The country house of actress Anastasia Melnikova is not just a dacha, but a real family home

The actress and deputy of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Anastasia Melnikova loves not only to come to her beloved abode in the bosom of nature to rest and gain strength. Here she literally comes to life. A magnificent dacha cannot be called anything other than a family nest.

Where is the actress's dacha

If we talk about the Melnikovs' estate, then we must start from 1949. It was then that Anastasia's grandfather, academician, surgeon-oncologist Alexander Vasilyevich, was lucky enough to get a plot of land in a beautiful village. It is part of Vsevolozhsk and bears the symbolic name of the Melnichiy brook. The house where little Anastasia ran with her brothers grew up here a year later.

Now it is a family cottage. It is located just 50 kilometers from St. Petersburg. The actress comes here to visit her mother with her daughter. It is noteworthy that it was to the house with a story, filled with love and light, that the actress brought her daughter Masha straight from the hospital.

The noble nest of the Melnikovs was seriously damaged by a fire for the first time more than 30 years ago. Fortunately, then the log house itself survived. It so happened that on the eve of the misfortune, Anastasia's parents were abroad. And the mother of the actress, having arrived from Denmark, wanted to see a purple house with a green roof and white platbands. Only in the fire department was it possible to find the right paint, which subsequently saved the log walls from fire. Yuri Alexandrovich and Elena Olegovna returned the cottage to its former grandeur, rebuilding it according to the old grandfather's drawings.

Then the dacha burned again. And Elena Olegovna herself restored it, and next to a strong woman were growing up children. The Russian estate flourished again. Today all generations of the Melnikov family come here: Anastasia with her daughter, her brothers Oleg and Alexander with their wives and children.

What a country house looks like

The elegant three-storey cottage with balconies, where the famous actress loves to rest so much, was built of wood. Inside the mansion is completely lined with clapboard. The interior of the house is decorated in a classic style. Carved furniture, mostly made of oak, can be seen everywhere.

Anastasia's bedroom has a huge antique wardrobe. It seems that the heroes of the Chronicles of Narnia are about to emerge from it. A large bed and a miniature ladies' desk were matched to him.

Anastasia lovingly furnished her daughter's room, made of her grandmother's veranda. Masha has a bunk bed. The second berth is provided in case one of the girl's friends stays overnight. In the bedchamber of the heiress Melnikova, she picked up lamps of amazing beauty, they can be confused with living roses weaving along the walls. Combined with natural wood, it looks amazing.

And the girl's room is decorated with pillows with embroidered bears. Mashenka is a skilled needlewoman, all like a mother and a grandmother. Club-footed bears are the girl's passion, the girl has more than a hundred of them.

In the beautiful dining room on the ground floor, there is a massive oak table, at which the big Melnikov family likes to gather on holidays. Tiffany stained glass chandeliers look wonderful in a spacious, classic-style room. The luxurious fireplace is the jewel in the adjoining kitchen. Natural wood, which is everywhere, looks amazing in the reflections of the fire.

In the Melnikovs' library on the second floor, as it should be, there is a sea of ​​interesting books. This is not surprising, since the family is deeply intelligent.

There is only one light on the third floor, it brings to the actress pleasant memories. After all, it was Anastasia's separate room from the age of nine.

On a cozy veranda where family tea parties are held, light wicker furniture pleases the eye. Probably the same was in Chekhov's house. And the atmosphere here is special.

There is also a solid basement in the Melnikovs' country house. A variety of pickles and preserves are stored here.

How the site is decorated and what grows on it

On a plot of 50 acres there is nothing. Anastasia herself jokingly calls the area around the wooden cottage Chekhov's, sometimes neglected cherry orchard. Well-groomed oases and wild thickets of the pampas adorn here. The lack of park slicking suits the owners.

There is an unfinished Russian bath on the site. The artist admits that she really wants to take a steam bath, but there is not enough time to finish everything.

A Russian estate is not complete without a stable. And the Melnikovs have it. There the Machine is a horse, a pony class. This Cinderella is 120 centimeters high.

A figurine of a donkey with a cart standing in the green thickets looks attractive. If you don't know, you might think that he is alive and is about to run.

Everything in the country is managed by the mother of the actress Elena Olegovna. She constantly shares different plants with her sister. Either jasmine appears, then hydrangea.

And all the women in the family love roses. There are so many of them on the site that your eyes run up. Some remind Anastasia of filming in the series Liteiny.

Interestingly, Elena Olegovna's bedroom windows overlook her garden. And another splendor is spread out next to Masha's porch. All that was left of my grandmother was a flower bed of roses. Then Anastasia and her daughter did everything.

