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There is an indisputable revival for the figurative in art. In the foreground: portraiture.
The faces of Michela Bogoni, Veronese painter originally from San Bonifacio, dig into the soul starting from physicality. She says she was born with a passion "mania" for art, and that certain things cannot be chosen, you can only accept them and direct them towards their fulfillment. She defines herself as an artisan as she works with her hands and creates. For Michela Bogoni the artist is the one who brings a change to the course of art history with her own work. Born in 1973, the artist from an early age dreamed of painting. At the age of 15 she began to make a living from painting, working as a madonnara and making paintings on commission. Graduated with 110 cum laude from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Michela Bogoni has made art her profession. She currently lives in Monteforte d'Alpone with her husband, also a painter, and all their two girls: Stella and Celeste. Her family supports and strengthens her love for art and although dedicating herself to them takes a lot of time from silent and prolonged painting, forcing her to work at intervals, it is worth it for her.

Question: "Why did you opt for portraiture?".
«Because I was thrilled to feel scrutinized by the eyes I had just painted. Physiognomy that is animated by sentiment is mysterious and fascinating: it can tell a great deal about the human being and his life ».

Question: "Can you describe how one of your works was born and made concrete?"
«The idea starts from the memory of a moment that I lived and that I photographed. I select the photos until I take a shot and make it mine. The emotion of that moment is revealed in painting it. It is always pleasant when the brush traces the shapes of a feeling. In my faces I can read a thousand floating thoughts that make me dream. In the end I love to gaze at the paintings several times to imagine small nuances in the thought of my characters ».

Question: "What technique do you use and on which materials?".
«The oil painting on canvas with which I became close friends. Painting is a kind of therapy and oil colors are my medicines! ».

Question: "Which characters supported it and which hindered it?"
“I have never sought great acclaim. The biggest obstacle is the fear of one day no longer being able to have the privilege of living from painting ».

Question: "How does your typical day go?"
«I would always like to be at the easel much earlier, but family and clients take up a lot of time for me. I love being able to meet the expectations of my clients, even if they sometimes have requests that I don't agree with. This is the other side of the coin. My luck is speed. You can do my jobs in one day, at most two. However, this allows me to satisfy my creative needs ».

Question: "Who are you currently collaborating with?"
“I am not supported by any gallery, but in fact I have never even looked for it. Living in painting has opened up various paths that have nevertheless allowed me a fair amount of visibility ».

Question: "Where did you set up your personal exhibitions?".
«In Verona at the ex slaughterhouse and at SpazioArte Pisanello, in Vicenza and at the Galleria ArteArte in Mantua. My exhibition experience is limited due to the limited time available to propose myself to art galleries. My works are present in homes and public places in many cities ».

Question: "In your opinion, which were the best artists of the past and which current ones?".
"As I love figurative painting, I like the whole history of past art. Among contemporaries I appreciate Luciano Ventrone, a virtuoso master of a technique that can never be replaced by conceptual art".

Question: "What are your aspirations for the future?"
«I dream of my future full of painting and great works that have a possible location. I aspire to improve, to get excited and to excite more and more by painting. Few convictions but solid: to paint, to paint, to paint! ».

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