Insecticide Bankol: instructions for use of the drug, storage, compatibility

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If you are looking for a drug that will rid your area of ​​soil-dwelling pests literally in one go, then turn your attention to the Japanese-made Bancol drug. This insecticide copes equally well with both larvae and adults, and it destroys both underground and terrestrial pests. In addition, it has acaricidal properties, that is, it is effective against any kind of ticks.


Bankcol is a nicotinoid, pesticide, acaricide and insecticide of contact-intestinal action, which is used against both gnawing and sucking plant pests. The drug is a white or creamy powder packed in green foil bags with a capacity of 10, 25 and 100 g. The active ingredient Bankola bensultap is extracted from an enzyme secreted by a marine annelid worm. That is why Bankcol is not so toxic to living organisms.

The drug affects the nervous system of pests through direct contact or through the intestines. This leads to paralysis and death of the parasites after three days at the latest. The drug is recommended for the destruction of pests of potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes, hops, rapeseed, wheat and many other crops.

Bankcol's advantages over other drugs:

  • high efficiency at temperatures from -10 to 30 ºC;
  • a strong effect even on types of pests resistant to chemicals;
  • lack of a strong odor and irritating effect on the mucous membrane of the eyes;
  • the possibility of repeated use of the drug, since it does not cause addiction in pests;
  • low level of toxicity;
  • ready solubility in water;
  • the ability to adhere to the leaves and stems of the plant.

Bankcol's analogs are Ruban, Victenon, Z-doricid and TI-78.

Instructions for the use of Bankcol

  • For the destruction of coleoptera, including the Colorado potato beetle, 2-3 g of Bankol is dissolved in a small amount of water, and then the volume of the working solution is brought to 5 liters. This is enough to spray 100 m² of beds of nightshade crops. Sometimes it may be necessary to re-process, which is carried out three weeks after the first.
  • Indoor flowers are treated with a solution of 0.5-0.7 g of Bankol in 1 liter of water.
  • To enhance the action, you can add Zircon, green soap or Epin to the working solution.
  • To combat the bear, a poisoned bait made from pasta or grain is prepared.

The treatment is best done in dry, calm weather, early in the morning or late in the evening, when no direct rays fall on the plants. Try to calculate the timing so that after spraying for at least a day or two there is no rain. The last treatment of plants with Bankol is carried out no later than three weeks before harvest. For eggplants, this period is at least 40 days.

Compatibility with other drugs

Bankcol can be combined with growth stimulants, as well as with some fungicidal preparations intended for the treatment or prevention of fungal infections.

Security measures

Bankcol belongs to the third class of toxicity, that is, it has low toxicity for plants, humans, animals, birds and fish. It is not dangerous for beneficial insects either, the only exception is the silkworm. Bankcol does not accumulate in soil, plants and water. That is why it is approved for use in private households.

Nevertheless, when working with Bankol, you need to observe protective measures:

  • work in gloves, respirator, goggles and protective clothing;
  • do not drink, eat or smoke during the procedure;
  • do not allow the presence of children and pets nearby during the processing of plants with Bankol;
  • wash hands and protective equipment thoroughly upon completion of treatment.

First aid

The recommendations below are intended only for FIRST aid, after which you should immediately consult a doctor and follow his instructions! DO NOT TREAT YOURSELF!

  • If the drug or active solution gets on your skin, just wash it off with water.
  • If the drug gets into the digestive system, drink 4-5 tablets of activated charcoal with several glasses of water and try to induce vomiting.
  • These measures are usually sufficient, but if you continue to experience unpleasant symptoms, it is best to see your doctor.

Bankcol storage

The shelf life of the sealed package of the drug at a temperature of -30 to +30 ºC is three years. Store Bankol out of the reach of children and animals, separate from medicines and food. It is better not to store the opened packaging.


Alla: Bears began to breed in my greenhouse with seedlings, and I even began to be afraid to go there. I mixed Bankcol with boiled rice, spread out and etched all this filth in one go.

Nikolay: To avoid cost overruns, it is better to calculate at the beginning of the season how much Bankola you will need for two treatments of the site. Then you will complete the task and save money. I have been buying this drug for the third season and am very pleased with it.

Tatyana: processed potatoes from beetles with Bankcol. The beetles died after the very first spraying, but for some reason the sprouts of the seed tubers after treatment with the drug became thin, sluggish and unviable. Maybe the reason is not in Bankole, it just coincided?

Official website of the manufacturer:
The drug has expired the registration period in the Russian Federation


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  3. Plant Pest Information

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"Oberon" has a sterilizing effect on young and adult aphids, inhibiting lipid synthesis. It affects the digestive processes of pests, stopping lipogenesis, which slows down the growth and development of young individuals. This is especially effective against mites and whiteflies. When Oberon is combined with other plant protection agents, the drug will not cause addiction to pests.

