Overview of wood protection products against moisture, fire, insects and decay

Wood is a soft but durable material loved by many for building houses in their summer cottages. Even if the building is built of bricks or foam blocks, logs, beams or boards are used to build a bathhouse, garage, gazebo, veranda. You can't do without wooden decor - a well, benches, swings, bridges. Fences and fences are also made of wood. To avoid the rapid destruction of the material, it is necessary to effectively protect the wood from external factors: excessive moisture, fire, pests.

How to keep moisture out of wood?

If the moisture content of the material exceeds 15%, the structure of the wood begins to deteriorate: swell, exfoliate, and then dry out. As a result, the products change their shape, cracks and gaps appear. Almost all wooden elements are susceptible to high humidity, with the exception of sisal and rattan, as they come from the tropics.

The experiment showed that water does not penetrate into the pores of a bar treated with a water-repellent composition, while it is quickly absorbed into unprotected wood.

There are special solutions with which wood is protected from moisture. They are divided into two groups:

  • penetrating;
  • film-forming.

The first group provides a more reliable barrier against the penetration of liquid into the structure of the tree. The process of treatment with compounds of the second group should be repeated over time. Consider two remedies for high humidity.

Aidol Langzeit-Lasur is a medium-viscosity impregnating compound, perfect for covering walls of houses, garden furniture, balcony and terrace railings, and fences. Azure is so safe that it can be used to cover children's toys and buildings. It has many decorative shades: silver gray, teak, ebony, dark oak.

If coniferous wood is treated with Aidol Langzeit-Lasur, it should be primed first. This rule also applies to products damaged by fungus or mold.

Belinka Interier Sauna contains acrylic resins, water and additives. It is a colorless glaze, ideal for woodworking in baths or saunas. Apply two layers of the solution with a roller, brush or spray.

Belinka Interier Sauna does not mask the natural texture of wood, but only makes it silky and shiny. A 2.5 liter can of azure costs 950-1000 rubles

Ways to protect against decay

Changes in temperature, precipitation, solar radiation lead to untimely rotting of wood. The first signs of decay are the appearance of mold and mildew. Large foci in area indicate that the material can no longer be saved. If wooden products or buildings are experiencing atmospheric troubles, high humidity from precipitation and condensation, it will not be superfluous to carry out preventive work that will protect the wood from decay.

The best helpers in this matter are antiseptics, which are pastes or liquid solutions. Some of them are universal, that is, they protect the material not only from moldy fungi, but also from beetles. Examples of such formulations are two popular agents.

PINOTEX IMPRA is used for the treatment of wood surfaces that cannot be decorated with any further decoration. Usually these are beams, roof slings, details of the sheathing, that is, hidden parts of buildings. The impregnation is green. On the wood covered with it, the appearance of mold, blue, fungus and rot is excluded.

Antiseptic Pinotex Imra goes on sale in large containers. Product price: 3 l - 1100 rubles, 10 l - 3350 rubles

Senezh Ecobio is used both as an independent coating and as a primer for varnish or paint. 2-3 layers of the product protect the wood from decay for 30 years.

If the wooden surface was originally treated with varnish, paint, drying oil or other water-repellent agents, it is useless to use SENEZH ECOBIO

Fire retardants - reliable fire protection

To protect wood from fire, there are fire-resistant solutions - fire retardants. They are mandatory for residential buildings. Under the influence of the flame, the substance with which the wood is impregnated turns into a thin film that can impede the flame for some time. The coatings are of various types:

  • solutions;
  • plaster;
  • paints;
  • coatings.

Sample of fire retardant - NEOMID 530, impregnation for exterior and interior use. The guaranteed service life is 7 years. Reliably protects wooden walls, ceilings, door and window blocks, partitions from fire. The composition of the fire retardant does not change the structure of the wood. On top of the fire retardant solution, varnishes, paints, primers can be applied.

It should be borne in mind that when applying the fire retardant NEOMID 530, a slight toning of the material occurs, depending on the type of wood, therefore, it is recommended to test before starting work

Pirilax is a biopyrene that protects wood from fire and localizes fires. The prefix bio means that the product is at the same time a barrier against the appearance of mold and insects. The solution provides effective protection inside and outside the building, and is safe for treating poultry and livestock buildings.

Pirilax for external use is not washed out by precipitation for 13-15 years. Indoors, it provides protection for 25 years

No chance for insects!

