Houses with a pitched roof: the new is the well-forgotten old

For a long time, houses with a pitched roof were not popular in our latitudes. It was believed that such a roof was used when it was necessary to build simply, quickly and cheaply. But today, architects around the world have proven that a pitched roof is a reliable, comfortable and stylish design. Houses equipped with one slope are beneficial from the economic and practical point of view.

Advantages and disadvantages of houses with pitched roofs

Shed roofs have many advantages:

  1. Simplicity of the device. For narrow houses (less than 6.0 m wide), only two roof beam supports are sufficient - at the beginning and at the end. For wide houses (over 6.0 m wide) intermediate supports are required. But in this case, it is not necessary to be tied to the symmetry and centricity of the supporting structures. For large spans, a composite beam can be used and spanning spaces over 6.0 m. In addition, a pitched roof does not need a complex rafter system.
  2. Profitability. The simplicity of the supporting structure reduces labor and material costs.
  3. Ease of use. Such a roof is easy to maintain, easier to repair, because it has one inclined surface and, as a rule, with a slight angle.
  4. Simplified descent of natural sediments, since it occurs only on one side. And all the auxiliary devices are needed only for one slope: an external gutter, snow holders, etc.
  5. The ability to create excellent lighting of the second (attic) floor from three sides, without resorting to expensive and difficult to install roof windows.

To create an attic under a pitched roof, you do not need to install complex dormer windows

But there are also disadvantages.

  1. Designing a shed roof with a cold attic is possible, but inconvenient to operate. The small roof space makes it difficult to maintain the roof and attic.
  2. Large spans lead to an increase in the load on the beam. And, as a result, it increases its cross section.
  3. So that a house with a pitched roof does not turn out to be boring, a thorough study of the architectural image of the future building and high-quality roofing materials with good physical and aesthetic properties are necessary.

Photo gallery: diagrams of supporting beams of a pitched roof

Typology of houses with a pitched roof

Houses with a pitched roof are divided into two types according to the number of individual roofs:

  • with one roof;
  • with two or more roofs.

And into two types in terms of number of storeys:

  • one-story;
  • two-story.

In this case, one-story houses include houses on the same level without a basement and an attic. For two-storey houses - houses with two floors, as well as with a basement, an attic as a second floor or an additional level to a full two floors.

With one pitched roof, you can design both one-story and two-story houses. Features of the architectural solution of a one-story building are in the location in the high part of the house of a common room with a double-height space and the device of the main facade.

A mezzanine can be added in the high part of the house

For two-story houses, the opposite applies. Here, the highest part of the building is used for the second level, and the lowest part is used for the two-height space of the common room on the first floor.

The attic is located in the high part of the building, and under the slope of the roof there is a room with a second light

The variety of architectural forms of buildings with pitched roofs is enormous. These are ordinary houses with one simple roof, buildings with roofs to the ground, design houses with a visual flow of one structure into another, a diagonal slope of the roof, overlapping a house with two or more independent roofs, visual division of a building into functional zones, and much more.

Photo gallery: options for architectural solutions of houses with a pitched roof

One-story houses

Among one-story buildings, you can most often find country houses or small-sized houses, since they are simple and quick to build. But thanks to the variety of finishing materials and the imagination of architects, one-story shed houses are also designed for year-round living.

Small houses often use large areas of glazing to visually expand the space and increase the flow of natural light.

In small houses, space ergonomics play a major role. The sleeping place is usually located on the mezzanine.

Small houses are designed immediately with built-in furniture

Photo gallery: examples of one-story houses

Two-storey houses with a pitched roof

The architecture of two-story houses with a pitched roof is infinitely varied. The capacious volume of such buildings allows for year-round living in them. These can be houses of both cottage type and townhouses (block houses) and even villas.

The device of one single-pitched roof, uniting the volume of the building, makes the image complete. And the presence of several roofs, covering parts of the house at different heights and in different directions, creates a dynamic and varied architecture.

