The most beautiful peonies at exhibitions in recent years: an enchanting selection

It's no secret that peonies are one of the most popular garden perennials. In the second half of June, when the daylight hours are the longest in the year, their charming bloom begins. It is sometimes difficult to achieve it, but if it works out, you cannot take your eyes off the bright multi-colored caps. Professional and amateur flower growers are constantly acquiring new varieties with interesting colors. You can find out about the best varieties that have been bred by breeders in Russia and other countries at exhibitions.

Exhibition "Peonies of the Northern Capital"

The St. Petersburg Botanical Garden of Peter the Great holds an annual event in the first or second month of summer. With this exhibition, the institution opens a series of summer exhibitions of garden flowers. The stands show bouquets of peonies grown by breeders of St. Petersburg and the region and bred in other countries. The variety of colors and shapes of the herbaceous varieties of these flowers is amazing.

In 2018, the following varieties were awarded the highest awards:

  • Etched Salmon - bred in 1981 in the USA by Cousins-Klehm. The hybrid belongs to terry peonies. The bush up to 80 cm high is decorated with large coral-pink flowers up to 16 cm in diameter with light edges;

    Etched Salmon - terry peony

  • Command Performance - also of American selection, created by Hollingsworth in 1996. This short (up to 80 cm) bush can be proud of huge double flowers up to 23 cm in diameter. The bright red or purple color of peonies on strong stems will definitely attract attention. Peony can be propagated by blind roots (no growth buds);

    Peony flowers Teams Performance reach 23 cm in diameter

  • Sable - in the State Register of Breeding Achievements of the Russian Federation, the name is given as Saybol. This is a Russian variety, bred by specialists of the All-Russian Institute of Selection and Technology of Horticulture and Nursery in 1993. Belongs to the group of non-double peonies. On a bush more than a meter high, gorgeous dark burgundy flowers with a diameter of up to 15 cm with a yellow center grow. Unlike traditional peonies, they have few petals - about 15, they are large, round, with carved edges.

    Peony Sable bred by Russian breeders

Spectators' sympathies at the St. Petersburg exhibition in 2018 were awarded to the following varieties:

  • Henry Bockstoce is a terry hybrid up to 90 cm high with dense flowers of deep garnet color up to 20 cm in diameter. Inside each flower, another bud is formed due to the smaller inner petals. The originator of the variety is Bockstoce, USA (bred in 1955);

    Peony Henry Bokstos forms another bud inside the bud due to smaller inner petals

  • Jubilee is an old Soviet variety, created by the breeder Krasnova back in 1959, and still delights flower growers thanks to the pale pink color of large buds up to 20 cm in diameter on a bush up to 1 m high. The peony is a milky-flowered peony. Cut flowers stand in a vase for a long time;

    Peony Jubilee is well suited for cutting

  • In memory of Gagarin - another Soviet variety of the same breeder, created in 1957. Belongs to the group of lactic-flowered peonies. Light pink flowers with split edges of petals, up to 18 cm in diameter, have a more intense color in the center.

Video: Exhibition "Peonies of the Northern Capital" in 2018

Exhibition of the club "Flower growers of Moscow"

The Moscow Flower Club was founded back in the 30s of the XX century. It includes several sections, among which the peony section, formed in 1969, is not the last. Members of the section conduct classes for novice gardeners, collect collections of peonies in their gardens and organize annual exhibitions.

In 2018, the exhibition was held in Moscow on June 27-28. Several champions were selected in various nominations:

  • peonies of late flowering - Garden Treasure variety, created in the American company Hollingsworth in 1984. Refers to ITO-hybrids (hybrid of herbaceous and tree-like peony). The flowers are semi-double, bright yellow, red-orange in the center, with a few large petals. The hybrid is winter hardy and unpretentious to growing conditions;

    Peony Garden Treasure is a hybrid of herbaceous and tree-like peony

  • domestic varieties:
    • Svetlana Sedova by A. Skakodub (1985) refers to herbaceous peonies. It blooms with large (up to 20 cm) double creamy white flowers, in the center of which the color becomes pink. A bush with thick stems up to 95 cm high does not die until frost;