Tiny beetles are capable of turning wooden furniture, walls and floors of a house into dust. Grinder beetles, longhorn beetles and weevils, along with their larvae, slowly but surely destroy untreated building material. Only protection of wood from harmful insects will save the situation.

It is much easier and cheaper to take preventive measures than to replace damaged logs and beams. Insecticidal solutions will drive out pests that have already settled in shelters and block the path of newcomers. You can use folk remedies - a solution of tar in turpentine, chlorophos, paraffin, or a mixture of kerosene and carbolic acid. But formulations for professional treatment are more effective.

Aqua-varnish Bor impregnates the surface of the wood, protecting it from any negative manifestations from the outside, including from beetles. They cover window and door blocks, baseboards, stairs, railings, fences, wooden walls of houses. Transparent impregnation does not distort the texture of the wood, it only changes its color to the desired one. The varnish can be diluted with water, but its percentage should not exceed 10%.

The number of layers of Aqua varnish applied depends on the location of the wooden elements: inside the room, two are enough, outside it - at least three

Antiseptic Tonetex serves both for the protection of wooden surfaces and for decoration. Its composition emphasizes the texture of the wood without changing its properties. The range of various shades allows you to give ordinary wood the color of one of the valuable wood species.

Tonotex is one of the universal compounds that are used for processing wood on the territory of a summer cottage: it will protect both from atmospheric troubles and from biological threats.

Integrated protection of residential buildings

If you compare a village house built in the middle of the last century and a modern holiday cottage, you will notice a big difference. It concerns the appearance of wood. Old houses had practically no additional protection, so after a few years the logs became porous, gray, covered with cracks and small holes. Now, thanks to the complex processing of all wooden parts and structures, the appearance of houses does not change over time.

Construction supermarkets offer a wide range of wood preservatives: both available domestic and more expensive foreign production

Various impregnations, solutions, glazes, varnishes and paints contain substances that protect wood from insects, rapid wear and decay. Using protective compounds when building a house, you can make it really impregnable, reliable and safe.

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Protection of wood from decay: the choice of materials and methods of processing from moisture

From antiquity to the present day, wood is an indispensable building material that has many positive characteristics that make it valuable to users. Wood is a soft, but durable and loved by many people material from which country houses, baths and other buildings are built. Even if bricks or foam blocks are used for the construction of a building, then a bathhouse, a garage, a gazebo or a veranda must be erected on a site of logs, beams or boards. Wooden decor is very popular and interesting, which decorates wells, benches, swings, bridges. Wooden fences and fences look beautiful.
However, all its advantages do not make the wood less vulnerable and not subject to decay. It is for this reason that wood must be treated with special compounds before use.
There are a lot of means to protect wood from moisture, fire, insects and decay. Therefore, you need to understand them at least a little and know which ones are better to use.

What protection is required from

Many factors can weaken the strength of a tree:

High humidity. Any tree interacts with the environment, releasing and absorbing moisture. In rain, snow or fog, water actively penetrates into the trunk and expands its volume, and in drought, on the contrary, it evaporates and provokes drying and shrinkage.

Fire hazard. If you do not take care of reliable protection by impregnation, a structure made of wood can easily ignite.

Parasites. Unfortunately, a tree is an excellent habitat for various microorganisms, ranging from plants, for example, mosses, lichens, and ending with small insects, ants, bark beetles, and larvae. All bacteria living in the material eat it away, destroy its structure.

Ultraviolet. Direct sunlight also negatively affects wood surfaces, altering both the external and internal world of raw materials.

Rotting. Over time, and especially under the influence of unfavorable factors, the wood begins to gradually collapse, weaken and deform.

There is no universal composition for dealing with all of the listed risk zones, but the below photo of wood protection and detailed instructions will tell you how to prevent the destruction of a house, shed, other structure or decoration.

The best wood impregnation for outdoor use

Outdoor wooden structures are negatively affected by rain, sun, frost. Therefore, the impregnation requires maximum resistance to weathering. The specialists liked the following drugs.

Tikkurila Eko Wood

It is possible to preserve the natural beauty of the tree with the help of the Tikkurila Eko Wood glaze composition. Experts gave the impregnation the first line of the rating for reliable protection against weathering. It neutralizes the influence of water, ultraviolet radiation and microorganisms on wood. The antiseptic proved to be good in the treatment of exterior walls of houses, doors, windows, fences, terraces, etc. The manufacturer's catalog contains 40 colors, which allows you to choose the most suitable tinting.

