Do you need a bath in the country, and how to build it yourself

Caring for the beds and fruit trees in a summer cottage takes a lot of energy, by the evening many summer residents feel like a squeezed lemon. Of course, without making efforts, you will not get a good harvest, but you also need to take care of a tired body - give it a rest, relax, recharge with new strength.


For this purpose, it will do the best job bath in the country... After steaming from the heart after a hard day, you will immediately feel that the fatigue has disappeared, and the painful sensations in the back and in the neck area have subsided. The very next morning, you can continue caring for your favorite area again.

If there is still no bathhouse at your dacha, you can correct the situation with your own hands, without hiring a team of professional builders. The construction of a bathhouse for a summer residence is also within the power of those who have never had to erect any structures before. You just need to responsibly treat this task, performing the actions according to the recommendations below.

Among the building materials used in the construction of a bath (brick, cinder blocks, aerated concrete, wood), give preference wooden beams - it is easiest to erect a log house from it, and less money will be required than for the same brick. Choose aspen, linden or larch, as birch will quickly rot and conifers will give off hot resin from the heat.

Choosing a suitable place on the site and planning a bath

The first step is to decide on the place where you will build the bath. If there is a road nearby, the building should be moved to the opposite end of the site. It is recommended to remove the bathhouse from the country house by fifteen meters, in accordance with fire safety requirements. Although some summer residents, at their own peril and risk, attach a bathhouse to a country house or combine it with a summer kitchen, a greenhouse and other buildings that may be useful on the site. In this case, it is very important to ensure the safety of electrical equipment and reliably protect adjacent buildings from moisture.

Determine the layout of the premises and their ratio yourself, there are no strict rules regarding this

A big plus, if there is a natural reservoir nearby, then a bathhouse can be built nearby (at a distance of at least 20 m to prevent the possibility of flooding). However, in the absence of a reservoir, you should not be upset - build it next to the bathhouse artificial font made of wood, or get a plastic one, and then, after running out of the steam room, you can immediately plunge into clean cool water.

As for the size of the building, they usually build a small bathhouse in the country with their own hands, because you need to leave enough space for the beds, and even a small building will take you less time and effort. For a steam room combined with a washing room and a small dressing room, a 3.5x3.5 m bath is enough for you, and in a 6x4 m or 6x6 m building you can already accommodate not only a separate steam room and a sink, but also a spacious dressing room (or rest room) and even a shower. Before entering, provide a veranda where you can relax after water procedures in the fresh air.

Determine the layout of the premises and their ratio yourself, there are no strict rules regarding this. The main thing is to make it convenient for you to visit the bathhouse.

What kind of soil in the country - such is the foundation

For the construction of a bath in a summer cottage, a strip foundation or a columnar foundation is most often chosen, depending on the type of local soils. If the soil is formed by rock or coarse sand (slightly loose soil), preference is given columnar foundation: in the corners of the future building and at the intersection of the outer walls, supports 38x38 cm are placed, at the base of which are rubble stones or bricks fastened with cement mortar. You can take asbestos-cement pipes by filling them with a concrete mixture. Between the support pillars, a brick wall is laid in half a brick, or a wall of gravel, slate, broken brick is poured.

If the soil consists of clay, sandy loam or fine sand (heaving soil), the choice is made in favor of strip monolithic foundation, which is built like this:

  • the site for the building is marked with pegs, between which the twine is evenly stretched;
  • a trench is dug to the required depth depending on the occurrence of groundwater;
  • sand is poured into the bottom of the trench with a layer of 10 to 20 cm, poured with water and carefully compacted;
  • gravel is also compacted from above (in the same layer);
  • formwork is installed on the sand and gravel cushion and reinforcement is laid;
  • the cement mixture is poured.

For the construction of a bath in a summer cottage, a strip foundation or columnar is most often chosen

It is better to pour concrete in two or three stages, constantly compacting using the bayonet method. It is desirable that the foundation is 10 cm higher than the surface of the earth. When the foundation is ready, let it dry completely, lay a layer of roofing material waterproofing and proceed with the construction of the walls.

From walls to roof

It is quite simple to erect walls from a ready-made timber with a section of 15x18 cm or 15x15 cm: the logs are placed either in the end tongue or in the paw method, while each crown is insulated with heat-insulating material (tow, moss or modern materials from jute and flax). Remember to leave space for windows and doors when laying out the timber.

So, you have brought the walls under the roof, now you need to choose which one will be the roof of the bath: with or without an attic, shed or gable, with what angle of inclination? In accordance with the selected type, lay the rafters, fixing them with brackets on the last crown of the log house. Rafters for a pitched roof are fixed with an external and internal support, or two external ones. For a gable roof, you need to support the lower ends of the rafters against the walls, and connect the upper ends, forming the ridge of the roof.

It is quite simple to erect walls from a ready-made timber with a section of 15x18 cm or 15x15 cm

The lathing is fixed to the rafters, on which the roofing is laid (tiles, metal tiles, slate, profiled sheets, etc.).

