Swimming pool with whirlpool

What is it

The swimming pool with hydromassage is a swimming pool equipped with a series of jets from which the water comes out in the form of a strong jet, providing a pleasant sensation of well-being to our skin. It is a system applied to swimming pools, especially rather small ones, which can be installed both inside the home and in the garden.


There swimming pool with whirlpool it is to all intents and purposes a swimming pool, so it can be used to be able to refresh oneself during the hottest hours of the summer season but alternatively it also offers the possibility of activating the whirlpool. In this way the water is able to have a double purpose: in addition to refreshing, it also brings a pleasant sense of well-being to our body. Hydromassage is allowed by a series of jets. In most cases, the new models allow you to orient the nozzles from which the water pressure comes out, generating a series of bubbles. There are several models of swimming pool with whirlpool suitable for both indoor and garden environments. Furthermore, a swimming pool with hydromassage located in the garden can always be equipped with a covering structure to be able to exploit it even during the winter period. The hydromassage is managed through a control panel on a corner of the tub that allows you to activate this system. It is also possible to orient the position of the jets, to direct the jet of the whirlpool where it is considered most appropriate. The structure of the swimming pool with whirlpool is made of fiberglass and a comfortable seat is carved out inside, where you can sit comfortably. Many models also feature a comfortable headrest. It is a question of combining the benefit of the swimming pool with that of the hydromassage, so that everyone can have this comfort at home. Among other things, today it is quite trendy to combine systems such as hydromassage or counter-current swimming with the pool. When choosing the pool it is good to browse all the possible alternatives regarding the new options to buy a pool that is actually the one you want. The size of the swimming pool with whirlpool is variable: it ranges from the smaller models that have a station for only two people, defined as mini-pools, up to those with the maxi version where up to five people can be accommodated. Of course, it is still a rather small tank in which you can regenerate. It is not the classic swimming pool that we are used to seeing, but it is a rather interesting alternative, especially for those who have little space available in their garden. The swimming pool with hydromassage is sold in its basic form of fiberglass tub and sometimes already with the external wooden lining, while in other cases it must be purchased at a later time. Obviously the above ground pool must be placed on a flat structure that does not present any deformity, and must be tested before use. In the case of the inground swimming pool with hydromassage, it will be the task of the specialized workers to check the hydromassage system and its correct functioning.

How to choose it

The swimming pool with hydromassage must be chosen taking into account the space available in the place where it is to be installed. In a rather small space it is always advisable to prefer a small model that still offers the same features and the same advantages of a larger model. Alternatively, having little space, the pool can also be equipped with a covering structure that allows it to be used during the winter period despite being in the garden. Obviously, in this case, a heating system for both the water and the environment will be needed. Those who do not have space problems can freely orient their choice on the model that seems to be more aesthetically pleasing, and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the in-ground or above-ground pool. All this information will certainly be provided by the retailer to whom you will contact at the time of purchase. As for the shape, it ranges from rectangular to square to circular, the latter certainly very interesting in the underground version.


The costs differ according to the size of the pool with whirlpool and the functions that can be controlled through the panel located on it. The greater the size, the greater the cost, so everyone will then orient the choice not only according to their needs, but also according to the price range to which he wanted to refer for the purchase of the swimming pool with hydromassage.

Pool with hydromassage: pools: Pool with hydromassage

You are one step away from the realization of your dream, you finally have your swimming pool.

But the detail that could make it perfect is still missing!


Of course, a whirlpool1

A whirlpool to relax and enjoy its beneficial effects when you need it and when you want it.

Today, mounting a whirlpool is very easy, so much so that it is not essential to have a swimming pool, but the whirlpool is also installed in the shower stalls.

But if you already have your swimming pool project .. why not make it really special with the addition of a fabulous whirlpool.

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