The product is manufactured in St. Petersburg, which makes it affordable for many Russian consumers. Users love the good penetration of the antiseptic and the long-lasting protection of external surfaces.


  • preserves the natural beauty of the tree
  • well protects against biodegradation
  • prevents wood from burning out in the sun
  • acceptable price.



The well-known company Leroy Merlin organized the production of Luxens impregnation in Russia. Both colorless and colored antiseptics leave the conveyor of the enterprise. The composition won the second place in the rating for economical consumption, resistance to weathering, ease of application. The durability of the protective coating is 3-4 years, while maintaining the natural appearance of wooden bases. Thanks to the alkyd base, the impregnation has a moderate odor, which does not cause problems when performing outdoor work. By the way, immediately after the layer dries, the smell disappears completely.

Users note the low consumption of impregnation, even one layer is enough to protect wooden structures. Not everyone is happy with the smell of the composition, it is not very convenient to apply the drug with a brush.


  • emphasizes the beauty of the tree
  • long-term protection against biological damage
  • affordable price
  • economical consumption.


Pinotex Ultra

Weatherability and decorativeness became the main factors for getting Pinotex Ultra impregnation into the third line of the rating. The manufacturer offers both colorless and colored formulations. The coating protects the wood not only from water and UV rays, but also prevents combustion. The recipe contains a special filter that prevents the penetration of sunlight into the structure of the tree. Thanks to it, the natural texture of the wood is preserved for many years. To improve absorption into the base, the manufacturer has developed a special AWB technology.

Users liked the ease of application, the absence of splashing and sagging, the moisture resistance and dirt repellency. The disadvantages include the high price and long drying time.


  • good protection against burnout
  • water and dirt repellency
  • beautiful view
  • high quality.



Any wood species will be protected from external influences by the EXTREME CLIMATE impregnation. The composition is water-based and intended for indoor and outdoor use. Wood treated with an antiseptic is not afraid of rain, snow, sunlight. Deep penetration into the structure prevents the appearance and reproduction of insects. Microfilm is characterized by its ability to let air through, so the natural material can "breathe".

In the reviews, users are flattering about the quick drying of the impregnation, the absence of smell and good hiding power. Among the shortcomings, there is a high price, as well as a shortage of the product in the retail network. Therefore, the impregnation stops one step away from the top three in the rating.


  • versatility of application
  • reliable weather protection
  • lack of unpleasant odor
  • breathable film structure.


Dufa Wood Protect

Dufa Wood Protect impregnation is widely used. With this compound, durable protection of external wooden surfaces is carried out. It is recommended to process walls and facades of houses, gazebos and fences. The matte finish fully retains the attractive texture. Thanks to the acrylic-alkyd base, a reliable weather barrier is formed. It is possible to apply impregnation to wooden structures by any means, the drying time of the layer at 20 ° C is only 1 hour. The composition takes the fifth position in the ranking.

Domestic consumers liked the smooth surface after application, the ease of application, and the absence of odor. The high price hinders the use of an antiseptic for a large amount of work.


  • no smell
  • durable weather protection
  • easy to wash off hands
  • smooth coating.



Antiseptic Nortex-Disinfector is used to protect not only wooden bases, but brick, concrete structures from mold and mildew.The experts praised the ability of the impregnation to treat "diseased" material. The action of the drug is based on deep penetration into the structure and antiseptic effect on fungus and mold. The manufacturer recommends using the product in extreme conditions (increased dampness, contact with soil). After drying, the layer does not lighten or tint the wood, preserving its natural beauty.

The composition was included in our rating due to its value for money. Users noticed several drawbacks, which include a long drying time (10-15 days), inconvenient packaging and a modest assortment.


  • heals diseases
  • penetrates deep into the structure
  • preserves the beauty of natural material
  • acceptable price.


Protection of houses and structures from fires

The main enemy of dry wood is fire. Possible causes of fires are short circuits in electrical wiring, malfunctions in heating devices and careless handling of fire. All preventive operations to protect wood from fires can be divided into two groups:

  • technical activities
  • processing with special compounds.

When installing electrical networks in a wooden house, it is necessary to use only high-quality cable and wire products. The cross-section of the wiring is calculated based on the maximum possible current values ​​to avoid overheating. Networks are laid in polymer cable ducts, metal pipes or corrugations. A fashionable way - the device of open wiring "antique" on porcelain insulators.

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