Chain of stores "House of Semyan", goods for the garden and vegetable garden

The main activities of the company are selection, production, processing, packaging and sale of high-quality varietal seeds of vegetable and flower crops (packaged and weight). The quality of the products complies with ISTA international quality standards and Russian State standards.

Our company is a reliable partner of the largest agricultural producers and farms in the Leningrad Region and North-West Russia.

The seeds of flowers and vegetables produced by our company are well known to gardeners and are in demand in the amateur seeds market. Our trademark is a guarantee of varietal purity and germination of seed, colorful informative packaging and a large assortment. The sale of seeds, soil, fertilizers, agrochemicals and other goods for the garden and vegetable garden is carried out through a network of company stores.

We are a wholesale supplier of high-quality vegetable and flower packaged seeds to large retailers with a strategic position in Russia (Lenta, O'Key, Maxidom, etc.

The Sortsemovosch company fruitfully cooperates with world producers of high-quality, professional seeds, such companies as Pan American, Sakata, Suba, etc.

Our organization is the largest seed base and is equipped with the necessary material and technical equipment, including modern warehouses and storage facilities, filling machines, experimental greenhouses and a machine park. The company includes an accredited quality laboratory. The high level of logistics is maintained at all stages of production. The Sortsemovosch company is a full member of the Association of Independent Russian Seed Companies (ANRSK), a diploma winner of the "MADE IN PETERSBURG" competition.

The quality of our seeds is highly appreciated by the Council of Public Quality Control of St. Petersburg. The products are tested in the city laboratories for the most important indicators of seed quality and the absence of GMOs. The seeds of our trademark have been awarded diplomas of the Public Quality Control Council and granted the right to place the Quality Mark on this product.

According to the results of the All-Russian business rating, compiled on the basis of state statistics, Sortsemovosch was awarded the title "Industry Leader 2017".

The seeds of our trade mark are a guarantee of a high yield!

The assortment of the company includes:
- more than 1500 names of vegetable and flower crops;
- professional seeds of vegetable and flower crops;
- soil and impurities;
- seeds of elite lawn grasses of imported and domestic production;
- seeds of green manure and forage grasses;
- imported and domestic onion sets;
- bulbs and rhizomes of flowers;
- seedlings of vegetables, flowers, rose seedlings and other planting material in the spring-summer period;
- fertilizers and peat soils;
- plant protection products;
- products from coconut fiber;
- garden tools and covering materials;

The sale of seeds is organized both through wholesale and retail stores, and through the Internet. We bring to your attention everything for a summer residence and any other land plot: here you will find seeds of flowers, vegetables, lawn grass, various seedlings and seedlings.

We sell the following types of goods:

- greenhouses and hotbeds;
- various garden tools;
- soil and impurities;
- a variety of flowers and seeds of lawn grasses;
- annuals and seedlings of perennial plants;
- professional weight seeds

TOP-5 shops for summer cottages and gardens

If you are lucky enough to have your own summer cottage or private home, then it's time to take care of buying seeds, seedlings and tools for working in the garden and vegetable garden. Due to quarantine, many of your favorite offline stores do not work, so we suggest starting to buy goods for the garden and vegetable garden on Internet sites. Here you can find a lot of profitable offers for the purchase of seed and planting material, as well as garden accessories.

TOP 5 shops for gardeners and summer residents

Our article contains the best online stores where you can buy not only seedlings and seeds, but also gardening tools, tools and various products for the garden and vegetable garden. Choose the best deals and save with our promo codes!

The gardener's empire

Delivery: to all settlements of Russia and the CIS countries (Moldova, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan).

Cost of delivery: from 299 rubles (for orders over 10,000, full prepayment is required).

List of products / categories: professional seeds, green manures, soils, beds, mini greenhouses, sprayers, pallets, plant garters, lighting, seedling pots, seed germination, growing kits, supports and stands for plants, machinery, lawn, watering and plant protection, fertilizers, hydroponics, greenhouses and hotbeds, soil and water sensors, indoor plants, tourism and fishing, steam bath and sauna, swimming pool, home interior and decor, bathroom accessories and more.

Store features: sale of goods for the garden, cottage and home. The store cooperates with product suppliers directly, and all products are certified. Retail and wholesale of seeds is provided. Anyone can get the book "The Top 20 Secrets of Fertility in the Garden and Vegetable Garden" for free (by subscribing to the newsletter).