Distinctive qualities of the Oberon insecticide:

✔ Effective at any stage of development of harmful insects, does not affect only mature males.
✔ Sterilizes up to 50% of all eggs.
✔ Penetrates deep into plant tissue, but does not spread over untreated areas.
✔ Doesn't harm predatory mites.
✔ The period of active protective action is 20-25 days.
✔ Almost odorless.
✔ Works better outdoors than in a greenhouse or indoor.


Biokill (bottle 24 ml in a box)

Insecticide for the control of gnawing and sucking pests of the garden and vegetable garden in personal subsidiary plots.

Active substance: abamectin, at a concentration of 10 g / l from the chemical class of avermectins.

Has a wide spectrum of action: against more than 20 species of insect pests, including the Colorado potato beetle, cabbage beetle, cowworm, spider mite, codling moth, flower beetles, thrips, all types of aphids.

Registrant: LLC "Your economy"

Application area: For private households.

Impact speed: The pests stop feeding within a few hours, the death of the pests occurs within 1–5 days after the application of the drug.

Phytotoxicity: When using the drug in strict accordance with the developed recommendations, there is no risk of phytotoxicity.

Possibility of emergence of resistance: absent subject to strict adherence to the recommendations developed by the company.

Compatibility: Compatible with pesticides with a neutral pH solution.

Recommendations for the protection of the natural environment: The drug is toxic to bees (hazard class 1), toxic to birds, fish, earthworms and aquatic organisms.

Avoid contamination of reservoirs and drinking water sources with residues of the preparation, working solution and water used for rinsing containers and equipment.

Security measures:

Hazard class - 3 (low-hazard substance).

When working with the drug, it is necessary to observe precautions and use personal protective equipment for the skin, eyes and respiratory organs.

During work, do not smoke, drink, eat.

Burn the emptied container in a special place without inhaling combustion products! Do not dispose of into drains, rivers or other bodies of water.

First aid for poisoning:

In case of acute poisoning, the victim must be immediately removed from the danger zone, and his overalls must be removed. If the drug gets on the skin, wash it off thoroughly with soap and water. If the drug gets into the eyes, rinse them abundantly with clean running water. In case of poisoning with the drug through the respiratory tract, immediately remove the victim from the area of ​​action of the drug, change the contaminated clothes, rinse the mouth with warm water, provide access to clean air. In case of accidental swallowing - give a suspension of activated charcoal to drink with plenty of water (at the rate of 1 g of sorbent per 1 kg of the victim's weight), induce vomiting, and then take activated charcoal in the same doses with a small amount of water. In all cases of poisoning, you must immediately consult a doctor! There are no antidotes, treatment is symptomatic, it is not recommended to use barbiturates and benzodiazamines.

In case of emergency, call: +7 495 628 16 87 FGU NPTTS FMBA of Russia (around the clock).

Storage conditions of the drug:

Store separately from medicines and foodstuffs, in a dry, cool, dark place out of the reach of children and animals at temperatures from –20 ° С to +30 ° С.

Shelf life:

The article was created based on the manufacturer's instructions and is for informational purposes only. It is not an advertisement.

Literary sources:

1. State catalog of pesticides and agrochemicals permitted for use on the territory of the Russian Federation, 2018. Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Agriculture of Russia)

Sources from the Internet:

The period of protective action is 14-28 days when spraying crops with soil application - 40-60 days.

Impact speed:

Insects stop feeding 30 minutes after treatment with the drug, complete death of insects occurs after 24 hours.


Aktara drug is highly toxic for bees (hazard class 1, border protection zone for bees 4-5 km, limitation of summer bees 96-120 hours), slightly toxic for birds, fish, earthworms and aquatic organisms.

Avoid contamination of reservoirs and drinking water sources with residues of the preparation, working solution and water used for rinsing containers and equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages

As soon as "Aktellik" appeared in ampoule form, summer residents took it into service. The reason is the rapid achievement of the result, as well as a wide range of destroyed pests. In addition, the insectoacaricide has other benefits:

  • complex action on insects (intestinal, contact, fumigant)
  • long period of action
  • Ease of use
  • destruction of insects and ticks (insectoacaricide)
  • consistency
  • the possibility of using for the destruction of pests in hard-to-reach places
  • lack of resistance (addiction) of insects to the drug, subject to strict adherence to the recommendations and alternation of funds.

The use of "Actellik" prevents the reappearance of pests, while it is used for open ground, indoors, greenhouses, greenhouses.

