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Video about Crassula, or Fat Woman, or Money Tree - a master of his craft in growing flowers shares his experience and knowledge about the rules of caring for Crassula. Plant transplantation is demonstrated and its reproduction is described. How to water the Money Tree, what kind of lighting you need, what kind of humidity. How to fertilize Fatty and a lot more useful information.

Video about Crassula, Money Tree, Fat Woman

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Crassula is a typical representative of the bastard family. In total, the family includes 300 species of plants from a few centimeters to 50 meters in height. Among them you can find succulent, creeping and aquatic plants. Their common characteristic is thickened, succulent leaves, which can be oval, diamond-shaped, lanceolate, cylindrical.

Of course, no one will contain large types of fat houses. Crassula is quite suitable for this, since it looks like a compact tree and fits freely on the windowsill. With age, the trunk of Crassula thickens. In indoor conditions, flowering practically does not occur. The crown is easy to form.


Crassula (Crassula) belongs to the family of the genus of succulents and is a deciduous ornamental plant that can bloom, but not in indoor conditions.


This plant is capable of accumulating a lot of moisture in its leaves, which makes it possible for it to feel good in the extreme conditions of arid Africa, Madagascar and South Arabia. This is also facilitated by its optimal forms, which are so popular with flower growers.


You can find several types of Crassula. The most popular of them all is Crassula arborescens, tree cotyledon or money tree. The silver fat woman (Crassula argenta), the oval fat woman (Crassula ovata) is also called the money tree. These plants can have different leaf colors. The above listed types of bastard have a green, dark green or shiny silvery leaf surface. The leaves may have a reddish border or red spots on the back of the leaves.

All these representatives of hot countries have taken root in modern apartments and can grow up to 1 or 2 meters in height. This is not surprising, because the microclimate of modern apartments can be called extreme, both in winter and in summer. Most of the apartments do not have air conditioning, therefore, during hot periods, the apartments are almost tropical. At the same time, air humidity is greatly underestimated, which is quite acceptable for representatives of the tropics.

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for the Money Tree at Home

Indoor plants are amazing - they not only fill the room with freshness and oxygen, but also add color on dull gray days or long winter evenings.

Succulents are a good choice for indoor plants. They are attractive, easy to care for, tolerate the indoor climate well and generally sit obediently in a pot all their lives. Some of the easiest species to care for are the Money Trees (Crassulas).

The advantages of growing Crassula in an apartment

Crassula or Fat women Are succulents that cover many species and are great for budding gardeners. The term "Money Tree" can be used to refer to the many species of Crassula, but it is most commonly referred to as Crassula ovata.

This is what a homemade Fatty Woman looks like. Photo is used as an illustration. Source: Yandex.Images

They have the following qualities:

  • easily multiply and duplicate
  • easy to care for
  • practically unkillable
  • beautiful and attractive
  • evergreen
  • suitable for indoor use
  • easily turn into bonsai
  • blooms (usually in the autumn-winter period) even with minimal maintenance.

More about Fatty

Fatty or Crassula Ovata, also commonly known as the Money or Jade tree, has rounded leaves and thick branches that contain a lot of water.

Strongly illuminated leaves turn red. Photo is used as an illustration. Source: Yandex.Images

They usually grow quite low to the ground and grow no more than 50 centimeters in height. In strong light, the leaves of the plant can be colored in different shades of red and orange. It is very beautiful, but it can be harmful to the health of your flower.

And although the variety of Fat Women is huge (according to various sources, there are from 200 to 500 species), all species can be looked after in the same way as Crassula Ovata.

Top dressing of the Fat Woman

Basically, if your plant is considered Crassula, you can propagate and care for it in the ways described below (do not forget to read the last very important point at the end of this article).

Preparing for planting a houseplant

If you want your Money Tree to grow happy and healthy, you need to start with the steps below.

