Tips For Using Breadfruit: Learn What To Do With Breadfruit

Belonging to the mulberry family, breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) is a staple amongst peoples of the Pacific Islands and throughout Southeast Asia. For these people, breadfruit has a multitude of uses. Cooking with breadfruit is the most common method for using breadfruit, but it is used in various other ways too.

Even if you don’t live in these regions, breadfruit can sometimes be obtained at specialty markets in larger metropolitan areas. If you are lucky enough to grow this tree or have access to it and are feeling adventurous, you probably want to know what to do with breadfruit. Read on to find out how to use breadfruit.

About Using Breadfruit

Breadfruit may be culinarily classified as a vegetable when mature but not ripe or as a fruit when ripe. When breadfruit is mature but not yet ripe, it is very starchy and used more like a potato. When ripe, breadfruit is sweeter and used as fruit would be.

By some accounts there are almost 200 varieties of breadfruit. Most of these have a purgative effect when eaten raw, so generally speaking, it is cooked in some manner whether steamed, boiled, or roasted, for human consumption.

What to Do with Breadfruit Trees

As mentioned, when eaten, breadfruit is almost exclusively used cooked. But breadfruit has a number of other uses besides that of a food staple. Livestock are commonly fed the leaves.

Breadfruit exudes milky white latex that is used in various cultures. The sticky substance has been used to catch birds by early Hawaiians who then plucked the feathers for their ceremonial cloaks. The latex was also boiled down with coconut oil and used to caulk boats or mixed with colored soils and used to paint boats.

The yellowish-gray wood is lightweight and strong, yet malleable and primarily termite resistant. As such, it is used as a housing material and for furniture. Surfboards and traditional Hawaiian drums are also sometimes constructed using breadfruit wood.

Although fiber from the bark is hard to extract, it is very durable and the Malaysians used it as a clothing material. Filipino people use the fiber to make water buffalo harnesses. The blossoms of the breadfruit are combined with the fiber of the paper mulberry to create loincloths. They were also dried and used as tinder. A pulp of breadfruit has even been used to make paper.

How to Use Breadfruit Medicinally

While cooking breadfruit for food is its most common use, it is also used medicinally. In the Bahamas, it is used to treat asthma and to lower blood pressure. Crushed leaves placed upon the tongue treat thrush. A juice extracted from the leaves is used to treat ear aches. Burned leaves are applied to skin infections. Roasted leaves are also used to treat an enlarged spleen.

The leaves are not the only parts of the plant to be used medicinally. The blossoms are roasted and rubbed onto the gums to treat toothaches, and the latex has been used to relieve sciatica and skin ailments. It may also be diluted and ingested to treat diarrhea.

How to Use Breadfruit in the Kitchen

If you have ever been to a Hawaiian luau, you may have tried poi, a dish made from taro, but in the early 1900’s, Hawaii had a shortage of taro, so the indigenous people took to making their poi from breadfruit. Today, this Ulu poi may still be found, most commonly in the Samoan community.

Breadfruit is often featured in Sri Lankan coconut curries, but it is so versatile it can be candied, pickled, mashed, sautéed, roasted, and fried.

Before cutting into breadfruit, it is a good idea to oil your hands, knife, and cutting board so the sticky latex doesn’t adhere. Peel the breadfruit and discard the core. Cut the fruit into thin slices and then make some long thin cuts into your slices. This will help the breadfruit absorb the marinade.

Marinate the sliced breadfruit in a combination of white wine vinegar, turmeric, chili powder, salt and pepper, garam masala, and garlic paste. Allow the slices to marinate for 30 minutes or so. Heat oil in a pan and fry the slices for 5 minutes per side until both sides are crispy and golden brown. Serve hot as a snack or as a side with curry.

To make the Ulu poi mentioned above, steam or boil the peeled, prepared fruit until soft then simmer it in coconut milk, onions, and sea salt until desired consistency.

What Is A Breadfruit & How To Cook It

by Raksha Hegde last updated - July 21, 2020

If you are lucky to get breadfruit in your farmer’s market or grocery store, you must try this tropical treat. It may look unappetizing due to its spiky bright green, football-shaped appearance but it is flavorful, rich in nutrients , and helps fight chronic diseases. Science-backed health benefits of breadfruit include its ability to help manage diabetes, reduce hypertension , aid in digestion , and boost weight loss. It is fast gaining popularity across the world as people get innovative with breadfruit recipes.

