Sowing calendar for December

Lunar gardener-gardener sowing calendar for December 2021 by days. Favorable and unfavorable days for planting and growing plants at home and in the garden in December 2021.

Plants that produce terrestrial fruits


Root vegetables and legumes

The color in the table means what day it is for sowing:
A greatGoodNormalBadHorrible

Gardener's calendar for every day of December (coming soon)

Lunar sowing calendar of the gardener and gardener for December 2021

By the first month of winter, most gardeners had already left their plots a long time ago, moved to winter apartments, but there remain summer residents who live in their estates all year round, looking after their estates. Although it is advisable for all owners of summer cottages to visit the plots from time to time, and in any weather: the beginning of winter turned out to be snowy and frosty, or snowfalls alternate with thaws, but it is necessary to check the garden and the house.

December works in the garden

Better, of course, if good snow fell by December, covered the ground, protected trees and shrubs from frost. But it doesn't hurt to check how things are going. If the snow was wet, then it could well linger, stick to the branches of trees, fruit and ornamental shrubs, bend them to the ground and even break or threaten to break off.

Need to shake off snow from trees and bushesto straighten the branches, shovel drifts from greenhousesso that the film does not tear or the polycarbonate does not break.

If the snow layer is large, you need to trample it around fruit trees and bushes, to protect their trunks from mice and other rodents ..

Need to check the binding of boles with coniferous branches and burlap, netto make sure that the trunks are not exposed from wind and snow. Correct or even update the harness.

If there is not a lot of snow, then it is advisable to throw it with a shovel to the trees and shrubs, and especially take care of the beds with garden strawberries - with an insufficient layer of snow, it can freeze under severe frosts. Collect snow and throw it on the beds from paths and free space, without exposing the root zone of trees and shrubs.

If there was no severe frost and the buds of fruit crops did not suffer from cold weather, in early December, you can still prepare cuttings for spring grafting... They need to be labeled with tags with the name of the variety, tied in bunches and stored in a snowdrift on the north side of the house, where the snow usually does not melt longer in spring.

If you haven't done this before, hang bird feeders in the garden, renew the feed stocks in the previously posted feeders.

December work in the garden

There is nothing to do on vegetable beds in winter, so you can create a green vegetable garden on the windowsills... Forcing greens is not very troublesome, but quite rewarding. In the winter months, you will harvest small crops of vitamin greens from the windowsill.

The easiest way is to set up forcing green onion feathers. To do this, you need to take some kind of dish, fill it with fertile soil, moisten it and plant it in a bridge way, i.e. onion bulbs tightly to each other. First of all, you need to pay attention to those of them that suddenly began to germinate.

Can sow watercress on the windowsill - it rises quickly and quickly drives out the greens.

If you left parsley or chard bushes with a lump of earth in the cellar or basement in the fall, then you can also get them and put them on the windowsill to distill the vitamin leaves.

You need to regularly check the condition of vegetables in storage. If you notice sick or decaying specimens, urgently remove them, and those that were nearby should be used faster for food.

Remaining stocks of vegetable and flower seeds need to be revised, plan the planting of the new season and purchase the missing seeds, fertilizers, tools.

The beginning of winter is the time for the results and study. There are gardening courses, you can sign up for them and replenish your knowledge of plant agrotechnology and advanced methods of growing them.

December works in the flower garden

Closely examine ornamental shrubs, evergreens... Free them from the oppressive layer of snow, pour it into the root zone to protect it from frost.

If you are forcing flowers in the winter, then you can in December, put on forcing bulbs of hyacinths, tulips, daffodils. With proper care, they can bloom by February 23 or March 8.

Lunar calendar of a gardener and a gardener for 2021 for the Urals by months

All work according to the lunar calendar in the garden and vegetable garden for the care of trees and shrubs in the Urals begins after the establishment of positive temperatures. The best time for this is on the waning moon.


According to the sowing lunar calendar for January, during this period in the Urals, they are just preparing for planting work. It's time to plan plantings, prepare garden tools, purchase seeds, and put things in order in the store.


At the end of the month, according to the lunar calendar of planting in the Urals, they are pruning trees and shrubs.

At the beginning of March, from 1 to 3, they are preparing greenhouses:

  • wash and treat walls
  • fertilize the soil
  • loosen the beds
  • weed weeds.