Flower pot

The first step of the future “money” gardener is choosing the right pot. A wide, sturdy container that allows the water to drain will do. Good drainage is important to keep the roots from rotting or drowning (yes, plant roots can drown).

An ordinary flower pot with a good drainage system may be suitable for planting Crassula. Photo is used as an illustration. Source: Yandex.Images

In other words, a regular plant pot with a hole in the bottom will do. Placing the pot on a saucer will help collect the run-off water and increase the humidity around the flower.

Correct soil

You can use a special soil for Cacti and Succulents, or make your own. Just mix the all-purpose soil with sand or perlite in a 1 to 1 ratio.

Remember! Most universal soils hold moisture well - this works for most plants, but not Crassules.

Fat women grow up in hot and arid climates and simply cannot handle large amounts of water. Adding sand or perlite to the soil will allow moisture to drain off, which means your plant will not be harmed.

Reproduction and planting of a flower

Crassula is easy to propagate. This means that if you are familiar with the owner of the Money Tree, you do not have to spend money to buy a plant. Just take a stalk or leaf of a flower.

When transplanting a plant, it is important to add fresh soil. Photo is used as an illustration. Source: Yandex.Images

The main thing is to make sure that you take the shoots from a mature Crassula, as young plants cannot produce normal cuttings and leaves for germination.


Leaf propagation is the easiest way to grow your little succulent plant. Carefully pluck the leaf from a healthy mature Crassula, making sure it looks good (smooth and dark green, no bleed).

The leaf forms a new flower. Photo is used as an illustration. Source: Yandex.Images

And then just place it on moistened soil, drowning it by 2-3 millimeters. The roots should start growing from the leaf in about 2 weeks, and after another 2 weeks you will see a new flower growing from the base of the leaf.

Attention! Make sure the soil stays moist throughout the entire germination time.

Interestingly, the leaves store so much energy and potential that within a month you get a whole new plant. It's really magical!


Propagation by cuttings is a similar process, but a new plant becomes an adult faster. The thicker the stem (stalk), the better. Simply cut the stem from the mother plant and place it in the soil so that it stands upright.

Ready cuttings. Photo is used as an illustration. Source: Yandex.Images

Once the root system is fully grown (after about 6-8 weeks), the plant should revive and you will have a real Money Tree.

How to properly care for and independently raise a beautiful Fat woman at home?

In this section, we will consider 4 basic issues in the care of Crassula - lighting, watering, temperature conditions and other conditions of detention.


The money tree is very fond of light, but does not like direct sunlight. Strong sunlight can cause leaf burns, leaf loss, and even stem rot.

The fat woman does not like direct sunlight. Photo is used as an illustration. Source: Yandex.Images

Many Crassul owners make this common mistake. Therefore, if you have a partial shade area in which the sun appears, your flower will grow healthy.

Try to find a location where the plant will receive 4-5 hours of indirect sunlight (for example, one meter from a window). You can also try placing your Crassula under the foliage of other plants to protect it, but still make up for the lack of light.

How to make Crassula's trunk thicker?

If the leaves become shriveled and change color, know that your plant is getting too much sun; if the stems become long and flexible, there is not enough light. Just pay attention to the flower and you will find the perfect spot.


Water your plant every week as needed. In other words, if the soil is not completely dry yet, take a week off.

The plant must not be flooded. Photo is used as an illustration. Source: Yandex.Images

If you see water accumulating on the soil surface a couple of minutes after watering, chances are you have poured too much. Also, avoid top-watering Crassula (just water the soil around the plant) to prevent fungal growth.

Temperature regime

Homeland of the Money Tree is South Africa and Mozambique, so it loves dry and warm conditions. Temperatures below 10 ° C can harm the flower, so Russian gardeners should be aware of this.

Crassula's homeland is South Africa. Photo is used as an illustration. Source: Yandex.Images

Heat is not a problem for Crassula as long as she is not in direct sunlight. Excessive moisture will also do no harm if the plant is healthy. But this does not mean that you need to fill the flower.

