Soil consolidating lawn

Application: ground consolidating lawn

what should I sow to avoid landslides and consolidate a land that has recently been placed with filler earth? I would not like weed seeds as part of the land should be cultivated as a vegetable garden.

Answer: soil consolidating lawn

Dear Gabriella, welcome to our website, the site of those who love plants and gardening. Soil consolidation is important to avoid unforeseen landslides and earth movements and can be prevented by planting herbs and plants which, thanks to their roots, are able to consolidate the soil.

Slope and risk of landslides are two inversely proportional factors as regards the arrangement of the land: it is easy to understand that a higher degree of slope corresponds to a lower stability of the land.

First of all, therefore, in order to be able to give you advice, we should know what degree of slope the land in question has. On low slopes, sowing of herbaceous species may also be sufficient to contain the movements of the soil. On higher slopes, on the other hand, only bushy and shrubby species can manage to contain the soil. The most used species for these interventions are willows, hazel and other shrubs that can vary according to the climatic zone present in the place where we intervene (Mediterranean species in the center-south, more continental species in the north).

Not knowing the slope of your land, we can only limit ourselves to telling you that all herbaceous species are fine for soils with low slopes, but as the slope increases, you will have to look for species with a more consistent root system (shrubs and bushes).

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