Bath equipment inside

Even at the stage of laying the foundation, you need to take care of a suitable type of sewage system by digging a drainage well or a special pit for wastewater outside the bath. When the sewer system is completed, you can proceed to floor making... You can find detailed information on wood and concrete flooring on the Internet. It is only worth noting that the concrete covering must be covered with ceramic tiles or several wooden gratings must be thrown on the floor so that the feet do not freeze. It is better to make the wooden floor leaky and ventilate the bath well after each visit, then the wood will last longer.

For walls and ceiling of the bath it is necessary to provide for proper insulation, vapor barrier and cladding with cladding material. The next step is to decorate windows and doors, place shelves in two or three tiers and install a stove. You can make a stove for a bath with your own hands or buy a ready-made one.

Video about a bathhouse in the country

A bathhouse built in accordance with all the rules on the site will be the best way for you to relieve fatigue and restore strength that was spent on caring for apple trees, cucumbers and tomatoes.

What and how to build a simple bathhouse in the country?

Washing in a summer cottage is a pleasure available to everyone. It does not require large investments for its construction. In a minimal layout, such a structure is erected in a few days.

In this article we will look at the topic of how to build the simplest bathhouse in the country quickly and inexpensively.

Let's start by examining ready-made options, discussing wall, floor, stove and sewer designs that are popular among masters.

Bath project

When choosing a bath project, it is important to take into account the material from which it will be built. There can be several types of buildings:

  1. Frame bath.
  2. Wooden bathhouse (made of timber or rounded logs).
  3. Bathhouse made of bricks, stones or blocks.
  4. Wood concrete structure.

Having decided on the material, when choosing a project, make sure that it suits you according to all criteria.

Layout of a small bath 6 × 3 m

A variant of the layout of a log-house bath

Planning a bath for a summer residence

Bath plan 6 × 6 m

How to build a bathhouse in the country with your own hands - garden and vegetable garden

How do you get such an important building? What should be the first steps? Is it necessary to contact the masters or can you try to do it on your own?

There are many questions. Complete and qualified answers await readers in the materials of our section. For example, you will learn why the bathhouse is best placed away from a residential building. It turns out that there are official sanitary standards, which indicate the exact distance between the bath and the living quarters - from 8 meters. By the way, the relevant authorities can arrange for a check and convict you of violating building standards, demanding that the building be demolished.

Our authors will tell you in detail how to lay the foundation, what material to use for the construction of walls, what pieces of furniture should be and how to make them with your own hands.

As for the location of the building, there is no better place than a recess at the edge of the site.
So: summer residents all over the world, join the discussion, and you will have a bath!

How and what is better to insulate the bath

The bath will be warm if the walls, floor and ceiling are properly insulated. We will tell you how to choose the material and do all the necessary.

How to make a floor in a bath with your own hands

Anyone can make the floor in the bathhouse. It is unnecessary to have a construction education for this. To properly build in the bath.

How to make a roof and ceiling in a bath

Every land owner dreams of a bath. In such a structure, the main role is played by insulation. Particular attention must be paid.

Do-it-yourself heated floor in the bath

The floor in the bath must be warm. Depending on the type of base, the type of insulation, hydro and vapor barrier is selected. Let's compare.

Bathhouse frame - how to build it correctly?

The best and natural material for building a bath is logs or beams. It is more convenient and practical to use a bar - p.

Make shelves in the bath with your own hands

In order for the bathing procedure to really improve health, it is necessary to choose the right materials and design sunbeds. All the subtleties in the article. ...

DIY frame bath

Building a bath is not a joke. The construction of a frame version of this health resort will cost less than traditional counterparts, and it is easier to build it.

How to build a sauna from foam blocks

Bath is a good place to improve your health! Everyone can build a bathhouse on their own land, because in order to know.

How to build and insulate a brick bath

We will tell you about different ways to reduce the cost of construction - an economical method of laying, the correct choice of the location of the bath, insulation.

How to make a Russian bath?

Bath is the dream of every land owner. By the way, you can build it completely independently, spending a relatively small amount.

Autobahn or steam room on wheels

A bath on the platform of a car or a trailer is still not very common today, but it is already a very popular way to comfortably.

Construction of a bath at a summer cottage

The construction of a bath is not such a difficult undertaking. Sometimes it is much more difficult to find the right place so as not to disturb.

How to properly insulate the ceiling of the bath

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in the bath and preventing wood from rotting is possible only with the use of insulation and vapor barrier! ...

DIY brick oven for a bath

Despite the wide variety in stores of ready-made stoves, more and more people prefer to create real Russian sauna stoves according to.

How to heat a bath: steam wisely

Russian people have loved a good bath for hundreds of years. But if earlier the baths served only as a means of maintenance.

How to build a bath from a bar with your own hands

Building a bath is not an easy task. But it will become easier if you choose a bar instead of a log. Its installation does not require specific.

We build a bath with our own hands: a brief description of the stages of construction

Any construction of a bathhouse in the country requires careful planning. Before starting construction, it is necessary to carry out markings on the site. To do this, you need a project, according to which marks on the ground are made. How to start marking out the dimensions depends on where the corner of the building is located. This is where the report is kept from scratch. In this case, a peg is hammered, and the lengths of the sides are measured from it. Then the compact pegs are installed and the other walls are measured as well.