Other conditions of detention

One surprising fact is that Fat Women feel light and are drawn to it. In the wild, this saves the plant from extinction, but at home it makes the flower unstable and less aesthetic.

The plant will bloom soon. Photo is used as an illustration. Source: Yandex.Images

This is why it is important to rotate the pot from time to time (once every two weeks). This will ensure even growth and your plant will be symmetrical and very beautiful.

Crassulas do not need fertilizers. They have enough of those nutrients that are supplied with the soil. Therefore, we recommend changing the soil of the flower every 3 years to replenish the supply of nutrients.

Blooming in winter

Another reason you can use fertilizer is desire provoke flowering... Crassulae bloom with whitish-pink small flowers. But top dressing does not guarantee that the plant will bloom.

Blooming money tree. Photo is used as an illustration. Source: Yandex.Images

In other words, it's a pretty tricky process. To achieve flowering, you need to mimic the natural conditions of the plant. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with beautiful bursting buds on your windowsill.

FirstlyYour money tree must be mature enough to bloom and survive in an arid environment - if there is too much moisture in the air, buds will not form.

Secondly, you need to know that the Fat woman will bloom in autumn or winter. Therefore, you can start preparing the plant for flowering with fertilization in the spring or summer.

During the fall, move your Money Tree to a cooler area (16 ° C), reduce watering frequency (but avoid shrinking), and refrain from fertilizing.

If you're lucky, the buds will appear on the shortest days of the year and bloom shortly thereafter. The flowers are beautiful but short-lived, so be sure to take some photos!

After that, it remains to cut off the flowering stem (called the pedicel) as soon as it starts to brown, and again return to normal watering of the plant.

A new flowering can be provoked only after a few years, completely changing the soil. The plant needs enough time to replenish its energy reserves.

Pruning and pinching

Many people like to prune their Crassulae to give them an attractive look. In other words, trimming is done for aesthetic reasonsbut also helps the plant develop thicker stems. The main recommendations here are:

  • do not cut more than 30% of the jade branches at one time
  • do not touch the main stem (trunk) of the plant
  • make sure you use cuttings for propagation

The thicker stems allow the Fat Woman to grow tall and fleshy, which makes them look really cool. The main thing is to prune the plant at a mature age.

Pests and diseases

It's nice to think that pests and diseases will never settle in your home and your plants ... but it is important to know how to deal with them if this does happen.

Leaves of an infected plant. Photo is used as an illustration. Source: Yandex.Images

Money trees can be susceptible to mealybugs, spider mites, powdery mildew, and scabbard.


Probably the most common Money Tree affliction. These are small flat white bugs that suck the juices out of the plant.

To remove mealybugs, take cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol and try to wipe off the bugs and their egg clutches. You can prevent their return by using a mixture of alcohol and water (in a ratio of 1 to 1).

Spray the plant with this mixture every 3 days for a month. Remember to replace the topsoil to remove any mealy insect residue.

Spider mite

Tiny little red spiders that can kill your plant. The first sign of a spider mite is yellow or brown spots on the leaves... Sometimes, a cobweb is found on the foliage.

If you are not sure if your plant has been infected by a spider mite, place white paper under the flower and shake it gently. If red spots appear on the leaf, be sure that these are spider mites, fight them in the same way as with mealybugs.

Powdery mildew

This fungal disease will appear as small white spots on the leaves of your succulent. Infection usually occurs in low light, cool temperatures, and high humidity.

Use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to wipe off any white spots, then treat the entire plant with this solution.

Note! White spots can be caused by excess salt produced by leaves or by hard water spots after watering.

False shield, thrips and aphids

These pests are less common and can be treated with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Store-bought insecticides can damage the succulent leaves, so use natural control methods such as vinegar and baking soda or an alcohol solution.