From March 7 to March 14, more attention is paid to the grafting of fruit crops and pruning. The third decade is a good time for feeding and pest control. In the spring, it is better to feed the trees and bushes with organic matter.


According to the lunar sowing calendar, at the beginning of April 2021, they are engaged in feeding horticultural and horticultural crops. It's time to form ridges for planting seedlings. From April 5, they begin to work with the stock, prepare for vaccinations. At the end of April, they begin pest control on fruit trees and berry bushes, carry out sanitary cleaning and pruning of the garden. A good time for the formation of gooseberries, honeysuckle, currants. They prepare greenhouses and hotbeds for the planting season, remove old debris from the site.

From 11 to 14 May, it's time to start preparing the site for planting. From the middle of the month, according to the lunar planting calendar, a favorable period begins for watering and fertilizing in the middle Urals. At the end of May, it is better to pay attention to the fight against overwintered pests.

Early June is a favorable time for weeding, loosening, watering and fertilizing. After the 15th, it is worth repeating the activities, in addition, to do pest control.

According to the lunar sowing calendar for the Urals, until July 10 is the best time for pest and disease control, fertilization and loosening of the soil. After the 18th, they begin to remove stepchildren on tomatoes.


Practically all August they are engaged in caring for plants, preparing the soil for planting winter crops. Top dressing according to the lunar calendar in the Urals is stopped this month so that the plants have time to prepare for winter and tolerate frosts well.


Early September is a good time for routine garden cleaning. Trees and shrubs are pruned, plants are prepared for winter. In the third decade, it is high time for autumn feeding of fruit trees and berry trees. If the weather is dry, then you need to remember about water-charging irrigation. It is carried out before the first frosts.


At the very beginning of October, they are engaged in hilling tree trunks and some shrubs. In the middle of the month, the garden is closely prepared for winter. They begin to shelter crops that are weakly resistant to frost.


The lunar planting calendar indicates that the entire November is a favorable time for sheltering perennial crops. You can do the repair of equipment, planning future plantings.


In winter, a period of rest begins for gardeners and gardeners of the Urals. The territory is removed from snow, a snow cover is thrown under the tree trunks, additionally warming them. Do not forget about greenhouses. To prevent the soil from drying out and cracking, snow is thrown over the beds in winter. As it melts, it will additionally moisten the soil.

How to navigate the zodiacal constellations

The lunar sowing calendar for April 2021, as for any other time period, guides the gardener and gardener that the most favorable days should be looked for with an eye to the zodiacal constellations that the night star passes at a particular moment.

The traditional division into fertile, infertile and neutral signs will help anyone who knows at least a little about astrology. For those who do not have such knowledge, a table is useful:

Favorable for planting and planting seeds Neutral signs that can be landed if the moon phase is favorable Zodiac constellations negatively charged for sowing activities The most negative ones to avoid
Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Libra, Taurus, Sagittarius and Capricorn Aries, Virgo, Gemini Aquarius and Leo

The moon in April 2021 sequentially passes through the zodiac constellations according to its cycle. Therefore, according to it, you can confidently determine the most favorable days:

  • at the beginning of the month Sagittarius reigns for a short time, so you can plant seedlings of cucumbers and pumpkin seeds from April 1 to April 2, if there is an urgent need, before the start of the period of stay in the sign of Leo (from 21 hours)
  • Capricorn reigns from 3 to 4, and although this is a waning moon, April 3 and 4 are not auspicious, although the 5th can be used for picking seedlings and feeding grapes
  • April 7-9 is the waning moon, so even being in a good sign for the gardener Pisces only allows you to water and feed seedlings and indoor plants
  • On April 9 and until April 11, the Moon decreases, and although it is in the fertile sign of Aries, these two days were not included in the list of top plantings, except for salad, greens and cabbage, but with the greatest possible care
  • From April 13 to April 14, the time of Taurus, a neutral sign, comes, but some plants during this period can already be planted (roots and early potatoes), on April 15 the lunar phase begins to change, 12 hours before and after this event it is better not to do anything
  • On April 16 and 17, and until April 20, the Moon is in the fertile sign of Pisces in combination with the waning moon, which provides excellent conditions for planting nightshades and root crops
  • Aries is a negative sign for gardening and sowing, therefore April 21 and 22 are on the list of not recommended, the situation is aggravated by the onset of the new moon on April 23
  • joining the sign of Taurus before April 25, despite external neutrality, does not make the days good, because the days before and after the new moon do not help, but prevent seeds from pecking and plant growth
  • the situation does not improve, since from 25 to 27 April the Moon is in the sign of Gemini, which are negatively charged for gardening and gardening spring work
  • from April 28 to 30 - ideal for planting seedlings, planting melons, root crops and berries, because the growing Moon enters the sphere of influence of Cancer, one of the most fertile and good signs of the Zodiac for farmers.

