Yew (Latin Taxus), or yew, is a genus of the Yew family, which includes 8 species of coniferous slow-growing shrubs and trees. One of the species grows in Europe and northern Africa, three in Asia, including the Far East, and four in North America. Today, plants of this genus, due to their unpretentiousness and high decorativeness, are widely used in landscape design and gardening, but in nature, yew is found less and less often.

The subtleties of caring for conifers

How much the decorative qualities of a coniferous plant will open up directly depends on proper planting and care during the first years of its life. Even the purchase of seedlings is carried out according to certain rules.

9 tips for planting and growing conifers:

  1. Seedlings should be bought only in containers, in the exceptional case with a closed clod of earth on the roots.
  2. It is better to purchase seedlings from the nearest nursery, where they have already undergone primary acclimatization to local agro-climatic conditions.
  3. The root collar during planting is located a few centimeters above the soil level
  4. Young seedlings are planted in spring so that they can take root by autumn, and adult plants are transplanted during dormancy, even in winter.
  5. After planting, young plants need abundant watering throughout the season.
  6. All conifers do not like stagnant moisture and swampy areas, so the planting pit is drained

We use expanded clay for this

  • If the plants are not used for hedges, a distance equal to two heights of an adult tree is left between them.
  • For the first 5 years, the trunk circle is mulched to protect the root system from overheating under the sun in summer and freezing in winter
  • The site with conifers is protected from cold northerly winds.
  • In addition, you should take into account the peculiarities of growing each specific species. For example, attention is paid constantly to dwarf forms, and tall trees, after final rooting, do not require special care, except for sanitary pruning. More time is allocated to caring for the topiary, as their shape should be controlled by systematically cutting.

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