The artist bought a trough for a pond with a fountain. She and her daughter beautifully surrounded this container with stones. Plants around a small ornamental pond were planted empirically. Today, rhododendrons, Christmas trees and delicate flowers look very beautiful near the pond. And at night, the picturesque picture comes to life with the help of illumination.

Mashenka also has her own vegetable garden. On it, the girl grows decorative pumpkin, carrots, exquisite varieties of onions, delicious peas and fragrant green sorrel.

Nastya also has her own pride on the site - an amazing pyramid of 50 trees in a circle. In its very center, one green beauty rises, and further - those that are lower. The actress brought this idea from China.

In the garden of Elena Olegovna apple trees, plums, cherries grow. There is even a dogwood, and grapes twine along the fence. Everything you need for delicious pickles and wonderful jam can be found on a large plot.

The Melnikovs' estate is decorated with century-old trees, one of them even has a birdhouse. Swings, fountains, a sea of ​​greenery and flower lawns - all this gives the owners positive emotions, makes them forget about problems and takes them back to the distant 19th century. And there is also a real expanse for Anastasia's favorite, the huge Newfoundland Vinnie.

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The actress says that in the village of Melnichy Ruchey, which is part of Vsevolozhsk, at the end of the 1940s. professors of the Medical Academy received land plots. One of them went to my grandfather. In 1950, he finished building a house here. Anastasia's father grew up in it, who brought his wife to the parental home. Two brothers of the actress Oleg and Sasha, as well as Anastasia herself, were born and raised here. When she gave birth to her daughter Masha, the baby was brought not to a city apartment, but to a house in Melnichiy Ruchey. The actress says that the house has a special atmosphere, she wants to come here again and again. Now the house is looked after by Anastasia's mother Elena Olegovna, and the actress and her daughter come for summer holidays.


The debut of the actress in the movie took place in 1991. Anastasia appeared in the war drama Afghan Breakdown and the crime tragicomedy Genius. Then there were several more cameo roles, including in the full-length films "Year of the Dog", "Russian Transit", "Giselle's Mania".

This was followed by a career break until 1998. But, when a detective series about the everyday life of the police "Streets of Broken Lanterns" was released on television, the actress instantly gained all-Russian fame.

The project quickly captured the interest of viewers, and Melnikova, along with Alexander Lykov, Sergei Selin and Alexei Nilov, became a favorite of the fans of the series. According to the original scenario, she was supposed to appear in a couple of episodes, but in the end the role lasted for 5 years.

The actress bravely endured the shooting in the film during pregnancy, but none of the film crew knew about her interesting position: the celebrity gained weight in the first trimester.

Last week, according to the plot, the heroine of Anastasia Rurikovna was supposed to receive a kick in the stomach from the criminal. Before the take, Melnikova betrayed a secret, and the surprised filmmakers changed the scene to another. A week later, she went to the hospital, but not for long. The next day after giving birth, the artist was again in the ranks.

The magnificent cop quartet Sergey Selin, Anastasia Melnikova, Alexander Polovtsev, Alexey Nilov.

Posted by Galina Leonova on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The role, loved by the audience, migrated to similar TV films “Opera. Chronicles of the slaughter department "," Liteiny "and" Capercaillie ". In the image of the investigator of the prosecutor's office, Melnikova also appeared in the crime film "Secret Assignments".

Anastasia Rurikovna played not only law enforcement officers. The actress tried on the image of a lady from the 19th century in the drama "The Idiot", appeared in the medical series "Casus Kukotsky", reincarnated as the wife of a swindler in the crime tape "Realtors".

In the 2004 melodrama "Always say" always "- 2" about the vicissitudes of family life, the artist appeared in the image of Rita. An interesting project for Melnikova was the crime series "Sonya the Golden Hand". In the film, she was transformed into a convict Grunya. The main role went to Anastasia Rurikovna in the drama "Execution cannot be pardoned", based on real events, in which it was about the work of the pardon commission, forced to work in conditions of hostage-taking in the colony.

In 2008, with the participation of the actress, the full-length criminal melodrama "The Bes" was released. She played the role of a practicing psychologist who is hired by the influential businessman Stanislav (Sergei Peregudov) to help his companion friend Nikita (Evgeny Sidikhin). In the same year, Melnikova got into the project of Alexander Kott "The Stranger" about the surgeon Remezov (Andrei Filippak), who completely lost his memory. Anastasia Rurikovna reincarnated as the wife of the protagonist, who is trying in vain to restore her husband's health.

In 2015, the actress gave her fans a number of new roles. Anastasia Rurikovna played Irina in the melodrama Under the Electric Clouds, the mother of Lisa and Kostik in the family fairy tale 12 Months. New Fairy Tale ”, a famous actress in the melodramatic comedy“ Casanova's Earring ”.

