I use nylon pantyhose so that the Chinese cabbage is tied up, and not let the arrow go.

Peking cabbage is also called a guest from the Middle Kingdom. There are few vegetables in the world that have the same amazing taste and a combination of delicate green leaves with crispy pulp veins. I have grown Chinese cabbage for many years now - it can be used to make many delicious vegan dishes. Frankly, at first I was not at all a fan of this cabbage. But now she takes from me several large beds in a summer cottage.

The vegetable is unpretentious to external conditions and is grown quite easily. But there is one problem that every gardener probably faced. Sometimes cabbage for some reason does not want to be tied up in a head of cabbage. Instead, she extends her burdock-leaves throughout the garden, and if no measures are taken, she goes to the arrow at all.

Having started to plant this culture, I could not cope with the capricious Peking in any way. And sometimes most of the crop went into compost. And in the best case - for a treat to the cows passing along the street.

But a couple of years ago, everything suddenly changed. Already two crops have been fully used by me for their intended purpose! Thanks to one wonderful piece of advice I learned on the internet. In order for the Peking to start, it must be artificially pulled into a head of cabbage. This should be done exactly at the moment when the leaves are already large enough in size and there are quite a few of them, at the same time it is clear that the cabbage is in no hurry to tie.

We take several old tights, it is advisable to rinse them first in a weak solution of soda. Cut the tights into strips of 10 cm, stretch them with your hands. It turns out a loose and dense gum, which will form our head of cabbage.

We slowly collect the leaves to the center of the plant, trying to act as gently as possible. We put on one or two elastic bands. The head of cabbage is ready - you don't need to tighten the leaves too much.

Now we can be sure that the crop will not go to the boom. The result will be visible in a few days. The heads of cabbage are neat, this makes it possible to loosen and water the plants without problems. In addition, for insects parasitizing in Peking, there are significantly fewer opportunities to lay their eggs on the leaves.

Be sure to try this new gardening life hack. I assure you - it really works! The method is quick, easy and practical. And the result is obvious - an even and neat bed with dozens of dense, formed heads of cabbage.

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What can be made from old tights: craft ideas with a description

In every house where women and children live, the accumulation of tights of various colors and textures is inevitable. After all, babies grow, and the size of each element of their clothes becomes larger every time, and as for the female "nylon", then here, probably, it is not worth talking about how easily "puffs" and "arrows" form on them. As a result, a situation arises when the thing is both a pity to throw away, and it is impossible to wear. Therefore, it becomes quite logical to ask what can be made of old tights?

Why not throw away the old "kapronki"?

Nylon and nylon, from which women's tights are made, decompose from 30 to 100 years. Moreover, they are toxic - they release harmful substances during decomposition. Throwing tights in the trash can pollutes the environment.

An interesting fact: according to the norms of the USSR, every woman is supposed to wear 5 pairs of nylon tights (stockings) per year.

Let's make some simple calculations. At the end of 2019, the number of female population in the Russian Federation was 78 million. Multiply 78 million by 5, and we get 390 million pairs of tights. The average weight of one pair is 47 g. Total 18330 tons of toxic waste.

Pantyhose toys

Now on sale you can find a variety of toys with growing grass. But you can make these toys yourself. Cut off a portion of the pantyhose and make a bag, which you fill with seeds of lawn or edible grass. Tie the bag and attach the eyes, nose and mouth. Then place on a pallet and water. Over time, the seeds will sprout and the grass can be trimmed, giving its hair a fun look.

You can also make all kinds of crafts, toys, rugs, window insulation out of tights. If remnants remain, collect them and tie them in a nylon stocking. So you can use them without a trace. You can even make a dishwashing sponge from tights - nylon does not rot. Turn on your imagination and perhaps you will find even more uses for such a simple thing.

How to apply nylon tights on a personal plot for garter and protection from rodents?

Due to its high strength, this material can be used for solving various problems. It is produced on a synthetic basis, which creates an obstacle for small rodents and insects. Also, from children's tights (nylon in the composition), they make devices for the garter of plantings. This allows you to reduce the budget, as well as quickly solve the problem, since improvised means in the form of nylon are often available in the house. Options for using such material:

  • you can use old tights for garters of trees, plants, while ropes are formed from them, the advantage of the method is the softness of the material, which eliminates the likelihood of damage to the stem and leaves
  • protection of trees from mice is provided, for this it is enough to wrap the lower part of the trunk with tights, nylon does not affect the growth and development of plantings, since it stretches well and allows air to pass through.

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