Terracotta pots


Quite frequently, on the base of the pots, several circular holes are applied, so that the water can flow out more quickly and easily.

This is a particularly important system to ensure that no dangerous stagnation of water can occur on the bottom of the pots.

The terracotta pots must always respect a series of aspects and elements, in the absence of which they cannot be considered of quality and reliable.

It is mainly a question of lightness, strength, the correct cooking level and the correct porosity of the terracotta.

Lightness is a fundamental element since the vase is subject to continuous movements and, for this reason, it must have the least possible weight.

Likewise, a good degree of robustness allows the terracotta pot to guarantee reliability also with regard to impacts.

In recent years, a material such as plastic has rather taken hold in the processing of plant pots: the use of this material is also due to the fact that it is extremely light and can withstand almost any impact.

Some vases are called terrines, which means that they are containers with little depth, with a square or rectangular shape and typically made of terracotta.


The traditional vase that is made of terracotta is characterized by having a shape that is very reminiscent of the truncated cone.

In most cases, the diameter that characterizes the mouth of the vase corresponds perfectly to the depth of the container itself and exceeds by about one third compared to the diameter of the bottom of the vase.

Furthermore, the rim located in the upper part of the vase can boast in most cases a specific process to reinforce it, so that the vase can also acquire greater stability.

The dimensions of the vases can, without a shadow of a doubt, vary considerably: extremely small vases can be found on the market, as well as the possibility of finding particularly large vases.

In the first case, we are faced with extremely small pots, which are mostly used for those sowing of extremely delicate plants as well as for multiplication operations.

In any case, it is easy to see how the greater the size of the pot and the greater the thickness of the walls that compose it.

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The pots are nothing more than the best known and most widespread container for the cultivation of plants and herbs.

In most cases, we can find on the market pots that are built with terracotta, even if there are now alternatives, to the point that you can easily find pots made of plastic and concrete.

However, we must not forget that cement is used only when we intend to create particularly large vases.

In most cases, the pots made of concrete are used for the cultivation of shrub plants, but also of small trees.

The choice of vases that we can find on the market certainly does not leave customers indifferent: there is the possibility to choose the vases also online, without necessarily having to leave the house and go to some shopping center or specialized shop.

In fact, quite frequently we can find on the internet a whole series of offers that make a series of vases available to customers at rather affordable prices.

The vases, in any case, also denote a clear artistic and decorative function: in fact, in some cases, they are used to increase the level of elegance and quality inside your home or, more often, in your green space.

Terracotta pots: photo

On the web we have the opportunity to find a large number of sites that deal with the sale of pots to contain plants and flowers.

For this reason, there is also the possibility of accessing a vast archive of photos of vases.

In fact, the wide choice of internet sites on the sale of plant pots, allows customers to choose the model that is closest to their tastes and needs, simply by scrolling through the various galleries of images in which all the pots are portrayed. you can buy them directly on the site.

The wooden vases are undoubtedly the best from a purely aesthetic point of view, since this material always allows you to enjoy a unique level of elegance.

The fact of being able to subject the wood to a working process also allows you to create an external part of the vase rather treated and painted in such a way as to form a unique and elegant style.

Certainly, wood is a material that wears out rather quickly and it is recommended to use it only for those pots in which succulents will be placed, preferring a practical rather than aesthetic aspect as regards the other plants.

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