Shop advantages:

  • Discounts within the framework of promotions up to 50%
  • 5% discount for regular customers for members of the "Gardener's Empire" club
  • 150 rubles cashback when compiling a review for a purchased product
  • Useful gifts for free on all orders.

Agrofirm Search

Delivery: throughout Russia and the CIS countries (Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan).

Cost of delivery: from 350 rubles (free of charge when ordering from 5000 rubles - within the Moscow Ring Road).

List of products / categories: vegetable seeds (cabbage, zucchini, coriander, watermelon, peas and radishes) and flowers (amaranth, coleus, cleoma, lupine, yarrow and aster), seedlings (clematis, roses, decorative, peonies and fruit trees), bulbous and perennial, seedlings strawberries and strawberries, potatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms, lawn grass, etc.

Store features: sale of seeds, seedlings and related products for the home and garden. The shop produces high quality seed and planting material with its own hands. All clients are offered landscape design services. If you wish, you can purchase gift certificates in denominations of 500, 1500 and 3000 rubles.

Shop advantages:

  • Cumulative system of discounts - from 5 to 15%, depending on the total amount of orders
  • Periodic discounts on popular products up to 60%
  • Discounts up to 25% for bulk purchases
  • Abundance of payment options - Yandex.Money, WebMoney, QIWI, Sberbank Online, Alfa-Click, Promsvyazbank, Euroset, Svyaznoy, VISA, MasterCard.

7 seeds

Delivery: throughout Russia and in some cities of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Cost of delivery: from 190 rubles (minimum order - 490 rubles) - free of charge for orders over 2,000 (via CDEK) and 5,000 rubles (courier delivery, CDEK and Boxberry).

List of products / categories: seeds (vegetables and berries, flowers, mushroom mycelium and indoor plants), bulbous flowers (lilies, roses, phloxes, dahlias, irises and peonies), everything for seedlings (pots, soil, seedling heaters), lawn grasses and green manures, fertilizers and growth regulators, goods for the garden and home (scarers and destroyers, pumps, windshield wipers, gloves and nitrate meters), garden equipment and tools (aerators, trimmers, cultivators, scissors and rakes), plant protection, watering plants, etc.

Store features: sale of seeds, seedlings, goods for the garden and home. The store works closely with leading suppliers of seed products, agrochemicals, seedlings and biological products, which is why the client receives the product of interest quickly and at the best cost.

Shop advantages:

  • The ability to pay for the order in installments with a Halva card
  • Bonus system "7 Seeds Club" - up to 5% bonuses from the order amount, which are spent on the next purchase
  • 100 bonuses for inviting friends
  • 7% discount on the first order (when subscribing to the Gardeners Club newsletter)
  • Discounts up to 30% as part of the sale.

Garden world

Delivery: all around Russia

Cost of delivery: calculated individually (minimum order from 400 rubles).

List of products / categories: seeds (vegetables and flowers), fertilizers (against diseases, pests and weeds, adjuvant, septic tanks and growth regulators), seedlings of fruit trees (lingonberry, cherry, pear, mulberry, viburnum and apricot), delphiniums, perennial flowers (lungwort, mullein, lily of the valley, cottonwood, geranium and mallow), bulbous flowers (gloxinia, liatris, freesia, irises, crocuses, daffodils and begonia).

Store features: sale of seeds and seedlings. The store owns its own plant nursery, and also cooperates with many world and Russian producers of seeds and planting material. Customers can order gift certificates with a face value of 500 rubles or more.

Shop advantages:

  • Frequent gifts for orders
  • Periodic discounts up to 20% on seeds and seedlings
  • Sale up to 30% off
  • Extra 5% discount for regular customers.

Russian vegetable garden

Delivery: throughout Russia and to the CIS countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan).

Cost of delivery: from 350 rubles (from 500 for the CIS countries) (free of charge when ordering from 1500 rubles - until 05/07/20).

List of products / categories: seeds (vegetables, herbs, flowers, microgreens, indoor plants and a garden on the balcony), fruit (apricot, pear, grapes, gooseberries, raspberries, cherries and grapes), decorative (roses, vines, conifers and perennials), potatoes, onions and mushrooms, cuttings and seedlings (aster, petunia, dahlia, cloves, herbs and chrysanthemum), everything for the garden (soil, fences, lamps, fertilizers, pots and equipment) and everything for the house (mosquito nets, interior and decor, heaters , candles and piggy banks).

Store features: sale of seeds, seedlings, gardening and home tools. The store is part of the Russian Ogorod group of companies, which is a major seed producer. This guarantees customers a quick delivery of the desired products and loyal prices.

