How to choose a high pressure mini-washer + analysis of a homemade option

Our roads are far from perfect. Even in large cities, storm sewers do not cope well with the flow of water after rain, and the mud flowing from the side of the road onto the road stains all passing cars. What can we say about out-of-town trips? Nevertheless, every driver is obliged to monitor the appearance of his car. If the sides of the car, constantly splashed with mud, simply negatively characterize its owner, then unreadable numbers can lead to a fine. But washing a car in city car washes is ruinous for a family budget. A mini-wash for a car helps out, which this article will help you choose.

The main advantages of this device are its portability and mobility. You can forget about visiting stationary car washes forever if you buy a suitable mini-wash for your car. It can be kept in the trunk of a car and used when the need arises.

The compact and mobile sink is convenient both during storage and during transportation: it will be at hand whenever it can be useful

Car mini-washes are arranged quite simply. Pressurized water is supplied through a hose at the end of which there is a splitter nozzle. The pressure is generated by a pump driven by an electric motor. Water passing through a small (about 0.7 mm in diameter) orifice under high pressure creates a powerful jet. With the help of this jet, dirt is removed from the surface of the car.

What to look for when buying a unit?

If it is easier for you to buy a device than to make it yourself, then it is advisable to be well-versed in the operating parameters of the mini-washer and other circumstances of its operation. Such, for example, as the presence in your region of service centers that can provide warranty service for the device.

Device performance

Productivity is an indicator that characterizes water consumption per unit of time (minute or hour). The higher the performance of the device, the greater the pressure it creates. Average performance indicators are 7-12 liters per minute or 420-720 liters per hour.

Water pressure is the main parameter

The amount of water pressure determines how quickly and efficiently your car will be washed. An inexpensive version of the device provides a pressure of 70-100 bar. Please note that this indicator can easily turn into 50-80 bar if the car is washed using a water intake, and not a water supply. It is clear that then the process may be delayed.

High pressure washers (150-180 bar) are more expensive, but they can be washed faster and the result will be better. Therefore, we will place money on one side of the scale, and quality and time on the other. The choice is yours.

There are different types of minisinks, but you need to choose them taking into account your own needs and capabilities: we do not always need an extra-class

Pay attention to the filter

Modern mini-washers are equipped with filters. But the quality of our water is so low that an extra filter in the device will definitely not hurt. If a small abrasive particle enters the pump of the device, it will cause damage. Try to avoid replacement cartridges. Reusable filters work more efficiently and are easy to clean.

Different types of pumps

Pumps in mini washers are made of metal or plastic. The latter are divided into collapsible and non-collapsible. The cost of the pump is about 70% of the total price of the device, so buying a new non-separable pump in case of its possible breakdown will be too expensive. The model with a collapsible pump is more expensive to purchase, but as a result of its operation, you will benefit.

However, plastic pumps are worse than metal ones. They deteriorate from overheating and too hot water. This circumstance must not be forgotten.

The minisink has a resource

The lack of information about the resource of the device does not give us a complete picture of the product. But we ourselves must clearly understand how we plan to operate the device, and for what purposes we buy it.

For example, if some models of mini-washers can withstand up to half an hour of continuous operation, for others, even 20 minutes is the ultimate load. Karcher devices series 2 and 3 can wash only one car per day, and series 7 - up to seven cars per day.

What is total stop?

The system in which the water supply is automatically stopped when the gun handle is released is called total stop. Its presence extends the service life of any sink model.

Mini washers can have a wide range of applications, especially with different nozzles and the ability to connect this device to the water supply

Water intake technology

Connecting the device to the water supply system helps to instantly ensure the pressure in the system when water is taken involuntarily. But not every time there is the possibility of such a connection. In this case, the mini-washer should work with water intake from the tank. Sometimes, it is precisely such work that is prohibited and the instructions say that the internal parts may receive additional wear and tear. You can use the product only as provided in the instructions.

Attachments and add-ons

Various additional attachments expand the possibilities of using the mini washers. The Karcher company, with 1-2 nozzles included in the basic package, offers to purchase up to 20 different accessories additionally. Other manufacturers have less choice.

The possibility of using auto chemistry

Some models provide for the addition of auto chemicals to the tank, in other cases, chemicals can be supplied through a special device or a special foaming agent is needed that is put on the tank. With the latter two options, it will be difficult to wash the engine with the addition of aggressive chemicals.

