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Are Streetlights Bad For Plants – Is Planting Under Streetlights Okay

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Plants have evolved to sense and respond to changes in daylight as seasons shift, except those that grow at the equator, of course. Disrupting periods of darkness, such as by growing near streetlights, can affect a plant in a number of ways. Learn more here.

Gardens And Lightning: Learn About Lightning Safety Out In Gardens

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

It?s important to know about keeping safe in the garden during a lightning storm; dangerous weather can pop up with very little warning, and gardens and lightning can be a very bad combination. Click here to learn more about lightning safety out in gardens.

Outdoor Down Lighting – Information On Down Lighting Trees

By Teo Spengler

There are a number of options for outdoor lighting. One such option is down lighting, a quick, relatively inexpensive way to turn a simple backyard into something magical and mysterious. Click here to learn how to use down lighting in landscapes.

What Is Uplighting: Tips For Uplighting Trees In Gardens

By Teo Spengler

DIY uplighting is a fast, relatively inexpensive way to change your backyard from run of the mill to magical. You can choose among many types of uplighting to illuminate your garden and backyard. Learn more in this article.

Landscape Lighting Troubleshooting

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Fixtures as varied as spotlights and well lights illuminate your landscape for evening entertaining and overall safety. But lighting your outdoor area has its own drawbacks because the fixtures, bulbs and wiring need to withstand constant weathering through the seasons. Simple troubleshooting techniques help you fix your landscape lighting, if an issue arises, to prevent an expensive repair bill from a professional.

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