Then Melnikova got the main role of Olga in the melodrama "Ivan" about an ambulance driver, whose life changes after the appearance of a little girl. In the musical action film "Bird", the actress reincarnated as the mother of the main character Katya (Evdokia Malevskaya).

In 2018, the social drama "Through the Black Glass" was released with the participation of a celebrity, and in 2019, the war film "To Save Leningrad" was released. After that, the artist embodied the image of Alexei Pushkin's aunt in the detective 4-part film “Agatha and the Investigation. Roulette of Fate ”.


  • Officials of the Ascension governorship in 1796
  • Officials of the Novorossiysk province in 1802
  • Officials of the Kherson province in 1805
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  • Officials of the Kherson province in 1839
  • List of persons included in the address-calendar of the Kherson province for 1866
  • List of persons included in the address-calendar of the Russian Empire for 1891 (Kherson province)
  • List of persons included in the memorial book of the Kherson province for 1901
  • Officials of the Ministry of Justice in the Kherson province in 1916

There are fresh photos of the construction of the "Family nest" of the owner of "Tabakerok" on the Minsk Sea

Today in the telegram channel "MotolkoPomogi" there were fresh photos of the family residence "Family Nest", which is being built on the Minsk Sea by the owner of "Tabakerok" Alexey Oleksin. See how this whole thing looks like.

A land plot on the Minsk Sea with an area of ​​3.8 hectares was allocated to Alexey Oleksin in September 2018 by the decision of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee. The businessman did not own the land, but leased it for 99 years. The annual fee is 1,185.79 rubles.

Oleksin plots near the Minsk Sea. Bottom left - the one that was allocated for the construction of a family estate.
Screenshot from

The intended purpose of the site is the construction and maintenance of the family estate "Rodovoye Nest". On the neighboring sites there are also objects belonging to Oleksin - the recreation center "Syabry" and the shooting complex.

The construction of the "Family Nest" began last year, and today this place looks like this:

A source familiar with the construction of the facility said that a businessman is building a manor house with a spa complex and a garage on the allocated site.

According to the interlocutor, a residential building with an area of ​​about a thousand square meters with several terraces will be located on the site. In front of the house there is a garage with an area of ​​about 500 square meters. It provides storage space for cars, snowmobiles, jet skis and boats. In the same building there will be a staff quarters with showers and a dining room. The coastal zone is also changing. At the same time, it should not be closed, but public.

The construction customer is Ekovo LLC. This company designed a shooting complex adjacent to the businessman's new site. It is not excluded that the new construction will be a continuation of the hotel, restaurant and shooting complex "Syabry".

Family nest of Anastasia Melnikova

The famous actress, in addition to the main housing, also has a so-called dacha, which is located 30 km from St. Petersburg. Its peculiarity is that the estate was inherited by her and has a rich ancestral history. Back in 1949, in the Melnichny Brook (a village that is part of Vsevolozhsk), the professors of the Medical Academy received land plots. Anastasia Melnikova's grandfather built a house there in 1950. As a result, Anastasia and her two brothers, Oleg and Alexander, spent their childhood here. When Anastasia had a daughter, she brought her from the maternity hospital there, and not to the city apartment, since, according to the actress, this is a special place where you want to return, where the atmosphere is conducive to peace and measured life.

Now Anastasia comes to live there only in the summer. The rest of the time, her mother, Elena Olegovna, looks after the estate. The actress notes that the house was originally built from wood. After a fire 30 years ago, it completely burned down, but thanks to the old drawings of her grandfather, Anastasia was able to restore the house also from wood, since stone houses seem uncomfortable to her.

Of course, some modern elements appeared in the new version, but even now it resembles a 19th century estate. Adjacent to the house is a plot of 50 acres, ennobled with roses and other flowers. But this is Anastasia's favorite flower. The very first rose on the site appeared a long time ago, when the series "Foundry" was being filmed. On every day of filming, the heroine Anastasia had roses on the table, and new ones every day. Those that had already withered were going to be thrown away, but Anastasia collected them and took them to the dacha to plant them.As a result, there were 175 roses in the number of episodes in the series.

In addition, there is a Spruce Pyramid in the garden, which consists of 50 fir trees, which are arranged in a circle and the highest of them is planted in the middle.

In addition, the plot has a decorative pond with a small fountain decorated with lilies. Stones for decoration were collected from all over the area. Anastasia Melnikova still, seeing an interesting stone, brings it to the estate.

She likes country life with its seasonal worries. Every year he and her daughter come to harvest, to make preparations from fruits and vegetables. Anastasia plans to buy a plot nearby in the future to build a cottage for her daughter Maria. According to the plan, there must certainly be a stable, which is an old dream of both the actress herself and her daughter Masha.

Would you be able to maintain a plot of 50 acres with many plantings?

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