Warranties and service

The finished mini-washer is assembled so that it could only be opened in service centers. Warranty conditions and availability of centers must be clarified in advance.

A few more words about how to choose a purchased mini-washer, you will hear from a specialist in this video:

If there is no money, we make a mini-wash ourselves

A self-made mini-wash will not only save the family budget, but also give additional pleasure to the car enthusiast: the availability of the parts used in its production is simply inspiring. The operating voltage of the device is 12 volts: you can operate it by inserting the plug into the cigarette lighter or from the household network through a rectifier.

Parts required for work:

  • working motor of the washer of the Volga, nine or other machine;
  • a brush for washing the car, put on the hose;
  • cigarette lighter plug;
  • two three-meter hoses 6 and 10mm in diameter;
  • a piece of corrugated hose 25mm in diameter;
  • switch button;
  • two-core electric wire 5-6m long;
  • M8 bolt made of brass with washer and nut;
  • two polyethylene 10-liter canisters;
  • 6 galvanized self-tapping screws with a diameter of 4x12mm;
  • some sealant.

So, the order of doing the work. The thin hose and wires are placed in the larger diameter hose. Then it is threaded through the hole, which must first be made in the canister, and secured with a sleeve. A receiving tube is attached to the washer motor. A push-button switch is installed on the brush. If desired, it is decorated with a piece of corrugated hose 25mm in diameter. The connection of the lower part of the wire is well shown in the diagram.

One of the two canisters needs to be cut to make a second sink bottom with a shuttle on which the power cord will be wound, and a swivel lid. To supply water to the brush, you need to press the switch button. A short press of up to 50 seconds with interruptions of 15-20 seconds is enough.

Homemade mini-washer is very easy to manufacture and wonderful to use: drove to a place where there are no people and washed the car without problems and costs

How exactly you need to cut the canister is clearly visible in the photographs. On the right photo you can see the bottom of the canister with the washer motor attached to it

The washer motor must be secured with a clamp, which is cut from the remnants of the second canister. To fasten it, an M8 bolt is used, planted on a sealant. The hoses are put on plastic sleeves, which are perfect for markers or simple ballpoint pens.

After desoldering the wires with self-tapping screws, the second bottom is attached, then the rotary cover. Remember to use sealant wherever you need it.

Everything that is needed to make a mini-wash yourself is shown in this and previous photos and diagrams: it remains to stock up on details and patience

After completing the car wash:

  • the hose is hidden inside;
  • the wire is wound on the shuttle, closed with a rotary cover;
  • in winter, the remaining water must be drained.

Such a mini-wash allows you not to depend on the water source, wash your car often and with pleasure.

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Firstly, if you are a car owner, then you know that the services of a stationary professional car wash are not cheap. Secondly, it is not always possible to use these services for various reasons. In this regard, when purchasing a mini-washer, there is always an opportunity to use it at any time convenient for the owner. Plus, this technique will help you visit the car wash at the service station much less often, saving resources.

The most important thing is that the functions of the mini-wash are not limited to car wash. Depending on the type of sink, it can be used to wash the surrounding area, windows from the outside, various implements, use it for watering plants in the garden, and even as a shower, and not only.

How to choose a high pressure mini washer. We choose on the example of Nilfisk and Karcher products.

The main criteria for choosing a high pressure mini-washer. What technical characteristics to pay attention to, how to calculate the washing efficiency, from what materials a quality product should be made, what it should be equipped with.

Currently, minisinks are used to solve a huge number of tasks. They are used in the automotive industry, industry and at home. This technique can be applied both for indoor and outdoor work: cleaning buildings and structures, cars, furniture, etc. All objects and parts being cleaned by such a unit are transformed and become truly clean. More powerful devices can be used to clean pipes and sewers. The most important advantage of pressure washers is their relatively high productivity ratio, excellent work results and ease of use. Before you buy a mini-washer, you need to decide for yourself how often it will be used and for what cleaning work. A distinction is made between automatic (compact), manual and floor-standing washers.

Confusion becomes quite predictable when buying this device, how to choose the right one from a wide range of goods, which one to sharpen and choose and by what criteria to do it.

Let's dwell on two main qualities that must be considered when buying a mini washer: productivity and pressure.

