Anti-cellulite herbal teas

Fight cellulite

To try to combat cellulite, one of the first things to do is undoubtedly to try in every way to restore the skin to an excellent level of health.

In the first place, therefore, it is advisable to avoid or, at least reduce, smoking and alcohol, as well as the accumulation of lipids.

Furthermore, among the most important remedies for proper nutrition, there is also that of drinking an excellent amount of low-sodium water, as well as consuming good quantities of vegetables and fresh fruit daily.

To effectively counter an annoying "enemy" such as cellulite, therefore, you will have to fight on four objectives: to respect a diet, exercises and movement, massages that can guarantee better blood circulation and natural integration.

Obviously, physical exercise can help, especially because it improves muscle health and makes circulation stronger.

Anti-cellulite herbal teas

Within a well-organized diet to combat the phenomenon of cellulite, it is also essential to remember that a place for herbal teas is a must.

In particular, we can really find a large number of herbal teas that manage to be particularly effective as regards a contrasting action against orange peel skin.

The anti-cellulite herbal teas, in fact, can count on the properties of the herbs that compose them, which perform typically purifying and draining functions: just to give an example, we cannot fail to mention the horsetail and the meadowsweet.

Prepare anti-cellulite herbal teas

To make an excellent anti-cellulite herbal tea we need to equip ourselves with basil and some leaves of lavender, mint, laurel, ephedra and lavender, as well as aniseed and linden sapwood.

All these ingredients are essential to perform a stimulating action on the venous and lymphatic circulation.

The next step is to infuse a tablespoon of the herbal mixture into a cup of water (previously boiled) for at least ten minutes.

Subsequently you will have to provide for filtering and then you can drink the herbal tea.

We always remember that before serving it, you can add a little honey to sweeten the herbal tea, especially if it is prepared with particularly bitter herbs.

Main anti-cellulite herbs

Often a homeopathic treatment associated with the use of particular herbs and phytotherapeutic plants can certainly represent an extremely useful solution to effectively combat cellulite.

Since on the market we can find a large number of officinal herbs that prove to be valid for body care, we highlight some that are able to perform an extremely concrete and effective action.

Among the main herbs that are used to make homeopathic products, we can find juniper, which is considered a good refreshing and also allows you to counteract and solve various ailments, such as water retention, by carrying out an action of eliminating liquids. excessive accumulated by the body.

Among other plants, a particular interest is aroused by Ginkgo biloba, a Chinese herb that has various beneficial properties, which are mainly aimed at promoting better blood circulation, bringing considerable improvements in lymphatic fluids and blood flow.

Another solution is represented by grapes, which manage to be particularly effective in strengthening collagen fibers, as well as favoring the elastic properties relating to blood vessels, since it strengthens the connective tissue that is part of the of the epidermis and allows to carry out a blocking action against the mass of adipose tissue.

Like grapes, centella asiatica is also an excellent solution to combat cellulite, as it manages to perform a stimulating action that favors the production of particular substances that strengthen collagen fibers.

Finally, dandelion is also a very useful plant for combating cellulite, since it is considered one of the most important plants that are able to carry out a diuretic action, since its beneficial properties allow the body to eliminate all those liquids. that have been accumulated in excess.

Diuretic herbs, however, like dandelion, cannot be taken every day, but must always be subjected to a dosage decided by the doctor: in any case, they promise absolutely excellent effects to decrease cellulite.

Other cellulite remedies

Very frequently it happens to integrate an excellent anti-cellulite herbal tea with the application of a poultice that fights it.

Also as regards the poultice, it is a really very simple operation to do: first of all you have to boil 50 grams of sea oak in a saucepan containing 500 ml of water, for a period of at least fifteen minutes.

The next step will consist in filtering, paying great attention to making a complete squeezing of the drug.

Finally you can apply the poultice on the area affected by cellulite, perhaps using a gauze to make sure not to burn yourself.

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