A glance at the lunar sowing calendar is a great way to plan landscaping, pruning, planting, watering and feeding plants. It is always valuable when the gardener and the gardener have a hot time.

It is in the spring that the main stones of the future construction are laid - a wonderful harvest. Experienced plant breeders purchase printed publications in advance if there is no access to the World Information Space at the dacha.

↑ Lunar influence on plants during the passage of the zodiacal signs

During the lunar month, the celestial body passes through the zodiacal signs. Under what signs of the zodiac is it more favorable to work with plants?

Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio. These zodiac signs are considered the most fertile signs. In order for seedlings and seedlings to grow better and then give a good harvest, it is best to plant plants and sow seeds under these signs.

Virgo, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Libra. These signs of the zodiac are neutral signs. You can do any work with plants: sow, plant, transplant. But the harvest will probably be average.

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Aquarius. These zodiac signs are considered barren signs. When the moon moves through these signs, it is best not to plant any plants on these days. Indeed, there is a lot of other work in the garden and in the garden beds. So get busy with weed control or loosening the soil.

The moon in each of the zodiac signs is no longer than 2-3 days. Being in each of the zodiac signs, the Moon's characteristics change and, naturally, the lunar influence on all kinds of processes that occur on our planet, including plants, changes.

Due to the dissimilarity of climate conditions, landscape, soil in different regions of our country, it is difficult to develop a common lunar calendar. If sowing dates are calculated in different specific areas, then inconsistencies are observed. These will either be late or early: for example, take the Krasnodar Territory and the Urals. And if in the Krasnodar Territory already in March, gardeners sow cold-resistant crops, then in the Urals at this time there is snow. Also, agricultural work, care and cleaning are associated with the temperature regime and the length of daylight hours.

Therefore, every gardener and gardener needs to be guided by the local folk calendar and accumulated knowledge. For neighboring regions, a single lunar calendar needs to be corrected in relation to the timing of planting and sowing. It is necessary to take into account the conditions of a particular area.

The timing of the passage of the lunar phases over the years does not coincide. Each subsequent year, the lunar calendar will be shifted by 10 days. Every year, amendments are made to the lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener, which characterize the specific appearance of the season and the lunar phase.

Zodiac signs and their influence on the garden and vegetable garden

Many do not know, but the gardener's lunar calendar means not only the presence of a clear description of the phases of the moon, but also a specific zodiac sign that is relevant in a given period, month and day. Can the zodiac sign really affect the quality of planting, vegetation and yield? Exactly. We offer a brief overview of the effectiveness of each zodiac sign in the garden and in the garden in the practical use of the lunar calendar.

If you are thinking of sowing work on the site or planting seeds for seedlings, make sure that Libra or Taurus, Cancer or Scorpio, or maybe Pisces or Capricorn, dominate now - the benefits of the influence of such signs are unconditional. Absolutely all plants will be doomed to a successful vegetation. Despite the clear list of ideal signs, it is possible to distinguish absolutely unadapted signs for planting work - Leo, as well as Aquarius. This is not the whole list of signs, but the fact is that the rest of the signs are more likely to have neutrality, or a specific aspect of the impact. Each sign of the zodiac has its own "direction". For example, Aries promotes active growth and successful development of everything that has thorns and thorns. The twins will become the patrons of ampelous and climbing plants in the garden. Sagittarius promotes success for the development of tubers and root crops. If the seeds need special "attention" for successful development - for these purposes, select the days where Virgo reigns.

Remember, the signs of the zodiac "rule" only three days in each cycle. The maximum benefit from the sign is on the first day, although landing on the remaining two days of the zodiac is not excluded.

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