Photo gallery: examples of two-story houses with a pitched roof

Frame houses

Frame houses with a pitched roof can look exactly the same as buildings from any other structures, thanks to finishing materials: plaster, stone, artificial stone, blockhouse. A feature of such houses is the more frequent arrangement of racks in the walls bearing the roof. Their step is no more than 70 cm.The frame is filled with a three-layer structure with insulation in the middle, which can immediately have a finishing finish, but more often it is a rough version of drywall indoors and OSB slabs outside. To speed up the process of assembling a frame house, ready-made three-layer structures are used - SIP panels.

SIP (SIP) - structural insulating panel. It is used to fill the frame of buildings as wall and roof cladding structures. Consists of two outer layers - OSB sheets and a middle layer - insulation. The panels are connected with a wooden beam.

SIP panels are connected by a wooden bar

Stained-glass glazing can be used as the filling of the frame. This non-standard option will add lightness and airiness to the architectural image of the house, but will increase heat loss. And it is difficult to care for such a facade.

First, the frame is erected, then it is sheathed and insulated

Photo gallery: examples of frame houses

Houses from a bar

Houses from a bar with a pitched roof are very warm and reliable. Thanks to the same material of the supporting structures of the walls and roof, such buildings are strong and environmentally friendly. Roof beams are often made with a large cross-section, which increases the strength of the structure and adds expressiveness to the interior. Such a roof can withstand a snow cap in winter, which will be a natural insulation.

Photo gallery: examples of houses from a bar

Finnish houses

Finnish homes are designed for cold and snowy climates. Therefore, their feature is a rectangular or square layout, which helps to reduce heat loss, and a single-pitched flat roof can withstand significant snow loads. Large windows tend to be oriented south to capture more heat. There are houses with two roofs - in this case, utility rooms are located in the lower part. You can find buildings with a roof to the ground - under it cold household premises are organized, protected from atmospheric precipitation. Such a canopy is arranged on the leeward side of the house in order to protect the wall from blowing.

Photo gallery: examples of Finnish houses with a pitched roof

American style houses

American style houses have a large pillared terrace in front of the house. It can be double-height to the top of the roof, or it can be highlighted with a separate pitched roof. But the main facade of the house is always very elegant. The roof angle is small, which reduces wind loads. American-style houses are less brutal and more airy than Finnish ones, because "American style" does not imply the need to withstand heavy snow loads and keep warm in severe frosts.

Photo Gallery: Examples of American Style Shed Roof Homes

Video: an overview of American-style house projects

Corner houses

Corner houses are houses in which one of the corners takes on the role of the main facade. It is distinguished by layout, glazing or an unusual roof. For example, the location of the roof slope diagonally. This technique is typical for small houses or part of a building, since the diagonal arrangement of roof beams requires a large span to be covered.

The entrance from the corner allows you to make the entrance group as small as possible, but sufficient for comfortable operation of the porch. The absence of a corner (the layout of the house with the letter "G") creates a chamber, cozy space for relaxation in the courtyard, protected on both sides by the walls of the building. The angular arrangement of the veranda and / or terrace, in fact, is also an "L-shaped" layout of the house with covered summer rooms that unite the architectural image of the building.

Photo gallery: examples of corner houses with a pitched roof

Houses with two or more pitched roofs

Homes with a single pitched roof have many advantages, but they are all very compact. To build a large house with a complex layout and cover it with a pitched roof, you can use your own roof for each volume. This technique will visually emphasize individual parts of the building and make the architecture of the house more expressive and varied. Roofs can be designed with different heights. Thus, there is no need to heat and maintain areas that are not needed. Two or more pitched roofs in one building are often designed for two-story houses.

Photo gallery: examples of houses with two or more pitched roofs

A pitched roof is a stylish, simple and convenient architectural and constructive technique in the design of individual residential buildings. Such roofs are used on one- and two-story houses, they have different configurations and slopes. By choosing a project with the desired characteristics, you can build a functional comfortable dwelling under the roof with one slope.