Shop advantages:

  • Bonus program - 10% bonuses of the order amount, payment with bonuses up to 50% of the purchase price
  • Club "Golden Tulip" - 5% discount on goods, free seed samples, gifts for birthday people and early notifications of new products (club fee - 500 rubles per year)
  • Promotions with discounts up to 25%
  • Discounts up to 70% as part of the sale.

Growing seedlings on a balcony or windowsill can be your new hobby that can be easily combined with home improvement. Moreover, always fresh greens will diversify the taste of your favorite dishes and save on purchases.

That is why the best offers from the aforementioned stores will be useful not only for experienced summer residents, but also for those who are just planning to try their hand at work in the garden and in the garden. Make the most of your free time during the quarantine period!


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NAKHODKA chain stores are supermarkets offering customers a wide range of household goods for the whole family and products of daily demand at low favorable prices.

Here we publish news about all promotions, new arrivals, opening stores NAKHODKA!

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696 entries

New arrival

Shrink film for Easter eggs - for 9.99 rubles!

Nakhodka stores have already begun to prepare for the Easter holiday! There are so many different colors and patterns for beautiful Easter eggs. Thermal film is the easiest way to create a festive mood and decorate Easter eggs.

#foundstore #foundseason


Vitamin Reserve vitamin carbonated drinks mint-ginger and citrus-elderberry (500ml) for 35.99 rubles!

A delicious way to vitaminize! Prevention of colds and strengthening of immunity - what is especially needed in spring!

Be healthy!

Everything for beauty!

WEIS caring Korean face masks with vegetable extract for 39.99 rubles!

Soften, smooth, nourish, improve complexion! Show in full.

Pumpkin: suppresses inflammation, eliminates acne and edema, accelerates healing, stimulates renewal at the cellular level, fights dehydration and flaking, tightens and cleanses pores.

Potatoes: removes oily sheen, softens wrinkles, brightens the skin, fights edema, relieves inflammation and pimples, reduces irritation.

Cucumber: normalizes the acid-base balance, prolongs youth, tightens and refreshes, solves the problem of dryness, flaking.

Broccoli: contains collagen fibers that tighten the skin, protect it from UV rays, and give a healthy glow.

Tomato: prevents premature aging evens complexion whitens freckles narrows pores acts as a gentle peeling, renewing the top layer of the skin.

The mask adheres well to the skin, completely covers the nose, the notches on the fabric will help to straighten the mask in the most convenient way for you, small holes for the mouth and eyes allow you to care for the skin around the eyes and lips.
Does not irritate sensitive skin, does not leave a sticky feeling, can be used shortly before makeup. Ideal for a quick check-up before an important event!

#foundstore #all for beauty

Everything for the garden and vegetable garden - seeds of vegetables and flowers! in all shops NAKHODKA!

Carrots Without a Core Vita Long (white package) - the price of the action is 4.99 rubles (the action is valid when buying 5 pieces of any seeds in white bags).
⠀ Show in full.
Vita long carrots are a Dutch breeding culture. It is suitable for growing on the territory of Russia, Moldova, Ukraine. There is an opinion that the core of carrots contains all the most harmful substances. But in this variety, the core is poorly expressed, which is what attracts many gardeners. The taste qualities of Vita Longa carrots, according to gardeners, are excellent. Root crops are very sweet, juicy, rather large and thick with a slightly pronounced ribbed surface. Their weight reaches 0.5 kg, although the average weight is 250 g, and the length is 30 cm and more.

Vita long carrots have the following benefits:
- Good keeping quality.
- Small losses during storage.
- Resistance to diseases of various fungi.
- Good taste.
- Undemanding to growing conditions.

#foundstore # garden_city

Everything for the garden and vegetable garden!

Soil Green House Universal (10L) - special price 59.99 rubles!

#foundstore # garden_city

Many gifts from the Russian Ogorod

The online store of the Russian Ogorod company needs no introduction - probably all site readers are familiar with it. And, probably, the more pleasant it will be to know that shopping here has become even more profitable!

A trip to Turkey - as a gift from the Russian Ogorod

Enter when ordering codeword BONUS10 - and get 10% discount + 10% of the order amount in the form of bonuses to a personal account. And when buying seeds in the amount of 1000 rubles or more - also free tourist trip to Turkey (details of the action - here).

If you know where else now you can make profitable purchases for your favorite summer cottage - share information with us in the comments, okay?

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