  1. Under productivity or productivity the consumption of water by it is understood. Typically 7-10 liters per minute. It should be noted that the less water is consumed, the higher the performance of the mini-washer and the better it is.
  2. Pressure provides a piston pump, if we consider the example of washing a car, then the optimal pressure will be equal to one hundred twenty or one hundred thirty bar.
  3. It would be a mistake to take into account, when choosing a minisink, these qualities separately. It is necessary consider all the capabilities of this equipment in combination... To do this, the cleaning efficiency can be calculated using the formula: the cleaning efficiency is equal to the productivity (in liters / min.) Multiplied by the pressure (in bar) and divided by 600.

From the above calculations, we see that the C 140 model has the best efficiency from the Nilfisk company, and the K 5.20 from the Karcher company.

But these are not all the qualities that need to be considered.

  1. You also need to remember about the materials from which the main units of the unit are made. Of particular importance is material used for making pump... The material from which the mini-wash pump is made symbolizes the reliability, strength and durability of the equipment. The highest quality material is aluminum... All sinks of the Nilfisk brand are made of aluminum, the Karcher company completes its units with aluminum pumps starting from the K5.20 model.
  2. Also worth paying attention for completing a sink with nozzlesthat perform various functions. The more there are, the higher the functionality of the device.
  3. The kit includes and filters... During the operation of the equipment, they will have to be purchased. Filters are necessary to clean the engine from various types of contaminants resulting from dirty water. They save mechanisms and assemblies from blockages with small particles and extend its performance.
  4. Total Stop system - turns off the device when lowering the gun handle and stops further water supply.
  5. However, not all minisinks can be connected to the water supply and this must be taken into account. There are models that take water from containers, while the instruction manual clearly states that in some models, where water is taken from a container, internal parts quickly wear out. Therefore, such a fence cannot be used. Karcher sinks are equipped with plastic valves, so you can use water from a container up to 1 m deep without worrying about the wear of parts.
  6. When buying, you should check with sales consultants not only additional equipment, but also how the chemistry is fed... If through a special tank or valve, then an additional removable external foam concentrate is attached to the gun, which will only allow neutral chemicals to pass through.
  7. Service warranty period... You should study all the factors due to which you may be refused service centers for one reason or another. Missing any moment, you may encounter a number of problems in the operation of this equipment.

Having provided all the conditions for purchasing a mini-washer, it will last a long time and become an irreplaceable friend and helper of cleanliness and comfort in your life.

Types of mini-washers

All car washes on the market are equipped with an electric motor, which requires a permanent connection to the mains, single-phase models are connected to regular 220 W sockets, three-phase equipment can only be used in a 380 W network.

Depending on the power of the pump and the scope of application, the devices can be divided into three types:

Household mini washers

The cheapest and least powerful option, which is suitable for basic cleaning jobs. The equipment is capable of working for a short period of time, then a break is required. Continuous operation will lead to overheating and burnout of the motor. It is worth giving preference to the device only if you do not plan to perform large amounts of work.

This is the best option for caring for a private house and car. Compact, lightweight and inexpensive household pressure washers are designed to operate up to 4 hours per week.

Professional AED

The best option for car washes and other facilities where continuous operation of the device is required without interruptions.They are able to improve power parameters up to 5 kW and productivity (700 l / h), better cope with serious pollution. The purchase of a professional car wash will completely replace the need to visit a car wash, the device allows you to wash a car in 15 minutes.

Such sinks are more expensive, but they also have more advantages: high performance, high-quality and durable pump material, the pump can work with hot water, the function of heating and water intake, a large supply of engine hours.

Industrial apparatus

The main field of application is the cleaning of industrial vehicles and aircraft from surface dirt. They give out a stream of liquid under enormous pressure, as a result, even when working with large areas, the process does not take much time, the disadvantage is the high price.

Depending on the type of water intake system, equipment can be divided into devices connected to a central water supply system and equipment that draws water from a special tank or barrel. The latter are much more convenient to use in the country, where the water supply is often not carried out.

The cheapest model costs about UAH 1900. Buying a mini-washer pays off after its 10th application.

How to choose a mini sink

If earlier high-pressure washers were used mainly professionally, today you will not surprise anyone with a household sink. With its help, you can quickly and efficiently wash equipment, garden paths, fences and walls, clean surfaces from rust. The presence of special nozzles allows you to use some types of sinks for cleaning sewer pipes and spraying garden plants.

When buying, it is worth deciding on the frequency of use of the device. For this, sinks can be conditionally divided into:

  • entry-level appliances
  • middle level sinks
  • options for professional use.

The characteristics of sinks that should not be ignored when choosing: maximum pressure and performance, type of water intake, product power, material of manufacture, availability of additional nozzles.

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