The most important point that will help grow any flower

You now have enough knowledge about the Money Tree to plant him, grow and make sure it is not eaten by bugs, spiders and fungi.

There is a belief that Crassula brings wealth. Photo is used as an illustration. Source: Yandex.Images

We recommend Crassula as a home flower for both beginners and experienced florists. And the last thing we want to say: even if a person feels uncertainty and lack of knowledge about growing a plant, anything can be grown.

The secret is observation. Pay attention to your plants and you will know what they love the most. In the case of Crassula, this means that you pay attention to how your plant develops.

If you see it turning yellow, ask yourself why is it doing this? Is there too much sun? Or mealybugs eat it? Do you need to water it more?

The more attention you pay, the more you learn about plant care. As a result, you will become an experienced florist and the space of your home will bloom with new colors.

We advise you to watch a practical video with the secrets of caring for the Money Tree or the Tree of Happiness:

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The fat woman became lethargic and withers: reasons and what to do

A common problem when growing a money tree is wilting. Its leaves become soft and soon dry out and die off. The branches and trunk of the tree can also become lethargic. It is important to determine the cause and know what to do if the money tree (fat woman) has soft and sluggish leaves and trunk.

Why did the leaves and trunk of the fat woman become soft

Sometimes the money tree loses its decorative effect and begins to fade. The leaves of the bastard become lethargic, thin and wrinkled. If the leaves of the money tree have become soft and lethargic, this is a signal to the grower about mistakes in caring for the plant. In the money tree, soft, lethargic leaves can become with the following care errors:

  • Insufficient watering
  • Excess moisture in the soil for a long time

Insufficient moistening of the earthen coma and its prolonged drying out can damage the root system. Despite the fact that the bastard is a succulent, its roots can die off if they are kept dry for a long time.

Not only leaves, but even some branches and trunk of the money tree can become soft. But the trunk dries up last. With excessive watering, a similar situation occurs. In water without air access, the roots of the plant also die off.

At the same time, there may also be soft leaves on the branches of the tree. But in a humid environment, pathogens multiply rapidly. Therefore, with waterlogging, various diseases may occur.

Diseases and pests cause the softness of the trunk and leaves of the money tree

The fat woman can have soft leaves and trunk due to numerous fungal diseases. The most common are root and trunk rot, gray rot and powdery mildew. These diseases arise due to excessive moisture in the soil and air, as well as due to the ingress of water on the leaves and shoots at low temperatures.

Root rot spreads quickly and affects the bottom of the trunk. In this case, the trunk softens, and the plant falls. Gray rot and powdery mildew are fungal diseases of branches and leaves. Extensive damage leads to the fact that soft leaves appear on the branches, the leaf blades dry out, and the branches die off.

If the fat woman has become lethargic, this may indicate that the plant has been damaged by harmful insects. Sometimes on the fat woman settle: scale insects and mealybugs. If pests multiply in large numbers, they severely damage leaves and shoots. At the same time, the leaf blades, as if they lack nutrition, become thinner and wither.

What to do if a fat woman has soft leaves and a trunk

If the money tree is limp and withers, it is urgent to take measures to save it. It is necessary to assess the moisture content of the soil in the pot. If it is completely dry for a long time, you need to start watering the plant.

Also, the reason why the leaves of the money tree can become soft is that the soil is too wet. In this case, you need to dry the soil and then begin to water it carefully. But if a month after drying the leaf blades are still soft, you need to repot the plant.

Usually it is carried out when the roots of the plant are already affected by a fungal infection. Therefore, after revising the root system, it is advisable to soak the roots in a solution of an antifungal drug for a day. After transplanting, the plant is not watered for 2-3 days.

Usually the trunk is not repaired, the rotten tissue must be removed. The lower part of the plant is cut to a healthy tissue and dried for 3-4 hours. Then the top is rooted in the ground. During rooting, watered carefully, slightly moisten the soil. Usually the crown of the bastard takes root willingly and grows well on new roots.