The construction of the building begins with the foundation and the arrangement of the formwork

The bath design and dimensions are indicated in accordance with the project data. After that, the markup is made depending on the type of foundation. When building a bathhouse with your own hands from stone, brick or blocks, it is necessary to level the foundation. In this case, the cement mortar is laid, and then roofing material on top.

How to build a building will depend on what material it will be erected from - from boards or from OSB. Specialists can show the installation features. Useful videos can be found on YouTube.

The diagram shows the complete structure of a frame building

If brickwork is used, start at the corners. In this case, the first blocks are placed on the cement slurry. They must be in the same plane. If you do not know how to do this correctly, use a string as a guide.

In the video below, you can watch a step-by-step demonstration of construction work:

After installing the lintels, the formwork is mounted above the windows or doors, and then an armored belt is made. Foundation bolts are attached to this part. A simple or panel structure involves the construction of a timber frame. This element is sheathed and insulated with various types of finishing materials. To make the frame, boards of aspen, linden or larch are used, since these options are characterized by low thermal conductivity.

Timber strapping from a bar is made on the foundation. At the same time, cuts are made at the ends of the bars and are attached to each other with self-tapping screws. For small bars, metal corners are used.

Let's note the main stages of making a frame base:

  • a strapping board is mounted at the ends, and lags are attached to it
  • logs are cut so that you can install the strapping board from the end
  • insulation is laid between the lags, and then the strapping boards are nailed
  • the frame for the walls is assembled from a bar, and then fixed in place.

Any sauna is exposed to high humidity, so the steam room is treated with a vapor barrier film. This will protect against moisture buildup from the inside. Fiberglass or rock wool can be used as insulating material. These options provide excellent sealing performance. The walls are insulated and cladded after the installation of the roof. This approach will protect wood and insulation materials from getting wet.

Particular attention should be paid to structures with an attic. Before choosing equipment for a bath, it is necessary to completely complete construction work. The finished building is equipped with pieces of furniture and all the necessary equipment. A country bath can be made from various materials, but not from a slab.

Projects The best two-story baths

As I have already said today, as of today, there are a huge number of amazing projects.Can't choose? Well, in this matter, I, the assistant, not alas, but I will tell you which projects are in great demand today.

  • The clear leader is the building "Bath House", distinguished by its aesthetics, presentability, comfort, Being. the multifunctionality of the owner of such a delightful building is very prestigious.
  • The second place in the ranking of deservedly demanded projects is occupied by the "Bath-attic" construction. The structure differs in ergonomics, attractiveness, lightness (in contrast to the second full-fledged floor) and economy (construction will cost the third).
  • In a cheaper place, the building "swimming pool with a bath" proudly flaunts. Since the steam room is inconceivable artificial without a reservoir, the owners of miniature saunas are looking for alternative sources - fonts. buckets, basins. And the owners of two-storey structures can take a walk - get a magnificent pool!
  • The fourth place is occupied by the object "winter rooms with a bath". Sometimes the city's incredible bustle gets boring. In view of this, a steam room with one or two living rooms is a real Construction. saving the bathhouse will not require an insanely colossal investment of money, it will delight you with home comfort, friendliness and, of course.

charm, there are others, no less wonderful, these, but the projects are true leaders.

A two-storey bathhouse is a small kingdom of tranquility, pacification, presentability, comfort and attractiveness! Make yourself so luxurious, believe me, a gift, you will not regret it!

Baths with a terrace

As a rule, it is a continuation of a 3x4 m room, which opens to the open air. Such projects are preferred by families with many children in order to get together in the evenings to discuss the events of the past with a cup of tea or coffee. Besides the terrace, In addition, they save several additional square meters of land, which will be occupied by a separate Sole.

The gazebo has the disadvantage of the sloping terrace adjacent to the bathroom, the impossibility of equipping a place for a Must. barbecue be two entrances to the terrace (terraces on especially the first floor of the building) - from the street and through the bathhouse, where the base of the column (or should) of the pillar serve as the basis for the terrace. projects There are two-storey saunas with terraces, which have sliding walls. The highlight of this design is that in the summer you can remove the wall of one terrace, pushing it towards the "sliding" Hosts. gates receive a full-fledged closed veranda, which can be opened if desired.

A room with a relaxation bath

The implementation of the plan 2 in 1 (bath + relaxation room) allows you to free up space in the suburban area of ​​the pool. In this case the pool can be located both in the open air and under a canopy... And it is also possible to install the pool in a glazed annex or on the terrace.

From the baths of the advantages with a pool: you can get beneficial health procedures and an aesthetic design. The problem may be to drain the water from the cleaning pool or replace the old clean water with water. therefore it is very important to provide a drainage system.

If space permits, then waste water can be reused for the same garden irrigation by installing a septic tank for waste water treatment.

Watch the video: Pool Bau aus einem 1000 l IBC Tank Container

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