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Mezzanine in the house: what is it and why such a structure is needed

Acquaintance with the mezzanine will please people with aesthetically developed taste. The original and elegant architectural solution appeared in the 19th century. The word "mezzanine" is found in both Greek and Italian. The meaning is perceived as "middle, intermediate" - the structure itself is something in between a separate house and a tier, being just a superstructure.

This part of the house should not be confused with the attic, they are completely different

The mezzanine is an extension above the topmost floor and has its own roof. Interestingly, this part of the building can look outside as a window, a terrace, or even look like a panorama.

The photo clearly shows what a mezzanine is.


As a result, we can say with confidence that it is quite possible to build a beautiful roof in a private house, regardless of the type of roof chosen. Unambiguously, this structural element should be treated most responsibly.

A competent and professional approach to planning and building a roof for a house will result in a beautiful modern roof, even if the chosen type of roof is the simplest. The construction of the roof will not tolerate frivolity at any stage of creation, because even a minor miscalculation can negate all efforts and funds spent.


Floorboards are laid on pre-laid logs. Their thickness must be at least 40 mm. The boards are pretreated with an antiseptic, and after laying, they are covered with paint for external use. The continuation of the floor can serve as the top step at the entrance.

It is required to arrange ventilation openings in several places so that the underfloor space can be ventilated.

Installation of windows

The windows of the veranda should be larger than in the main part of the house, since this is a summer room and it should be illuminated mainly with natural light. The sill board is installed at a height of about half a meter above the floor level.

The glazing of window frames can be single. Frames can be attached directly to the uprights, forming a continuous display-type glazing. The gaps between the frames and the uprights are sealed with polyurethane foam and covered with casings.

Wall arrangement

The walls of the veranda can be made of any material, but recently sliding structures have been the most popular. By pushing aside such a wall, the extension can be turned into a terrace. Individual sections of such a system are connected using metal hinges. The section is a structure consisting of two parts: a wooden panel and a transom with glass. When opened, the section folds like an accordion.

The door can be any, it will look good partially glazed: this corresponds to the general concept of a light and bright room intended for relaxation.

Advantages and disadvantages of a pitched roof

One of the main advantages of this eaves is wind resistance.... This is a design-dependent option, as this is not a serious slope in the covered surface.

To reduce the dependence on precipitation in the form of snow, it is necessary to carefully approach the calculation of the cross-sections of the structural components during the design period. With regard to insulation - this aspect is especially important with minimal angles of inclination.

Thus, the area of ​​influence of the wind force is significantly reduced, which leads to a stable resistance to air gusts. If the room is located in an area prone to frequent winds, experts advise the establishment of curbs .

Therefore, these measures will reduce the likelihood of roofing to a minimum. It is advisable to use galvanized iron or tiles as the top layer of the curb in order to avoid dampness of the fences. .

Very often, when it comes to construction or renovation, a person tries to buy the necessary materials as profitably as possible and at budget prices. A canopy with one slope fits perfectly into the "economy" category and besides, cheap prices are not reflected in its appearance in any way.

For instance, costs in comparison with a gable surface are half as much .

The construction content of the pitched roof roofing process does not require special knowledge and many years of experience in the architectural field. Everything is extremely simple, so you can do it yourself. Installation is quite simple.

In addition to the listed advantages, we note the following:

  • Rational use of the available space in the attic. Alternatively - creating an attic floor
  • Relatively light weight of the inclined plane, which excludes connection to the process of installing lifting equipment
  • No restrictions due to the area of ​​the house
  • High level of maintainability
  • The ability to choose roofing materials (the only caveat is taking into account the angle of inclination)
  • Preconditions for installing solar panels.

Installation of solar panels

The list of disadvantages is several times less:

  • For the sake of an attractive appearance, you need to try. Focus on the quality of materials and façade work
  • Increased sensitivity to snow loads
  • The need to strengthen the hydro and thermal insulation of the inclined plane
  • Complicated organization of drainage due to fluid flow to one side.

Increased sensitivity to snow loads

Watch the video: Low Pitch Roof Insulation and New Eaves for our Mobile Home

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