      The author of the peony variety Svetlana Sedova is A. Skakodub

    • The premiere (Premiera) by Vinogradov (1971) is a herbaceous variety of peony. Terry pink flowers of bright pink colors up to 16 cm in diameter grow on stems about 80 cm high;

      Peony flowers Premiere have a diameter of up to 16 cm

  • The most original variety at the exhibition was the Green Lotus of American selection (Krekler-Klehm, 1995). The variety belongs to semi-double cactus. Unusually shaped white flowers resemble the swirling head of a teenager. The color of the peony contains green (stripes on the petals), and pink along the edges of the petals, and yellow in the middle. Really original flowers on a low bush (50-60 cm) are heat-resistant, stand for a long time in the cut;

    Peony Green Lotus was recognized as the most original variety at the exhibition of the Moscow Flower Club in 2018

  • People's Choice Award went to Garden Glory, bred by Autin, USA (1956). It is also a herbaceous terry peony with a deep deep pink color. A strong bush 80 cm high withstands an abundance of large (up to 16 cm) flowers well. Despite the faint aroma, this late peony will become a real decoration of any garden;

    The dark pink peony Garden Glory deservedly received the Audience Award at the exhibition of the Moscow Flower Club in 2018

  • among the first exhibited varieties, the best was declared the American Good Cheer, bred by Sanders back in 1942. This is a short (up to 50 cm) early hybrid of a medicinal peony with double coral-scarlet flowers, the petals of which brighten towards the tips;

    Peony Good Chir was bred by the American company "Sanders" in 1942

  • Japanese peonies - won the relatively new variety Mary Elizabeth, created in the American firm Hollingsworth in 2004. Peonies of the Japanese form are distinguished by a small number of petals and two colors. Mary Elizabeth has a bright yellow center, and large round petals are deep pink, 16 cm in diameter. The peony blooms for a long time, unpretentious.

    The variety Mary Elizabeth belongs to the Japanese-shaped peonies.

American Peony Society Show Winners

Outside the borders of our country, one of the largest associations of peony lovers is the American Peony Society. This public organization has many branches, publishes thematic periodicals and publishes the Register of varieties and novelties. Every year the society holds an exhibition of peonies, in which both professional flower growers and breeders and amateurs can take part: everyone has their own departments. New varieties are presented separately. One variety of peonies out of all exhibited receives the title of champion and one variety is awarded a Gold Medal according to the following criteria:

  • affordability;
  • beautiful foliage during the entire growing season;
  • the ability to grow shoots and reproduce;
  • the strength of the stem (so that it does not need to be supported).

The champions of the society exhibition in 2016 and 2017 were peony varieties:

  • Pastelegance - Bred in Wisconsin (Solaris Farms). A herbaceous peony peony with medium flowers (17 cm) and an elegant pastel creamy pink, well suited for cutting. The bush up to 80 cm high has strong stems;

    Delicate creamy pink Pastelegance peony flowers became champions of the American Peony Society exhibition in 2016

  • Hephestos - Bred in Oregon by Adelman Peony Gardens. The tree-like semi-double flower grows up to 1.5 m. Huge dark red semi-double flowers, named after the Greek god-blacksmith Hephaestus, have a yellow center - like fire.

    The bright tree-like peony variety Hephestos grows very quickly

The following varieties received the gold medal in 2016 and 2017:

  • Eliza Lundy (selection of the American company Krekler, 1976) - a bright red terry hybrid blooms on low (up to 60 cm) bushes. The flowers themselves are also medium-sized (up to 10 cm in diameter), but very beautiful;

    Peony bushes Eliza Lundy only 60 cm high

  • Lois Choice (American selection, Laning firm, bred in 1993) - herbaceous hybrid peony of peach-pink color (flower diameter - 17 cm) looks exquisite. The bush grows up to 75 cm.

    Lois Choice peony flowers change color from the middle to the edges

The unimaginable multitude of varieties and hybrids of flowers of different shapes and colors makes it difficult to choose "your" variety. The catalog of peonies - prize-winners of Russian and foreign exhibitions can help in this difficult, but pleasant matter.

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