Breadfruit Juice Recipe

breadfruit juice recipe. I found this on the net and its easy and delicious especially with a bit of butter on it. Health points The fruit flesh is considered tasteless and soaks in flavors.

Simply Delicious Breadfruit Punch Recipe Punch Recipes Breadfruit Recipes

Boil for an hour and then serve as an accompaniment with other vegetables meat or fish.

Breadfruit juice recipe. Remove the heart with a sharp knife and then peel the skin. Beat in eggs and vanilla and continue beating with electric mixer. Add sugar and lime juice or ginger and simmer until the mixture becomes syrupy.

Here we have the 11 best juice recipes that you can prepare at home. Its the perfect time to indulge and make the most of natures sweet offerings by shaking up spectacular fruit juices at home. Pour some of the water in which the fruit was boiled into a blender with the fruit pieces.

Combine the crushed boiled breadfruit flour and the raisins. Remove the skin with a sharp knife. Breadfruit Pudding Mix together the sugar coconut milk spices salt wine egg and the melted margarine.

Put the breadfruit meat into a bowl and mash it well add the spices and salt softened butter crushed egg and stir well combine the flour and leaven and stir into the dough till sleek last stir within the coconut milk till well incorporated. Better done in a long baking pan for approximate 50 minutes however it is paramount that you do your check after 40 minutes to see how well it is progressing while checking the middle for readiness. Get Juice Pulp Quick Bread Recipe from Food Network Deselect All Nonstick cooking spray for spraying the loaf pan 2 14 cups all-purpose flour 1 12 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon.

Its summer and there is no better way to beat the heat and stay hydrated than juicing up. Serve with Breadfruit Pudding. Remove heart skin and seeds.

Do the toothpick test Enjoy. Cut off the stem and cut the vegetable into quarters. I had gotten a liquid starter 20 years ago and did not have the fruit starter to start making the cakes again then I found this recipe and it is just what I wanted and it turned out great.

Steam the pieces on medium fire until they are soft. Recipe prepared and presented by Shameeka Whitfield Yallahs. Boil in water on medium heat until soft.

Put the bay leaves and cinnamon into the pot. I had enough fruit to make three. Cut the breadfruit into quarters.

Beat in breadfruit until smooth. Put the breadfruit in a pot with enough water to cover the pieces. Jul 11 2014 – Simply delicious Breadfruit Punch Recipe.

Add the liquid mixture to the. Add the bresheh to boiling water with salt and other vegetables like yams bananas pumpkins and potatoes. Breadfruit Fry Recipe Kadachakka Fry Veg Recipes of India turmeric powder salt oil red chilly powder rava asafoetida and 1 more Breadfruit Simmered With Stew Pork And Coconut Cream.

I show you how to prepare and fry breadfruits with my video. Allow to cool and mix in the white rum. How to make Breadfruit juice.

In a large mixing bowl blend together the dry ingredients. Recipe by K1968 I have a star fruit tree in my garden so I am always on the look out for recipes to use up the fruit. Add the beaten breadfruit and mix in well.

Whisk to dissolve sugar granules. Flavorful fried Breadfruit Recipe to serve as a vegan and gluten-free snack or side dish. Add oil and stir well.

Remove pieces from the pot and blend with milk vanilla sugar nutmeg and blend until smooth.

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Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) is a traditional staple crop that most likely originated in Borneo [1] and was carried throughout the Pacific Islands with voyaging canoes [1, 2]. With high annual production (>400 kg per tree) [1, 3], and newly developed tissue culture propagation methods [4, 5], breadfruit is considered to be one of the best candidate plants to distribute to undernourished populations in tropical areas for cultivation as a staple [6, 7]. It is often used as a potato substitute in dishes as the fresh fruit can be baked, steamed, boiled, fried, microwaved, grilled, and barbecued [1, 2]. Our previous studies demonstrated that breadfruit protein contains all of the essential amino acids and is especially rich in phenylalanine, leucine, isoleucine and valine [7]. The most cultivar “Ma’afala” has been planted in nearly 50 countries in the last decade and is an excellent food resource with higher total essential amino acid content than other staples including wheat, corn, rice, potato, soybean and yellow pea [1, 7]. Research on breadfruit starch has revealed its advantages over wheat flour on water and oil holding capacity, swelling power, and viscosity [8, 9]. Moreover, cooking process was found to cause little alteration in the bioactive compounds of breadfruit and water was the best extractor compared to organic solvent, making it a promising functional ingredient and a great substitute for wheat in the processed food products [10].

