparent structure that is perfectly visible from the outside. The plants found in this structure must be treated appropriately, so that they can have a rather long duration. The same precautions that are also reserved for a plant that lives in the garden must be reserved for these plants that are in the winter garden. Naturally, it must be emphasized that in a winter garden most of the plants are contained in pots, a very important thing because the pot must be chosen according to the size of the plant so that the roots can have all the space necessary to be able to to develop. If the chosen pot is too small, during the growth of the plant it is necessary to move it to a larger pot. Fertilization, watering and pruning must take place according to the specific needs of each type of plant. For this reason, those who decide to have a winter garden must still have a minimum of knowledge of the gardening sector, otherwise they are forced to entrust the care of the garden to a gardener. During the winter period it is certainly quite pleasant to have a lush green space to admire, an excellent solution also to avoid having a series of plants located in the house because in this way they are all grouped in a single space. As mentioned before, the heating system must also be adequate and certainly cannot be compared to that present in the rest of the house. Too high temperatures are only indicated if tropical plants are present, otherwise the temperature and sometimes even the same humidity must be adjusted according to the specific needs of the plants.

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How to make it

For the construction of a winter garden it is necessary to have a sufficiently large space to be used for this function. Many prefer to give up their own pergola to turn it into a lovely enclosed garden, so the construction times vary depending on whether you have to start the work from scratch or if you just have to buy the plants. The choice of plants must also be done rather carefully. It is in fact a matter of personally choosing the species of plants that one may be able to manage, otherwise it is necessary to entrust them to the care of a specialized person. Often, even those who have a small home want to have an enclosed space with plants. Also in this case, even if the dimensions are small, the effect is always quite pleasant.

Winter gardens: Costs

The general cost of building a winter garden depends first of all on its size and the material chosen for its construction. The choice of material is a completely personal matter that matches the style already present both in the garden and in the home. The cost increases if you choose particular plants, while it remains normal if you choose native plants.

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