  • toxic agent, therefore, it is required to observe especially strictly the norms
  • high price
  • efficiency only when used in a certain temperature range - +15 ºC… + 25 ºC.

There are many fakes on sale, so it is important to carefully study the label, purchasing only original Singenta products (see the photo of the company logo).

Aktara is a moderately hazardous drug that belongs to the 3rd group of toxicity. When preparing a solution, applying to the soil and spraying, it is forbidden to eat, water and smoke.

For contact with components, use a protective kit:

  • clothes
  • gloves
  • glasses
  • mask.

After treatment, the protection is removed, hands and face are thoroughly washed in soapy water, and the mouth is rinsed. If Aktara gets on the skin, then the substance is removed with a sponge, cloth. In case of contact with the eyes, drops of insecticide cause a burning sensation, so the organs are washed with clean liquid for 15 minutes.

When poisoning with the drug, nausea, vomiting and weakness appear. In this case, they turn to a doctor, provide symptomatic treatment. If a person is conscious, then they cleanse the digestive system, give absorbents. When a patient faints, then immediate hospitalization is needed.

It is forbidden to pour the chemical into water bodies, into drinking water sources.

Flowers with buds cannot be treated with the product. The insecticide does not exude unpleasant odors, but the first hours of foliage, the earth emit toxic substances. Procedures for spraying indoor flowers are carried out outside the home, ventilate the room or leave the pots in clean air.

Aktara is an effective modern drug that will help to quickly destroy pests on plants in the garden, garden and windowsill. Prolonged action will protect crops for 6 weeks. The product diluted according to the instructions is safe for humans and animals.

Instructions for the use of bankcol

Instructions for using bankcol - interesting news

Tan, I put rags soaked in kerosene in the compost pit along the perimeter. And I have a compost heap in a 1.5 meter pit. There was no one else, although the passages from their presence in the depths were visible. And I have a compost heap in a 1.5 meter pit. Flycatcher Insecticide The flycatcher is designed to control mushroom mosquitoes, flies, etc. 10 days before sowing seeds or planting seedlings around the places where the bear is most common, beds, tree trunks, manure and compost heaps, ennobled soil. make grooves in the ground with a depth of 2 - 3 cm and put bait in them at the rate of 3 - 5 granules 5-10 g every 0.5-1.0 m. And here the roots of the plants interfere. I appeal to those who really faced a similar problem and solved it successfully.

But that year, left as a seed potato, in the spring gave rise to weak threadlike sprouts. Do not eat, drink or smoke while spraying. Due to its unique mechanism of action, it has a high insecticidal activity against pest populations resistant to the action of insecticides of other chemical classes. Some of them try to scare her away with pungent smells by planting mint and garlic. And a bear's nest. is a rather large, almost round, tamped depression in the ground, at a depth of about 20 cm, with a huge number of eggs, similar to small mung bean, only light yellow in color. After applying the bait, dig in the grooves, if necessary, pour water over them. Usually mixed in various proportions. The bear got its main name for the clumsiness and brown color of the body of adults.

The length of the day is a decisive factor for the start of a new pest generation. Into this solution is poured with constant stirring 20 grams of copper sulfate per 1 liter of solution.

Colorado potato beetle - all the truth about the beetle

Anticolorad Highly effective two-component contact-systemic insecticide of a wide spectrum of action with acaricidal and repellent properties. The drug is low-toxic to animals, birds and fish. But in order for it to work, the bear must eat the grains. From aphids - Bi 58 new, Decis, or other systemic drugs.Then water is added to the "mother liquor" to the desired concentration and mixed again.

In the process of throwing over, I discovered that there are many larvae. Bankcol is a derivative of nereistoxin, a substance derived from marine annelids. I didn’t use it again, but it’s a pity ... - I haven’t yet met such an effect, I mean its ability to deal with the Colorado potato beetle in one treatment. The average weight of overwintered females is 160 mg, males - 144 mg. I don’t know if that poison worked, or if they didn’t like something else. Into this solution is poured with constant stirring 20 grams of copper sulfate per 1 liter of solution. The main pests: aphids, ticks, weevils, whiteflies, scale insects, sawflies. Bazudin guarantees: long-term protection, fights pests in three directions: contact lesions, intestinal lesions, translaminar lesions.

Storage rules

The insecticide should be kept in a separate utility room out of the reach of children and animals. Storage near food, medicine, shoes and clothing is prohibited.

The storage period of the biological product is no more than 12 months

The shelf life of the drug is 1 year. The storage area should be dry with moderate air humidity. It is recommended to keep the insecticide at temperatures between 5 and 30 degrees.

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