Why does Crassula have a thin trunk

In addition to the problems with the wilting of the bastard, there are other troubles when growing this species. A tree with a thin curved trunk looks very ugly. In addition, such a trunk cannot withstand the weight of the crown and bends or breaks even more.

To grow a fat woman with a thick beautiful trunk, the following features of plant care must be observed:

  • The tree needs to be planted in an individual pot, several cuttings growing in the same pot shade each other and take away nutrients
  • You can not plant a fat woman in a spacious pot, the roots of the plant should quickly grow to its walls. While the root system of the tree is growing, it does not grow the trunk and shoots.
  • You need to provide a fat woman the brightest diffused light in summer and winter in winter, it is advisable to supplement the tree with phytolamps.

If the stem of the plant is thin and the leaves are soft, the root system of the plant may be damaged. In this case, it is necessary to make a transplant with a revision of the roots.

How to get rid of white bloom on the stem of a plant

The defeat of the shoots of the bastard can lead to their wilting. It is often possible to see that the shoots of the plant are soft and covered with a white bloom. The reason for this:

  • Development of a fungal disease "powdery mildew"
  • Mealybug lesion.

Powdery mildew develops on leaves and shoots at high humidity. This disease is especially dangerous during the rest period, when the air temperature is low. The affected areas are covered with white mold.

Also, all diseased parts of the tree are removed and burned, preventing the disease from spreading. Mealybug is a dangerous pest. Insects are covered with a white fluffy bloom. In places of accumulation in the axils of the leaves, they form white fluffy areas, in which moving insects are visible.

The worm sucks the juice from the plant, the shoots dry out, and you can see sluggish, soft leaves on them. The insect is destroyed with the help of insecticides, which are used to treat the ground part of the plant and the surface of the soil.

Features of care for a fat woman

The soft leaves of the bastard look very unsightly. A beautiful money tree should have large, thick and resilient leaves. This requires proper care of the plant. The main thing in it:

The fat woman is rarely watered, but abundantly. In no case should the plant be poured, but you should not leave it in dry ground for a long time, otherwise the beautiful leaves will turn into soft and wrinkled.

The plant requires bright lighting all year round. But direct sunlight is harmful to its leaves, diffused light is useful. Adequate nutrition will also help keep the plant decorative. It needs to be regularly transplanted into new soil and fed with fertilizers.

How to properly feed Crassula

Top dressing of the fat woman is carried out in the warm season. They begin to feed in early May, if the plant has not been transplanted into new soil. Transplanted plants need to be fed only 3-4 months after transplanting.

If it is impossible to get them, then you can feed them with ordinary fertilizers for deciduous indoor plants, but their concentration is made half as much as recommended on the package. Liquid formulations are easiest to use. They are very easy to prepare for use.

Liquid fertilizers are diluted with water for irrigation according to the instructions on the bottle or on the package. Then the resulting mixture is watered the tree 2-3 hours after the main watering. Only absolutely healthy plants can be fed. If the fat woman has soft leaves or a trunk, you need to eliminate the cause of this. When the plant recovers, it can be fed.

Money tree transplant rules

The fat woman is usually transplanted in early spring before the growing season. But if the tree has soft leaves, it is better to do an emergency transplant; the usual transplant is carried out annually for young plants.

A new flowerpot for a plant is chosen 1 cm wider than the previous one. The fat woman is transplanted by the transshipment method with the transfer of a clod of earth to a new pot. All voids are filled with fresh earth. A drainage layer in the pot is required.

If the tree has soft leaves and a trunk, the root system should be examined immediately. The plant is removed from the pot and all the old soil is removed from the roots. To do this, you can soak the roots in water for 20-25 minutes.

After that, the roots are examined, all rotten, dark or dead areas are removed. After that, the plant is planted in new soil. The first 2-3 days it is not watered. Then they begin to water carefully.