Although breadfruit has been consumed by humans for thousands of years, detailed and systematic studies of the health impacts of a breadfruit diet have not previously been conducted. Human studies related to breadfruit in the diet have mainly focused on the glycemic index (GI) measurement. Several researchers [11–13], indicated that breadfruit had a low glycemic index as compared to many common staples such as wheat, cassava, yam and potatoes. However, the literature is somewhat complicated by a study in 1995 that reported the death of four male Hooded Lister rats after consumption of breadfruit seed extracts [14] that led to the classification of breadfruit as a “hazardous plant” by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The study indicated that the seeds were obtained from an Artocarpus altilis tree at the Mayaguez Institute of Tropical Agriculture (Puerto Rico) but the records indicated that the varieties of breadfruit at the institute were mostly seedless [15] suggesting that the species was likely misidentified. Aka et al [16] reported that a raw and partially raw breadfruit diet induced severe weight loss in male rats but cooked breadfruit resulted in weight gain. Unfortunately, the reported methods were not clear with respect to the incorporation of breadfruit either as a supplement along with the control diet or processed into the diet and the diet composition was not analyzed, making it difficult to understand exactly what the mice were consuming [16]. Adepeju et al., [17] also report weight loss in albino weanling rats fed diets with various ratios of breadfruit, soy and groundnuts but the methods of preparing the diets were not described and the nutrient composition was not reported.

The objective of the current study was to determine whether a diet containing breadfruit flour poses any serious health concerns. The specific objectives were (a) to determine the digestibility of protein in breadfruit flour, (b) to determine the impacts of digested breadfruit flour on the health and viability of Caco-2 cells which serves as a model of human intestinal barrier and (c) to assess the overall growth and health of C57BL/6 mice fed a well-formulated and -characterized standard diet that substituted breadfruit for wheat. These studies provide the basic understanding of a breadfruit-based diet for human health.

5 Amazing Ways You Can Use Breadfruit

The world is finally ready to acknowledge what Jamaicans have known for decades – that the breadfruit is a natural food source that is both healthy and delicious. High in carbohydrates due to its starch content, the breadfruit is also very rich in antioxidants. It’s also a source of calcium, carotenoids, and dietary fibre, as well as iron, magnesium, and vitamins A and C.

Most Jamaicans love to eat breadfruit boiled, roasted or fried. Here are five other uses for this popular food.

Gluten-Free Flour:
Did you know that breadfruit can be used to make gluten-free flour? When processed into gluten-free flour, the breadfruit not only tastes better but provides far more nutrition than other gluten-free alternatives. This can be used in recipes just like any flour, which is great news for persons allergic to gluten products.

Insect Repellant:
Want to protect yourself from ChikV and Zika Virus? Make an insect repellant with breadfruit! The flower of the breadfruit plant has been used to make a repellant that is highly effective against many insects including the dreaded mosquito. This natural repellant proves to be a much safer alternative than ones containing DEET which is also good news for the environment.

Did you know that the sap of the breadfruit tree is so sticky, that it can be used as a sealant? The sap is strong enough to use on various projects around the home to create a waterproof seal as needed.

Did you know that you can wear breadfruit clothing? The bark of the tree can be harvested in thin fibres to create fabric for a wide variety of items including clothing, mosquito nets and paper. And all this can be done without killing the tree or damaging the crop.

Animal Feed:
Did you know that you can feed animals with fallen breadfruit? Ripe, semi-ripe or damaged breadfruits will quickly fall to the ground if they are not harvested. Usually, these are thrown away or left to rot under the tree. But the fallen fruit and leaves are suitable as nutritious ingredients for animal feed.

The breadfruit is indeed a very resourceful plant. So the next time you see a bountiful breadfruit tree, think about all the things you can do with this wonderful Jamaican staple.

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