The vase

The pot has always been recognized as an important element of the garden, because it allows you to have a container in which to house the plant. Among other things, it is the only solution to have flowers on the balcony, because while in the garden it is also possible to create flower beds, in this case it is not a possible solution. The choice of pots is really wide, their function also decorative leads to choose pots that not only have an end in themselves, but are able to give the garden a more orderly and pleasant appearance.

The dimensions

Dwelling on the size of the pots, it should be emphasized that there are pots of all sizes, because each plant needs to be placed within a space suitable for its development. When you buy it is small, but you have to consider that over time it will grow, so if you choose to buy a rather small pot, you will need to transfer the plant into a larger one later. For the well-being of the plant, it is essential that both the roots and the foliage have sufficient space to be able to develop. For this reason the vessel, if it is not suitable, could be subjected to such pressure that it would cause it to break.

The terracotta vase

The classic vase is par excellence the terracotta one, simple and linear. It adapts to any space, moreover it has such a resistance to be subjected to any temperature change but without suffering any damage. The edge of the terracotta pot is slightly protruding to make it easier to grip. A hole is made on the base for the escape of excess water, this helps to keep the plant in good condition because the excess water drains and therefore does not remain in contact with the roots of the same plant which could thus rot. A similar solution was adopted for the wooden vase, because this material, if it is in contact with water, tends to deteriorate, and moreover if there are no holes for the water to drain, especially due to rain, the plant rots.

The wooden and stone vase

For this reason, the wooden pots have an insulating layer inside them, most of the times made of plastic, which avoids direct contact between the ground and the wood. These are important precautions that allow the wooden vase to have a long life. The decorative pots can also be made in stone, a rather heavy natural material that has always found its perfect location in the garden. We must never forget that the garden is an extension of one's home to which special attention has always been paid to make it as pleasant as possible. The decorated vases show floral motifs, usually left in the natural color of the material, without further additions. The stone has different colors, depending on the type you choose the vase has a different color. Furthermore, in most cases, it is not subjected to any type of treatment but remains in its natural state. It is a question of creating a cavity inside the boulder in which to place the vase.

The various uses in the garden

Today the vases continue to have the importance of a time inside a garden, and the possibility of orienting oneself on very particular models also allows to give the garden an unusual aspect. Among other things, the vases are also used to delimit a space and create two separate areas. In this case, rather large vases are used and made with heavy materials, such as stone or concrete. In fact, concrete is another material used for making vases, it appears quite solid and remains intact even if left exposed to the elements for years. The choice is reserved for the customer who will know which pot will have the best decorative function in his garden.

Furnishing elements

For this reason, the vases are also defined as furnishing elements, because they complete and enrich the green space. For those who do not want to experience the garden only as the area in which to have lunch or have a swimming pool, or cannot have it because it does not have enough space, the vase will be placed in a prominent position and will immediately capture the attention.

Vases: Plastic and resin models

When we talk about modern vases, we are referring above all to models made of plastic or rather resin, which take on quite large dimensions compared to the vases that we are used to commonly see. In addition, the garden pots made of resin offer an alternative design while having all the characteristics suitable for use in an outdoor space. The lighting function is also often associated with it, which contributes to making the vase even more of a piece of furniture. Among other things, these pots contain only quite tall plants or bamboo, which is quickly conquering the market, because it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use even on the balcony. When the choice is oriented on these pot models, then it will always be necessary to ask whether the chosen plant will be able to live well in this pot or not.

- List Package: - 100 x Plant Labels - Product Condition: - New - Product Description: - L * H * W = 6 * 10 * 0.1cm. Tolerance could be 0.05

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The view in January 2010 (in the background Monumento a Giuseppe Garibaldi to the far right)

In the 1880s the riverbed was enlarged to the detriment of the garden which is now very small in addition high walls and Lungotevere, a tree-lined street, were built on the river banks. Today it is difficult to see the small casino on the Janiculum which Vasi mentions in the plate it is located to the left of Monumento a Giuseppe Garibaldi.
The building for the servants was modified in the XIXth century and the loggia on the roof of la Farnesina is smaller than in the plate.

The Farnesina

How can I use the pots for the garden?

THE flower pots that we propose in this sheet can also be used in another way: provided with a drain hole, by purchasing a common drain, you can create a small garden fountain by simply placing the pot on the ground.

Even an old wooden cutting board can be recycled to become a succulent plant holder. You can hang it on a wall.

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Generally i reconstructed stone vases they are bought by those who want to furnish their outdoor space in a stable way without the need for excessive movement small size of this product, however, allows you to transfer your flower arrangement with ease.

The color of each element has unique shades.

In case of positioning the vase on parapets, walls, balconies, terraces, poolside etc., it is recommended to fix it with a common glue or with threaded rod.


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