Crassula pests and how to deal with them

Spider mite

The pest is very small in size. However, despite its size, the mite is very noticeable on the plant. The described pest can be recognized by small grayish or reddish dots that are constantly moving.

If a grower noticed a spider mite on a money tree, he must:

  1. Treat the plant with fungicides immediately.
  2. Plus, you need to tighten the bag on the crassula - from the very top to the base of the pot. This vacuum will create a humid environment that will kill the spider mite.

From folk remedies, you can use a soap solution. True, this tool will have to be processed several times.


This pest is considered one of the most common insects for the fat woman. It's hard to find, since the worm is most often located on the root system and in the axils of the foliage. This insect survives thanks to the living tissues of the plant, from which it sucks out the juice, which is the cause of death for the money tree.

Crassula does not fade immediately, but gradually. This is facilitated by a weakened immune system. In addition, the external data of the plant deteriorate. A white bloom similar to cotton wool appears on the entire surface of the leaves.

Treatment consists of several stages:

  1. The first is the mechanical removal of pests. This can easily be done with a good pressure of water.
  2. Then the whole bastard is treated with alcohol or garlic solution. Of the ready-made preparations, Actellik and Fufanon help well.


You can easily deal with such a pest.:

  1. You just need to collect it from the plant by hand.
  2. Then spray the Crassula with soapy water or Fitoverm. This product is absolutely safe for people and pets, but merciless to insect pests. The main thing is to strictly follow the instructions for use.

Root worm

He often lives on the root system of the money tree. Therefore, it is very difficult to find it. Usually, flower growers notice the pest when changing the container and soil.

When a root worm is found, it is necessary:

  1. Rinse all rhizomes with running water, which will be heated to +50 degrees.
  2. Then treat with insecticides several times, while maintaining an interval of about a week.

You will learn more about the pests of the fat woman in this useful video:

The fat woman, like any other plant, can be subject to disease and pest attacks. But if the florist constantly monitors the state of Crassula, he will easily notice negative deviations in the state of the money tree. Therefore, regular examination of the fat woman will be the key to her health and full development.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press Ctrl + Enter.

Causes of the problem

The fat woman herself signals to her owners about her problems and illnesses. It's important to be attentive. This is primarily manifested by the state of the foliage. If leaves begin to fall, then it is worth taking action. The first sign of problems may be soft leaves on the money tree, and then their falling off.

Most often, the leaves fall off during extreme heat or excess watering. The tree does not like wet soil very much. The soil should be slightly moist, so in the summer, despite the heat, you should not get carried away with watering. It will be enough to carry it out in 2-3 days. But it is best to focus on the condition of the soil.

During the heating season, falling leaves can provoke a lack of air humidity. Always in winter, the plant slows down its growth, there are fewer fresh leaves on it. They do not grow much and remain small and thin. It is very important to preserve mature leaves, for this you can regularly spray to replenish moisture from the plant outside, preventing the tree from wilting. The water should first be defended for some time so that it becomes room temperature. Water that is too cold or hot can have a negative effect on foliage.

It is very important to monitor the moderate temperature regime; if possible, a strong increase in temperature should be avoided.

At night, the money tree, like a person, prefers to be in a well-ventilated cool room.

Cobweb mite.

This parasite is very easy to identify - by the characteristic cobweb on the plant. Also, it can be seen lying down by looking at the plant - you should see a gray or red dot moving along the leaf.

The cobweb mite is very afraid of high humidity. You can fight it with the folk method:

  1. give your plant a warm shower.
  2. Prepare a soapy solution using laundry soap.
  3. Foam the solution and apply the foam to the leaves and trunk.
  4. wash off the foam
  5. place the plant under a hood or plastic bag to maintain moisture.
  6. it is better to repeat the procedure again after a week.

Watch the video: Step #1 Easy Succulents Propagation Crassula Ovata Gollum Jade Plants

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