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For dividing the suburban area, landscape designers have identified several principles:

  1. Sanitary standards. They must be observed! Residential buildings are located from sanitary facilities (toilets, cesspools and manure pits, etc.) at a distance of at least 10 meters.
  2. Rationality. You know the total area of ​​your site. It is necessary to allocate 1/10 part for a residential building, and give 2/10 parts to outbuildings and a recreation area. And 7/10 of the entire plot should be occupied by a garden, a vegetable garden and flower beds.
  3. Distance. It is necessary to observe the distance between objects. It is not necessary to "sculpt" buildings on top of each other, but to arrange an impassable thicket from trees and bushes.
  4. Safety precautions. Safety must be observed on the site. The recreation area and playground should be located far from the road and in visual visibility from the house.

Recreation area in the country

We come to the dacha not only to grow a good harvest, take care of the garden, but also to relax before working days.

And for a good rest, you need a well-arranged life! After all, it's nice to spend time and relax among fragrant flower beds, beautiful and comfortable garden furniture.

Be sure to allocate a place for a recreation area at your summer cottage. You can equip the recreation area with ready-made garden furniture, or you can make benches and chairs with your own hands.

Recreation area planning

Starting planning, it is necessary to take into account the size of the site, its relief. If the area of ​​the site is limited, then the recreation area will turn out to be compact. Large areas have plenty of room to turn around, so there is room for a few creative options.

When creating a recreation area in the country, the most important thing is the simplicity and harmony of the project. The more complex the project is, the more difficult it is to bring it to life.

First, the recreation area is planned on paper indicating the scale, then the contours of the future recreation area are transferred to the site, the boundaries are marked with pegs and a rope.

The easiest way to create a recreation area is to place it under a spreading tree in the garden. Here you can limit yourself to creating a flat paved area and installing furniture. The area can be surrounded by shade-loving fragrant plants. If you want to create a corner for privacy, then this area can be covered with climbing plants (ornamental beans or morning glory).

To protect against unexpected rain in the garden, you can provide for the creation of a shed or gazebo. Then nothing can change plans, and nothing will prevent you from organizing a picnic in the country.

The canopy can be arranged next to the house or any other suburban building. Climbing roses, clematis or other climbing plants will look great next to the supports for the canopy. You can also decorate the supports with the help of ampelous plants planted in pots.

Another option for protection from rain and bad weather is a gazebo. Although its construction will cost more than a canopy, the gazebo can become a real decoration of any garden.

Now on sale there are gazebos of all shapes and modifications, so there will be no problems with the choice. You can build a gazebo with your own hands, thereby significantly saving on finances. In any case, the gazebo should match the style of the site.

In the immediate vicinity of the gazebo, it will not hurt to install an outdoor fireplace, which can become an alternative to an ordinary kitchen stove. The fireplace can be used as a smokehouse. Both the hosts and guests will be delighted to taste the food prepared in such a fireplace. At the same time, it is not at all difficult to ensure fire safety measures.

The garden gazebo is often decorated with climbing plants; honeysuckle, which has a unique aroma, is especially suitable for this purpose. With the help of ivy or girlish grapes, you can create an atmosphere of romance, you can plant roses on the sides of the entrance to the gazebo.

Patio or pergola for a small garden

The fashion for the patio started with us quite recently, it came from the Mediterranean. The patio is an outdoor area adjacent to the house. Often an open veranda or terrace serves as a patio. To hide the patio from prying eyes, it is covered with a screen of climbing plants or a fence.

Choose the right place for your patio. It is best if it is a flat and well-lit area. It is paved with tiles, clinker bricks or wood. The patio is not only suitable for daytime relaxation. It is very pleasant to admire the stars and enjoy the scent of flowers.

When creating a patio, one should not forget about the design, which should be combined with the design of the entire site and the house. Comfortable garden furniture, plants in hanging pots, spicy aromatic herbs in pots will create a unique atmosphere for a good rest.

If the garden area is small, then a small arch or pergola entwined with grapes or other vines is suitable for creating a recreation area. In the shade of the plants, you can put not bulky garden furniture.

Paint the chairs, table and benches with high-quality beautiful paint and sew soft mattresses and pillows for it. Choose the fabric to your taste, but keep in mind that it washes easily, does not fade. In the recreation area, you can put a table for tea, a portable projector for watching films and photos. Equip the seating area with light. The light can fall on the recreation area from above, or it can be conducted along the bottom.

Photos of ideally thought-out options for zoning a land plot

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Such beauty can only be admired. Everything is very harmonious and thoughtful. Apparently you are very versed in the topic. This article will help us to correctly select the zones to plan the buildings and planting as well as the recreation areas of the barbecue area. I will definitely take this site into my notes. Can you advise where to buy quality materials to implement these options?

Here, zoning assumes a place for buildings, and for a garden, and for a personal plot, and under a pond, and then under a vegetable garden. But in our country, how does zoning usually take place? That's right: here is a house, and everything that is not a house is garden beds, that is, a vegetable garden)) And there is already no more space for all the other pribludy

Hello)))))))))) very interesting ideas for zoning the site, when the lawn is combined with paths made of stone, and small ponds)))))))))) I can’t even believe that you can organize everything like that on your own site)))))))))))) looks like you have moved into a fairy tale)))))))) very beautiful)))))))))) No words)))))))) ))) To bring them to life))))))

20. You know, what I liked the most is that you give the percentage of zones. This information turned out to be new, but necessary. Regardless of the size of the site, you can always correctly draw up a plan for the placement of buildings with flower beds, beds and garden trees and shrubs. I will definitely take it into service.

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